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26 Jan. 2005
The Scott Peterson Trial
Bill Kurtis narrates an in-depth look at the evidence in the death of a seven months pregnant Laci Peterson on Christmas Eve 2002, primarily focusing on the murder trial of her husband Scott for the crime. American Justice interviews two of the jurors who give their thoughts on the case that captured the attention of millions of Americans.
16 Feb. 2005
A Warrant to Kill
In 1992, Houston, TX Deputy Sheriff Kent McGowen serves an arrest warrant on Susan White at her Harris County home for threatening an informant. While serving the warrant McGowen fatally shoots her, claiming that it was self defense because she was pointing a gun at him. Almost immediately crime scene investigators suspect that McGowen's story doesn't ring true. The investigation reveals that McGowen had allegedly shot White in order to silence her claims that he was stalking and sexually harassing her. American Justice takes a look at the aspects of this case, ...
25 May 2005
What Happened to Carrie Culberson?
In 1997 Vincent Doan is convicted of kidnapping and murdering his 22-year old girlfriend, Carrie Culberson, even though her body has never been found. Doan claims the former cheerleader vanished along with her red Honda in late August 1996. He believes he was wrongly convicted and that Carrie is still alive. But authorities say Doan ran with a tough crowd and had a record of alleged abuse. Police and prosecutors are confident the right man is behind bars and that Carrie is dead. Doan's father, half-brother, and even the police chief were also accused of helping to ...
The Bridge Murders
One night in April 1991 Thomas Cummins and his two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry are hanging out on the Chain of Rocks bridge in St. Louis, MO. While on the bridge, Cummins claimed that they were approached and attacked by four young men and that Julie and Robin were raped and all three are forced to jump off the bridge. After surviving the fall, Thomas Cummins is initially suspected of his cousins murders, but American Justice looks at the investigation that eventually led to the arrest and conviction of the four men who were really responsible for the crime.
16 Mar. 2005
Countdown to an Execution
Darnell Williams is one of two men convicted of murdering John and Henrietta Rease in 1986 and sentenced to death for the crime. However, a new public defender fresh out of college is determined to get him off of death row. American Justice is there to follow his case.
27 Apr. 2005
Murder in the Court
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15 Jun. 2005
A Confession in Question
Host Bill Kurtis sits down for an interview with Marty Tankleff just prior to his release from prison after serving 17 years for murdering his parents in 1988. Tankleff, who was 17 years old at the time of the murders was wrongly convicted of the crime in 1990. American Justice profiles the trial in which prosecutors had based their case against Tankleff because of a partial confession that he later tried to recant.
13 Aug. 2005
Hamptons Murder Mystery
Ted Ammon, a well to do financier and investment banker is found murdered at his mansion in The Hamptons, New York. The prime suspects are his soon to be ex-wife Generosa and her boyfriend Daniel Pelosi. American Justice takes a look at numerous details in this case.
20 Aug. 2005
The Deer Hunting Murder
On November 29th, 1992 Julie Blake Moilanen is shot through the heart while walking her dog in the wooded area of Ontonagon, Michigan in what initially appeared to be a hunting accident. Investigators soon learn that her husband Bruce, who was hunting in the area, had recently taken out life insurance policies worth $330,000 on her. American Justice is there to tell the story of murder and greed.
10 Sep. 2005
Blood on the Staircase
Author and columnist Michael Peterson is accused of murdering his wife Kathleen at their home in Durham, NC. American Justice looks at the investigation that reveals another woman in his past also died under similar suspicious circumstances.
1 Oct. 2005
Lies of a Friend
In 1984, 36 year old Karen Gregory is savagely raped and stabbed to death in her Gulf Port, Florida home. The investigation into the crime headed by Detective Larry Tosi leads him to arrest the victims neighbor for the crime, who also happens to be Tosi's good friend. George Lewis was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. He fiercely claims his innocence and no longer claims a friendship with Detective Tosi. American Justice looks at different aspects of the case.
12 Oct. 2005
Til Death Do Us Part
On February 1st, 1988 Russ Stager is accidentally shot in the head by his wife Barbara in their Durham, NC home as she tried to wake him from bed. With the help of Stager's ex-wife, investigators see it as something other than an accident. American Justice examines the murder conviction of Barbara Stager.

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