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A Son's Confession
On September 28, 1973 Barbara Gibbon is brutally murdered in her Falls Village, Connecticut home. Immediately police focus on her 18 year old son Peter Reilly, and after 25 hours of interrogation Peter confesses to the crime. He was sentenced to 6 to 16 years for the murder of his mother, but with the help of an outraged community and playwright Arthur Miller, Reilly is granted a new trial and his conviction is overturned. American Justice examines this controversial case and interviews Peter Reilly who is now seeking DNA testing to clear his name.
Dealing with the Devil
While in the government witness protection program in 1981, Marion "Mad Dog" Pruett goes on a crime spree across several states. AKA Sonny Pearson while in the witness protection program he committed a series of robberies and at least five murders that included his wife Pamela Sue Barker. American Justice looks this case and examines how many blamed the government for allowing this to happen while on their watch.
24 Jan. 2001
Payback for a Bully
On July 14th, 1993 eight kids in their teens to early twenty's get together for the evening in Hollywood, Florida (a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale)to hang out. Several of the teenagers gang up on 20 year old Bobby Kent, who was with their group, and stab him repeatedly. Kent dies from his wounds, and despite the efforts of the youths to cover up the incident, the truth comes out and they are all charged with 1st degree murder. In their defense they claimed that Bobby Kent was a "vicious bully and this was his payback".
21 Feb. 2001
A Mother on Death Row
On the early morning hours of June 6th, 1996 Darlie Routier calls 911 claiming that an attacker had broken into their home in Rowlett, Texas and had stabbed her and her two young sons. All the while her husband was sleeping upstairs, but later was awakened and then had tried to revive the boys. Both of the boys, aged 5 and 6 died from their wounds while Darlie recovered. Shortly after the crime, investigators charge Darlie Routier with murder after she has a birthday party at the cemetery for one of the boys and a television crew films her celebrating and shooting ...
14 Mar. 2001
The Erin Brockovich Story
Residents of Hinkley, California learn that their drinking water supply is contaminated with high levels of Chromium VI and possibly making them sick. American Justice profiles Erin Brockovich who put herself at the forefront of the legal fight to hold Pacific Gas and Electric financially responsible for the claims of the residents of Hinkley.
8 Aug. 2001
Raised on Hate
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19 Sep. 2001
Marijuana and Murder
Under provisions of the new Anti-Drug Abuse Act, commonly known as "The Drug Kingpin Law" signed into law by President Reagan in 1988, David Ronald Chandler became the first person to be placed on death row because of it. Chandler had allegedly ordered the death of another man in relation to his drug dealing activities making him eligible for the death penalty. American Justice examines the case of Chandler, an alleged marijuana grower and dealer from Piedmont, Alabama.
17 Oct. 2001
Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story
He dazzled football fans with his fast moves and outstanding receptions-wide receiver Rae Carruth was a rising star in the NFL, and a local celebrity in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was the first round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers. But in 1999, it all came crashing down, when Rae Carruth was accused of masterminding the drive-by shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. His lawyer claimed Rae Carruth had nothing to do with the shooting, that it was all the result of a drug deal gone bad. But a prosecutors said the victim herself told a ...
19 Dec. 2001
Death in a Small Town
The murder case of in which Ringgold, Georgia resident Alvin Ridley was acquitted of murdering his wife Virginia Ridley in 1997 is reviewed.

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