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A Deadly Dose
After a night of partying with a friend, 42 year old Brian Eftenoff of Phoenix, AR comes home to find his 30 year old wife Judi unconscious and near death. She dies minutes later despite efforts to revive her. After an investigation police make Brian their prime suspect, believing that he forced his wife to take a lethal dose of cocaine. American Justice takes and in-depth look at the case, including a telephone interview with Eftenoff from prison.
Love Triangle
Michael Fletcher, an up and coming lawyer in the state of Michigan, is accused of murdering his pregnant wife so that he can be with a beautiful judge that he is having an affair with. American Justice takes and in depth look at this case.
Murder and Mrs. B
On April 3rd, 1994 Rueben Borchardt is shot twice in the chest at his home in Jefferson, Wisconsin and dies a short time later. American Justice takes a look at what led investigators to charge his estranged wife Diane, who was a teachers aide, with hiring students to kill her husband.
Playing with Fire
In 1986 Kenneth Richey is accused of arson and murder when 2 year old Cynthia Collins dies in an apartment fire. It was believed that the ex-girlfriend in the apartment directly below the victims was the intended target. Even though Richey fiercely proclaimed his innocence, he was convicted and sentenced to death. American Justice looks at this case that garnered a lot of public support for Richey.
Serial Wife
In 1995, Jill Coit is convicted of murdering Gerald Boggs in Steamboat Springs, Co. Coit and Boggs had been married for only seven days when Boggs found out she was still married to someone else and had the marriage annulled. American Justice interviews Jill Coit from prison about the murder.
The Doctor's Wife
An investigation into the death of prominent Mississippi cardiologist Dr. David Stephens reveals that the doctor was murdered by his wife Debbie. Investigators learn that Debbie was also a nurse and had access to the drug that may have killed him and that she possibly had a hand in his first wife's death a few years before . American Justice examines this case.
The Wrath of Mrs. Jones
Linda Jones is convicted of orchestrating the murder of Jack Jones, her husband of 30 years after she discovers that he is having an affair with an 18 year old girl. American Justice interviews Linda Jones from prison about the crime and examines the entire case.
Who Whacked Zach?
On June 16th,2001 Jeff Zach is shot to death while sitting in his vehicle at a gas station in Akron, Ohio. The ensuing murder investigation uncovers an affair with a local businessman's wife and a motive for murder. American Justice looks at the case.
18 Feb. 2004
Murder by Mercedes
Through interviews and actual footage of the trial American Justice details the case in which Texas dentist Clara Harris used her Mercedes to run over and kill her husband David Lynn Harris on July 24, 2002.
10 Mar. 2004
The Happy Face Killer
Between 1990 and 1995 a long haul truck driver named Keith Jesperson was known to have killed eight women in five states, strangling prostitutes that he would pick up while on the road. He became known as "The Happy Face Killer" because he would draw a smiley face on his letters to the media and police.
16 Jun. 2004
Why O.J. Simpson Won
This 2 hour special examines the successful defense strategy in the 1994 O. J. Simpson murder trial: a police conspiracy based on racism. It includes footage from televised events, interviews with lawyers and investigators, and the trial. Mistakes in handling evidence have produced changes in CSI procedures everywhere.
23 Jun. 2004
Thrill Killers
A young couple is murdered while vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland. Investigators soon learn that another young married couple by the name of Benjamin and Erika Sifrit are involved. American Justice chronicles the events of this case in which the Sifrit's were convicted of murder in what was being called a "thrill killing".
7 Jul. 2004
Stacey's Story
On July 3rd, 1990, 18 year old Stacey Lannert shoots and kills her father as he was laying on the couch. She claims that she did it because of years of sexual abuse by her father. Prosecutors disagreed, believing it was for financial gain because she stood to inherit almost $500,000 from her father.
4 Aug. 2004
Murder in Paradise
On Christmas Eve 1991 while riding her bike on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dana Ireland is run down, kidnapped, brutally beaten, raped, and then left for dead. The evidence, investigation, and convictions of Frank Pauline Jr., Ian and Shawn Schweitzer are examined.
18 Aug. 2004
Child's Play, Deadly Play
13 year old Lionel Tate is convicted of 1st degree murder in the beating death of 6 year old Tiffany Eunick. Tate claimed that they were wrestling and that he had used professional wrestling moves on her that he had seen on television. The jury agreed with prosecutors that it was murder because her injuries were so severe, she had a lacerated liver, fractured skull and ribs. American Justice looks at this case that some claimed was innocent child's play.
22 Sep. 2004
Double Life, Double Murder
On November 16th, 1995 investigators in Peachtree, Georgia receive a missing persons report for Halima Jones and Ruby Joyner. A couple days later they discover the bodies of these two women in a mini-van that was left at an airport. Their number one suspect is the husband of one of the dead women, and he is now missing. They soon discover that he was having an affair with the other dead woman that was with his wife. When captured he told a bizarre story of the crime that did not match the crime scene evidence. American Justice is there to sort out Lewis Joyner's story.
3 Oct. 2004
A Model Murder
In 1995 Linda Sobek, a young and beautiful former NFL cheerleader with a promising modeling career is sexually assaulted and murdered by a professional photographer while on a shooting location. The case against Charles Rathbun for this crime is examined.
27 Oct. 2004
Daughter Dearest
On June 28th, 1998 49 year old Vicki Robinson is murdered in Tampa, FL by her 15 year old daughter Valessa and her 19 year old friends Adam Davis, and Jon Whispel. Robinson and Davis were lovers and Vicki Robinson had been trying to discourage their relationship. After the murder all three teenagers went on the run across country, but they were finally apprehended by authorities in Texas. American Justice examines how a loving mother of two paid the ultimate price for trying to be a good mother to a troubled daughter.
10 Nov. 2004
The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession
The case of Susan Smith who murdered her two young boys is examined. In 1994 the 23 year old mother from South Carolina claimed that she had been the victim of a carjacking and the perpetrator had taken off with her two young boys still in the car. It is later discovered that there was no carjacking and that she had in fact rolled her car into a lake while her children were still strapped in the car.
22 Dec. 2004
Accused in Appalachia
In the tiny town of Exeter, Va. in 1993, Merry Pease claims that her husband Dennis had shot her before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. However, investigators don't agree with Merry's story and she is charged with murder. American Justice looks at this case and why it spent 10 years in the Virginia legal system before Pease was finally convicted.

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