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Murder Online
In 1999 Sharee Miller is convicted of arranging the murder of her husband by manipulating her online lover. When the lover realizes he was being used he commits suicide, but not before leaving enough evidence behind to lead authorities to his accomplice.
8 Jan. 2003
Who KIlled Hanna Hill?
The 1999 rape and murder case of 18 year old Hannah Hill of Akron, Ohio is examined by American Justice. From the very beginning the investigation of her disappearance and then discovery of her body is grossly mishandled. Prosecutors were still able to build a murder case against another Akron teenager, Denny Ross. But that too was bungled and ended in a mistrial in 2000. However, in 2012 Denny Ross was convicted of the murder of Hannah Hill, 13 years after her murder.
29 Jan. 2003
A Mother's Betrayal
Kathleen Bush earned the nation's sympathy and admiration as she struggled to care for her grievously sick child. 8 year-old Jennifer was afflicted, her mother claimed, with a variety of complaints, including a rare intestinal condition that had required over 200 hospital stays and nearly 40 surgeries. With no health insurance, Jennifer's family was devastated financially. Largely through the publicity her mother drew to her plight, Jennifer became the "poster child" for health care reform in the early 1990s. Kathy Bush courted so much attention for her chronically ...
19 Mar. 2003
A Murder Before Homecoming
The small town of Waurika, Okla. is rocked by the sexual assault and murder of a 16 year old girl at the hands of three of her acquaintances. American Justice examines the case with interviews from her mother and one of the accused.
4 Jun. 2003
Mail Order Murder
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6 Aug. 2003
The San Francisco Dog Mauling
On January 26th, 2001, 33-year-old Diane Whipple was mauled to death by her neighbors' dogs in the hallway of her San Francisco apartment building. The brutal attack shocked residents of the city, and Whipple, young, prosperous and gay, quickly captured the public's sympathy. But what was first seen as a tragic accident soon took on a more sinister tone. The dogs' owners, Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel, husband-and-wife attorneys, began making statements that seemed to suggest Whipple herself might have been to blame for the attack. And when information surfaced ...
27 Aug. 2003
Don't Mess with Texas
American Justice examines the case of Greg Ott. He was convicted in the 1978 shooting death of Texas Ranger Bobby Doherty during a drug raid in Denton, Texas. Ott, a model prisoner has been trying to win his freedom through parole for years, proclaiming the shooting was accidental and that he wasn't trying to shoot the Texas Ranger.
24 Sep. 2003
The Wells Fargo Heist
November 28, 1994, an unmarked Wells Fargo armored van is found abandoned in a church parking lot with a dead Wells Fargo driver inside. Eleven hours earlier it had been loaded with over a half a million dollars and stopped for a pick-up at a Dillard's department store in Phoenix, AR. American Justice retraces the investigation that led to the arrest of three Arizona men responsible for the crime.
12 Nov. 2003
Blood Brothers: The Derek & Alex King Case
Two young boys are charged with murdering their father with a baseball bat. During the investigation it is discovered that Rick Chavis, a convicted child molester, helped the boys commit the crime. American Justice examines the case.
26 Nov. 2003
Murder on the Boardwalk
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24 Dec. 2003
Another Man's Crime
On August 11, 1989 the lifeless body of 29 year old Vickie Cushman is found in her Warwick, RI apartment after she fails to show up for work. Investigators soon focus on 26 year old Jeffery Scott Hornoff, an officer with the Warwick Police Department. American Justice looks at this case and how Hornoff was wrongly convicted of Cushman's murder, and how if it weren't for the real murderer coming forward and confessing he might still be in prison today.

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