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Season 7

2 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Silver Sight Part 1
Gary, the President of the Midnight Society from the original episodes is back and needs the help of his brother Tucker and his friends to help track down the members of the First Midnight Society from way back in 1937 and help solve an ancient mystery and prevent an evil force from being unleashed on the world. This episode focuses on Tucker and Gary's search for 'The General' and his clue to the puzzle.
2 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Silver Sight Part 2
The Midnight Society splits up and goes in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. This episode focuses on Quinn's search for 'The Homecoming Queen' and Megan's search for 'The Tycoon'.
2 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Silver Sight Part 3
The Midnight Society continues to go in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. The final episode focuses on Vange and Andy's search for 'The Riddle Man'.
16 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Stone Maiden
Kevin is reluctant to introduce his artist girlfriend Julie to his uptight and judgmental parents, but she takes that the wrong way and decides they're not meant to be together. He goes walking in the woods alone, and is thirsty enough to drink water falling from the pot of a statue of a woman. He feels sick afterward, and Julie and their friends don't see him return. The next day a strange professor approaches Julie and claims he knows where Kevin is, then leads her to a stone statue that looks like him, claiming Kevin turned into it. Julie doesn't believe it at ...
28 May 2000
The Tale of the Laser Maze
Ashley and Kara are athletic twin sisters who are always in competition with each other and find the ultimate game to test each other: a unique kind of laser tag in which the winners get cloned and sent to other planets to compete. Ashley and Kara must learn to work together if they stand any chance of escaping from Drake.
23 Apr. 2000
The Tale of Highway 13
Two friends fix up a wrecked V8 from a junkyard and get caught up in a dark deal with a group of ghosts from the 1960s.
9 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Lunar Locusts
A mysterious girl shows up at school and knows about a threat that could kill off the entire planet, and only the help of a dumb jock and a snobby popular girl can save the world.
30 Apr. 2000
The Tale of the Reanimator
Julie works at a greenhouse with her boss, a secret scientist trying to bring his wife back from the dead.
14 May 2000
The Tale of the Photo Finish
Alex and Chandler both want to be in their private school's greatest club, the Lions Society, but the club decide they don't want Alex since he got in on a scholarship and isn't wealthy. Chandler breaks his promise that he won't go in on his own, since he's desperate to be a part of the club that two generations of his family have been in. Stealing a photograph of a headmaster to put on the detention-board for an initiation prank, he hides the theft by taking off what turns out to be a cover picture to reveal a photo of a boy on the porch of a building. Alex notices ...
21 May 2000
The Tale of the Last Dance
A physically deformed man living in a community center that's about to be torn down tries to impress a young girl with a talent for playing the violin.
7 May 2000
The Tale of the Time Trap
Jason buys an ancient Persian victory box from Sardo's Magic Shop which houses a loud, tastelessly dressed genie who grants Jason's every wish...with dire consequences.
4 Jun. 2000
The Tale of Many Faces
A self-conscious teen model discovers a cult of girls run by an old crone who steals their beauty for herself.
11 Jun. 2000
The Tale of the Night Nurse
A murdering nurse's ghost begins terrorizing two teen girls when they spend the week at their grandfather's house.

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