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The Manson Family Murders
In the late 60's Charles Manson became a cult leader to followers who were known as family members, they were also heavily into marijuana and LSD. Showing his power over them, he would give certain family members instructions to go out and kill, and they would. Among those murdered were movie actress Sharon Tate who was also 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time. Through interviews and archive footage American Justice takes an in-depth look at the killings in 1969 that became known as "The Manson Family Murders".
18 Nov. 1992
The Hillside Stranglers
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23 Jun. 1993
Spree Killer
1958. Charles Starkweather, a surly and rebellious 19-year-old teenage malcontent who fancied himself to be just like James Dean, embarked on a crime and killing spree across the states of Nebraska and Wyoming. His 14-year-old girlfriend Caril Fugate served as Starkweather's accomplice. The duo were responsible for the deaths of ten people altogether. They were eventually apprehended by the police in Wyoming. In the wake of their arrest Starkweather was executed on the electric chair while Fugate served seventeen and a half years in prison before being paroled.
American Justice profiles gangsters old and new like Al Capone, Bugs Moran, Daryl Whiting, and some of their more infamous crimes. Also profiled are the men and organizations like Eliot Ness and The Untouchables, The Secret Six, J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all who risked their lives in order to bring the gangs and their leaders to justice.
22 Mar. 1995
Juvenile Justice
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10 May 1995
Mob Ladies
American Justice profiles several women who were intimately involved with mob leaders. Interviewed are Arlyne Weiss-Brinkman, who also became an FBI informant and Antoinette Giancana. Giancana was the daughter of Sam Giancana and known as the Mafia Princess. Virginia Hill, the girlfriend of Bugsy Siegel is also profiled.
11 Oct. 1995
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4 Dec. 1996
The Defenders
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Presumed Guilty
The Jeanine Nicarico murder case of 1983 which led to the false imprisonment and conviction of Rolando Cruz for the murder until Brian Dugan confesses to the crime.
8 Oct. 1998
Hunt for the Unabomber
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28 Oct. 1998
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
American Justice takes a look at the impeachment process that was pending against President Bill Clinton in 1998 by chronicling Watergate and the events that led to the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon in 1974.
Who Killed the Candy Heiress?
The disappearance of Helen Brach, the heiress to the Brach's Candy fortune is the focus of American Justice. February 17th, 1977 would be the last time that anyone would ever see Helen Brach alive. Although her body was never found, she was declared dead in 1984. Profiled are the two main suspects in the case. Her house man and chauffeur James Matlick, who's stories didn't add up to investigators, and Richard Bailey. Bailey was a con-man and was later convicted of defrauding Helen Brach and at the time the judge accused him of conspiring to kill Helen Brach. He was ...
21 Apr. 1999
A Murder in Greenwich: The Martha Moxley Case
American Justice profiles the 1975 murder of 15 year old Martha Moxley in the rich and well to do gated community of Greenwich Village, CT. Moxely was brutally beaten to death with a golf club on the eve of Halloween in 1975. Initially investigators determined that one of the main suspects was Thomas Skakel, brother of Michael. The Skakel family were neighbors to the Moxley's and part of the powerful Kennedy clan, and it was highly speculated that it was this wealth and power that was able to protect the Skakel boys from the investigation. Former Los Angeles detective...
11 Aug. 1999
Lethal Injection: The Hospital Murders
In the spring of 1981 an usually high number of patients are dying at Community Hospital of the Valleys in Perris, CA. After the hospital is closed for an inquiry investigators discover a sinister pattern. American Justice examines the case of serial killer Robert Diaz who was convicted of murdering 12 patients with lethal injections of the drug Lidocaine.
4 Nov. 1999
Vigilante Dad
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The California Killing Field
In the early to mid 1980's Leonard Lake and Charles Ng are believed to have raped, tortured, and murdered over a dozen women at Lake's remote cabin in Calaveras County, California. Investigators found a torture chamber, videotapes of Lake and Ng torturing a couple of victims, and over 40 pounds of charred bones at the cabin. Lake committed suicide before he could be charged for the crimes. Charles Ng, a native of Hong Kong and former U.S Marine, eluded prosecution for 13 years, but is now serving his sentence on death row. American Justice looks at the heinous nature ...
4 Feb. 2000
Why OJ Simpson Lost the Civil Trial (Release Date on VHS)
An unbiased objective account of how and why OJ Simpson lost the civil ligation.
15 Mar. 2000
Getting Away with Murder
American Justice examines the 1988 murder of Brenda Sue Schaefer by her boyfriend Mel Ignatow in Louisville, KY. Ignatow was acquitted of her murder despite a damning testimony from a former girlfriend. He was later sentenced to prison for perjury in the case and admitted in court that he had in fact killed Schaefer. Despite this revelation he could not be retired for murder because it would have been Double Jeopardy.
May 2000
Oil, Money and Murder
American Justice takes an objective look at one of the most famous murder cases in Texas history. Cullen Davis, who was an heir to his father's massive Texas oil fortune and at one time was worth an estimated half a billion dollars, was charged with the shooting death of his 12 year old step-daughter and his wife's lover on August 2nd, 1976. On the same evening he also allegedly shot his wife and a family friend, they didn't die from their wounds and implicated Davis as the shooter. Davis was acquitted of the murders and the case became the subject of several books, ...
Dealing with the Devil
While in the government witness protection program in 1981, Marion "Mad Dog" Pruett goes on a crime spree across several states. AKA Sonny Pearson while in the witness protection program he committed a series of robberies and at least five murders that included his wife Pamela Sue Barker. American Justice looks this case and examines how many blamed the government for allowing this to happen while on their watch.
24 Jan. 2001
Payback for a Bully
On July 14th, 1993 eight kids in their teens to early twenty's get together for the evening in Hollywood, Florida (a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale)to hang out. Several of the teenagers gang up on 20 year old Bobby Kent, who was with their group, and stab him repeatedly. Kent dies from his wounds, and despite the efforts of the youths to cover up the incident, the truth comes out and they are all charged with 1st degree murder. In their defense they claimed that Bobby Kent was a "vicious bully and this was his payback".
21 Feb. 2001
A Mother on Death Row
On the early morning hours of June 6th, 1996 Darlie Routier calls 911 claiming that an attacker had broken into their home in Rowlett, Texas and had stabbed her and her two young sons. All the while her husband was sleeping upstairs, but later was awakened and then had tried to revive the boys. Both of the boys, aged 5 and 6 died from their wounds while Darlie recovered. Shortly after the crime, investigators charge Darlie Routier with murder after she has a birthday party at the cemetery for one of the boys and a television crew films her celebrating and shooting ...
14 Mar. 2001
The Erin Brockovich Story
Residents of Hinkley, California learn that their drinking water supply is contaminated with high levels of Chromium VI and possibly making them sick. American Justice profiles Erin Brockovich who put herself at the forefront of the legal fight to hold Pacific Gas and Electric financially responsible for the claims of the residents of Hinkley.
8 Aug. 2001
Raised on Hate
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19 Sep. 2001
Marijuana and Murder
Under provisions of the new Anti-Drug Abuse Act, commonly known as "The Drug Kingpin Law" signed into law by President Reagan in 1988, David Ronald Chandler became the first person to be placed on death row because of it. Chandler had allegedly ordered the death of another man in relation to his drug dealing activities making him eligible for the death penalty. American Justice examines the case of Chandler, an alleged marijuana grower and dealer from Piedmont, Alabama.
17 Oct. 2001
Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story
He dazzled football fans with his fast moves and outstanding receptions-wide receiver Rae Carruth was a rising star in the NFL, and a local celebrity in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was the first round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers. But in 1999, it all came crashing down, when Rae Carruth was accused of masterminding the drive-by shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. His lawyer claimed Rae Carruth had nothing to do with the shooting, that it was all the result of a drug deal gone bad. But a prosecutors said the victim herself told a ...
19 Dec. 2001
Death in a Small Town
The murder case of in which Ringgold, Georgia resident Alvin Ridley was acquitted of murdering his wife Virginia Ridley in 1997 is reviewed.
An Execution in Doubt
Despite his insistence of innocence and a plea for clemency to the Governor of Virginia, Roger Keith Coleman is executed in 1992 for the brutal rape and murder of his sister-in-law. American Justice examines this case that had many in doubt of his guilt.
Mistaken Identity
In the spring of 1997, 16-year-old Terence Garner was arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. With no physical evidence liking him to the crime, the North Carolina teen was convicted on the basis of eyewitness testimony. Just days after the conviction, a different Terrance confessed to the crime. Despite the confession, Garner spent five years behind bars waiting to be acquitted. Today Garner is a free man and only one eyewitness remains vocally convinced of his guilt, the woman he was accused of shootings. The ordeal began when three men robbed ...
The Black Widow of Vegas
Margaret Rudin nearly gets away with the murder of her husband, Las Vegas real estate magnet Ron Rudin, in part due to the fact some investigators felt she was simply too nice to have committed murder. American Justice looks at how she finally became entangled in her own web of lies, deceit, and murder.
The Cult Murders
On April 17, 1989 in the small community of Kirtland, Ohio, self proclaimed prophet Jeffrey Lundgren convinces members of his religious cult to help him murder a family of five. Through interviews and archive footage American Justice profiles Jeffrey Lundgren and his 13 member religious cult, and how he convinced them to murder in the name of God.
The Girl in the Box
In 1977 Cameron Hooker kidnaps a 20 year old girl who was hitching through California. For the next seven years he rapes, tortures, and brainwashes her. American Justice reviews the details of this case.
The Monster Inside
After serving 10 years in a California prison for rape, Rex Allen Krebs is released into society only to commit two more rapes, but this time murdering his victims. American Justice looks at a flawed correctional system that allowed Krebs to be released from prison even after he had asked for help, because he knew that he still had a serious problem.
Who Is the LIpstick Killer?
The case of Willaim Heirens is examined by American Justice. Heirens was arrested in 1946 for the murder of 45 year old Josephine Ross, 34 year old Francis Brown, and six year old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago. After the dismembered body of Degnan was found an outraged public and media put intense pressure on the Chicago police department to find the killer. Heirens is pegged for the crime and then confesses. In an interview with American Justice he claims he is innocent and forced into confessing.
29 May 2002
Brutal Revenge
In Florida in 1997 Shelia Bellush is brutally murdered in front of her children by a young man who seemingly traveled all the way from Texas just to commit the crime. An investigation reveals a murder for hire plot masterminded by her millionaire ex-husband Allen Blackthorne.
4 Sep. 2002
In November of 1998, San Joaquin, California detectives who are searching for missing 25 years old Cyndi Vanderheiden learn that Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine are linked to not only her disappearance, but to the disappearance of 16 year old Chevy Wheeler, and to the murders of two other men as well. American Justice profiles the case in which Herzog turned evidence on Shermantine in return for a lighter sentence. Shermantine was sentenced to death, and the remains of Wheeler and Vanderheiden were finally discovered on Shermantine's former property in 2012.
25 Sep. 2002
Crib Death?
Garrett Wilson is accused of killing his 5 month old infant son by his estranged wife after she discovers he is having a relationship with another woman-6 years after the death of their child. Investigators learn that another infant from a previous marriage had also died and that he had a total of $190,000 life insurance on the two infants. Consequently he is charged and convicted of their deaths. American Justice examines this case that had some people convinced that Garrett Wilson was a murderer while others believed it was just a case of a woman scorned.
2 Dec. 2002
A Mother's Story of Murder
In Phoenix, AR 1989,Debra Milke is convicted of arranging the murder of her four year old son Christopher. The case hinges on the testimony of one man who confessed to committing the crime along with Milke's then roommate. American Justice takes an in-depth look at this case in which authorities are accused of shoddy police work putting the convictions in doubt.
4 Dec. 2002
Justifiable Homicide?
Thurman Martin is murdered by his grandson along with the complicity of other family members who claim that their grandfather was extremely abusive. American Justice looks at the case that became know as "The Tomato Patch Murder."
11 Dec. 2002
While the Children Slept
On Nov. 7th, 1994 Tim Boczkowski calls a Pittsburgh 911 dispatcher to report that his wife had drowned in a hot tub. Almost immediately detectives are suspicious of Boczkowski's behavior. An ensuing investigations reveals that his first wife had drowned in a bath tub on Nov. 4th, 1990 in North Carolina after she had decided to pursue a divorce. American Justice interviews the Boczkowski children and the investigators in this case that finally found him guilty of murdering both wives.
12 Dec. 2002
Shamed Into Confession
In 1981 a Catholic priest is found murdered in a seedy motel room in Odessa, Texas. One year later James Harry Reyos confesses to murdering Father Patrick Ryan. But did he really commit the crime? American Justice takes an in depth look.
Murder Online
In 1999 Sharee Miller is convicted of arranging the murder of her husband by manipulating her online lover. When the lover realizes he was being used he commits suicide, but not before leaving enough evidence behind to lead authorities to his accomplice.
8 Jan. 2003
Who KIlled Hanna Hill?
The 1999 rape and murder case of 18 year old Hannah Hill of Akron, Ohio is examined by American Justice. From the very beginning the investigation of her disappearance and then discovery of her body is grossly mishandled. Prosecutors were still able to build a murder case against another Akron teenager, Denny Ross. But that too was bungled and ended in a mistrial in 2000. However, in 2012 Denny Ross was convicted of the murder of Hannah Hill, 13 years after her murder.
29 Jan. 2003
A Mother's Betrayal
Kathleen Bush earned the nation's sympathy and admiration as she struggled to care for her grievously sick child. 8 year-old Jennifer was afflicted, her mother claimed, with a variety of complaints, including a rare intestinal condition that had required over 200 hospital stays and nearly 40 surgeries. With no health insurance, Jennifer's family was devastated financially. Largely through the publicity her mother drew to her plight, Jennifer became the "poster child" for health care reform in the early 1990s. Kathy Bush courted so much attention for her chronically ...
19 Mar. 2003
A Murder Before Homecoming
The small town of Waurika, Okla. is rocked by the sexual assault and murder of a 16 year old girl at the hands of three of her acquaintances. American Justice examines the case with interviews from her mother and one of the accused.
4 Jun. 2003
Mail Order Murder
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6 Aug. 2003
The San Francisco Dog Mauling
On January 26th, 2001, 33-year-old Diane Whipple was mauled to death by her neighbors' dogs in the hallway of her San Francisco apartment building. The brutal attack shocked residents of the city, and Whipple, young, prosperous and gay, quickly captured the public's sympathy. But what was first seen as a tragic accident soon took on a more sinister tone. The dogs' owners, Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel, husband-and-wife attorneys, began making statements that seemed to suggest Whipple herself might have been to blame for the attack. And when information surfaced ...
27 Aug. 2003
Don't Mess with Texas
American Justice examines the case of Greg Ott. He was convicted in the 1978 shooting death of Texas Ranger Bobby Doherty during a drug raid in Denton, Texas. Ott, a model prisoner has been trying to win his freedom through parole for years, proclaiming the shooting was accidental and that he wasn't trying to shoot the Texas Ranger.
24 Sep. 2003
The Wells Fargo Heist
November 28, 1994, an unmarked Wells Fargo armored van is found abandoned in a church parking lot with a dead Wells Fargo driver inside. Eleven hours earlier it had been loaded with over a half a million dollars and stopped for a pick-up at a Dillard's department store in Phoenix, AR. American Justice retraces the investigation that led to the arrest of three Arizona men responsible for the crime.
12 Nov. 2003
Blood Brothers: The Derek & Alex King Case
Two young boys are charged with murdering their father with a baseball bat. During the investigation it is discovered that Rick Chavis, a convicted child molester, helped the boys commit the crime. American Justice examines the case.
26 Nov. 2003
Murder on the Boardwalk
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24 Dec. 2003
Another Man's Crime
On August 11, 1989 the lifeless body of 29 year old Vickie Cushman is found in her Warwick, RI apartment after she fails to show up for work. Investigators soon focus on 26 year old Jeffery Scott Hornoff, an officer with the Warwick Police Department. American Justice looks at this case and how Hornoff was wrongly convicted of Cushman's murder, and how if it weren't for the real murderer coming forward and confessing he might still be in prison today.
A Deadly Dose
After a night of partying with a friend, 42 year old Brian Eftenoff of Phoenix, AR comes home to find his 30 year old wife Judi unconscious and near death. She dies minutes later despite efforts to revive her. After an investigation police make Brian their prime suspect, believing that he forced his wife to take a lethal dose of cocaine. American Justice takes and in-depth look at the case, including a telephone interview with Eftenoff from prison.
Love Triangle
Michael Fletcher, an up and coming lawyer in the state of Michigan, is accused of murdering his pregnant wife so that he can be with a beautiful judge that he is having an affair with. American Justice takes and in depth look at this case.
Murder and Mrs. B
On April 3rd, 1994 Rueben Borchardt is shot twice in the chest at his home in Jefferson, Wisconsin and dies a short time later. American Justice takes a look at what led investigators to charge his estranged wife Diane, who was a teachers aide, with hiring students to kill her husband.
Playing with Fire
In 1986 Kenneth Richey is accused of arson and murder when 2 year old Cynthia Collins dies in an apartment fire. It was believed that the ex-girlfriend in the apartment directly below the victims was the intended target. Even though Richey fiercely proclaimed his innocence, he was convicted and sentenced to death. American Justice looks at this case that garnered a lot of public support for Richey.
Serial Wife
In 1995, Jill Coit is convicted of murdering Gerald Boggs in Steamboat Springs, Co. Coit and Boggs had been married for only seven days when Boggs found out she was still married to someone else and had the marriage annulled. American Justice interviews Jill Coit from prison about the murder.
The Doctor's Wife
An investigation into the death of prominent Mississippi cardiologist Dr. David Stephens reveals that the doctor was murdered by his wife Debbie. Investigators learn that Debbie was also a nurse and had access to the drug that may have killed him and that she possibly had a hand in his first wife's death a few years before . American Justice examines this case.
The Wrath of Mrs. Jones
Linda Jones is convicted of orchestrating the murder of Jack Jones, her husband of 30 years after she discovers that he is having an affair with an 18 year old girl. American Justice interviews Linda Jones from prison about the crime and examines the entire case.
Who Whacked Zach?
On June 16th,2001 Jeff Zach is shot to death while sitting in his vehicle at a gas station in Akron, Ohio. The ensuing murder investigation uncovers an affair with a local businessman's wife and a motive for murder. American Justice looks at the case.
18 Feb. 2004
Murder by Mercedes
Through interviews and actual footage of the trial American Justice details the case in which Texas dentist Clara Harris used her Mercedes to run over and kill her husband David Lynn Harris on July 24, 2002.
10 Mar. 2004
The Happy Face Killer
Between 1990 and 1995 a long haul truck driver named Keith Jesperson was known to have killed eight women in five states, strangling prostitutes that he would pick up while on the road. He became known as "The Happy Face Killer" because he would draw a smiley face on his letters to the media and police.
16 Jun. 2004
Why O.J. Simpson Won
This 2 hour special examines the successful defense strategy in the 1994 O. J. Simpson murder trial: a police conspiracy based on racism. It includes footage from televised events, interviews with lawyers and investigators, and the trial. Mistakes in handling evidence have produced changes in CSI procedures everywhere.
23 Jun. 2004
Thrill Killers
A young couple is murdered while vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland. Investigators soon learn that another young married couple by the name of Benjamin and Erika Sifrit are involved. American Justice chronicles the events of this case in which the Sifrit's were convicted of murder in what was being called a "thrill killing".
7 Jul. 2004
Stacey's Story
On July 3rd, 1990, 18 year old Stacey Lannert shoots and kills her father as he was laying on the couch. She claims that she did it because of years of sexual abuse by her father. Prosecutors disagreed, believing it was for financial gain because she stood to inherit almost $500,000 from her father.
4 Aug. 2004
Murder in Paradise
On Christmas Eve 1991 while riding her bike on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dana Ireland is run down, kidnapped, brutally beaten, raped, and then left for dead. The evidence, investigation, and convictions of Frank Pauline Jr., Ian and Shawn Schweitzer are examined.
18 Aug. 2004
Child's Play, Deadly Play
13 year old Lionel Tate is convicted of 1st degree murder in the beating death of 6 year old Tiffany Eunick. Tate claimed that they were wrestling and that he had used professional wrestling moves on her that he had seen on television. The jury agreed with prosecutors that it was murder because her injuries were so severe, she had a lacerated liver, fractured skull and ribs. American Justice looks at this case that some claimed was innocent child's play.
22 Sep. 2004
Double Life, Double Murder
On November 16th, 1995 investigators in Peachtree, Georgia receive a missing persons report for Halima Jones and Ruby Joyner. A couple days later they discover the bodies of these two women in a mini-van that was left at an airport. Their number one suspect is the husband of one of the dead women, and he is now missing. They soon discover that he was having an affair with the other dead woman that was with his wife. When captured he told a bizarre story of the crime that did not match the crime scene evidence. American Justice is there to sort out Lewis Joyner's story.
3 Oct. 2004
A Model Murder
In 1995 Linda Sobek, a young and beautiful former NFL cheerleader with a promising modeling career is sexually assaulted and murdered by a professional photographer while on a shooting location. The case against Charles Rathbun for this crime is examined.
27 Oct. 2004
Daughter Dearest
On June 28th, 1998 49 year old Vicki Robinson is murdered in Tampa, FL by her 15 year old daughter Valessa and her 19 year old friends Adam Davis, and Jon Whispel. Robinson and Davis were lovers and Vicki Robinson had been trying to discourage their relationship. After the murder all three teenagers went on the run across country, but they were finally apprehended by authorities in Texas. American Justice examines how a loving mother of two paid the ultimate price for trying to be a good mother to a troubled daughter.
10 Nov. 2004
The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession
The case of Susan Smith who murdered her two young boys is examined. In 1994 the 23 year old mother from South Carolina claimed that she had been the victim of a carjacking and the perpetrator had taken off with her two young boys still in the car. It is later discovered that there was no carjacking and that she had in fact rolled her car into a lake while her children were still strapped in the car.
22 Dec. 2004
Accused in Appalachia
In the tiny town of Exeter, Va. in 1993, Merry Pease claims that her husband Dennis had shot her before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. However, investigators don't agree with Merry's story and she is charged with murder. American Justice looks at this case and why it spent 10 years in the Virginia legal system before Pease was finally convicted.
The Bridge Murders
One night in April 1991 Thomas Cummins and his two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry are hanging out on the Chain of Rocks bridge in St. Louis, MO. While on the bridge, Cummins claimed that they were approached and attacked by four young men and that Julie and Robin were raped and all three are forced to jump off the bridge. After surviving the fall, Thomas Cummins is initially suspected of his cousins murders, but American Justice looks at the investigation that eventually led to the arrest and conviction of the four men who were really responsible for the crime.
26 Jan. 2005
The Scott Peterson Trial
Bill Kurtis narrates an in-depth look at the evidence in the death of a seven months pregnant Laci Peterson on Christmas Eve 2002, primarily focusing on the murder trial of her husband Scott for the crime. American Justice interviews two of the jurors who give their thoughts on the case that captured the attention of millions of Americans.
16 Feb. 2005
A Warrant to Kill
In 1992, Houston, TX Deputy Sheriff Kent McGowen serves an arrest warrant on Susan White at her Harris County home for threatening an informant. While serving the warrant McGowen fatally shoots her, claiming that it was self defense because she was pointing a gun at him. Almost immediately crime scene investigators suspect that McGowen's story doesn't ring true. The investigation reveals that McGowen had allegedly shot White in order to silence her claims that he was stalking and sexually harassing her. American Justice takes a look at the aspects of this case, ...
25 Feb. 2005
What Happened to Carrie Culberson?
In 1997 Vincent Doan is convicted of kidnapping and murdering his 22-year old girlfriend, Carrie Culberson, even though her body has never been found. Doan claims the former cheerleader vanished along with her red Honda in late August 1996. He believes he was wrongly convicted and that Carrie is still alive. But authorities say Doan ran with a tough crowd and had a record of alleged abuse. Police and prosecutors are confident the right man is behind bars and that Carrie is dead. Doan's father, half-brother, and even the police chief were also accused of helping to ...
16 Mar. 2005
Countdown to an Execution
Darnell Williams is one of two men convicted of murdering John and Henrietta Rease in 1986 and sentenced to death for the crime. However, a new public defender fresh out of college is determined to get him off of death row. American Justice is there to follow his case.
27 Apr. 2005
Murder in the Court
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15 Jun. 2005
A Confession in Question
Host Bill Kurtis sits down for an interview with Marty Tankleff just prior to his release from prison after serving 17 years for murdering his parents in 1988. Tankleff, who was 17 years old at the time of the murders was wrongly convicted of the crime in 1990. American Justice profiles the trial in which prosecutors had based their case against Tankleff because of a partial confession that he later tried to recant.
13 Aug. 2005
Hamptons Murder Mystery
Ted Ammon, a well to do financier and investment banker is found murdered at his mansion in The Hamptons, New York. The prime suspects are his soon to be ex-wife Generosa and her boyfriend Daniel Pelosi. American Justice takes a look at numerous details in this case.
20 Aug. 2005
The Deer Hunting Murder
On November 29th, 1992 Julie Blake Moilanen is shot through the heart while walking her dog in the wooded area of Ontonagon, Michigan in what initially appeared to be a hunting accident. Investigators soon learn that her husband Bruce, who was hunting in the area, had recently taken out life insurance policies worth $330,000 on her. American Justice is there to tell the story of murder and greed.
10 Sep. 2005
Blood on the Staircase
Author and columnist Michael Peterson is accused of murdering his wife Kathleen at their home in Durham, NC. American Justice looks at the investigation that reveals another woman in his past also died under similar suspicious circumstances.
1 Oct. 2005
Lies of a Friend
In 1984, 36 year old Karen Gregory is savagely raped and stabbed to death in her Gulf Port, Florida home. The investigation into the crime headed by Detective Larry Tosi leads him to arrest the victims neighbor for the crime, who also happens to be Tosi's good friend. George Lewis was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. He fiercely claims his innocence and no longer claims a friendship with Detective Tosi. American Justice looks at different aspects of the case.
12 Oct. 2005
Til Death Do Us Part
On February 1st, 1988 Russ Stager is accidentally shot in the head by his wife Barbara in their Durham, NC home as she tried to wake him from bed. With the help of Stager's ex-wife, investigators see it as something other than an accident. American Justice examines the murder conviction of Barbara Stager.
A Questionable Doctor
American Justice reviews the case of Stan Naramore, a small town Kansas doctor accused of attempting to murder a 78 year old woman and of killing an 81 year old man while treating them for their illnesses that had reached their end stages.
Alcatraz: Escaping America's Toughest Prisons
Host Bill Kurtis narrates a historic look back at Alcatraz prison and some of the most famous escape attempts made it's prisoners to get off "The Rock" until it was shutdown in 1963. American Justice also takes an inside look at another maximum security prison in Marion, IL.
Death of a Bride
In 1999 Gladys Ricart is shot to death on her wedding day by her former boyfriend Augustine Garcia. American Justice takes a behind the scenes look at the events before and after the crime.
Donnie Brasco
American Justice examines the story of FBI agent Joe Pistone who infiltrated the Bonanno crime family while posing as jewel thief Donnie Brasco.
Driven to Kill
On April 21st, 1989 Marianne McLaughlin is run down in a Boston parking garage after her husband drops her off to park their car. With serious injuries Marianne slips into a coma and is not expected to live, but after several months she is able to make a miraculous recovery. Investigators learn that her husband Joe had purchased tickets to the theater that evening as a birthday present for Marianne, but that this was actually part of a murder plot involving another suspect hired by her husband. American Justice examines this case of attempted murder.
Drowning in Lies: The Trial of Edward Post
On June 3rd, 1986 at a hotel in St. Louis, Edward and Julie Post are in town from New Orleans for a real estate convention. Julie Post drowns in the bathtub of their motel room while Edward goes out for an early morning jog. Investigators initially thought the drowning to be accidental. But as they learn of Edward Post's financial debt and the insurance money that he was going to collect from the death of his wife they take a much closer look, and discover what they believe is a motive for murder.
Provides an in-depth objective dissection of the OJ Simpson murder and why and how he was acquitted for murder.
The Andrea Yates Story
On June 20, 2001, while suffering from severe postpartum depression and psychosis, Andrea Yates drowns all five of her children in a bathtub. American Justice examines her life and the events leading up to the tragic deaths of her children.
The Brothers' Kimble
In 1998 brothers Ronnie and Ted Kimble are convicted in a murder for hire scheme when Ted allegedly convinces Ronnie to kill his wife Patricia. Both men profess their innocence and American Justice is there to examine their case.
The Quiz Show Scandal and Other Frauds
American Justice examines four modern hoaxes including the 1950s quiz-show scandals, the fraudulent biography of Howard Hughes, the so-called "Morman Murders", and the Tawana Brawley rape allegations.
The Rosenbergs
American Justice goes back to the 1950's and an era of the "Red Scare" to examine the evidence against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg that led to their conviction of espionage and ultimately both of their executions in 1953. The Rosenberg's who were admitted Communist's, were accused of supplying vital secrets about our atomic bomb research to the Soviets. The most damning evidence against the Rosenberg's came from Ethel's brother and his wife, but new evidence puts some of those claims into question.
To Save Their Souls
After murdering his mother, wife, and his three children in 1971, John List eludes authorities for 18 years. Then in 1989 the television show Americas Most Wanted airs a segment on him that leads to his capture. American Justice interviews both List and Walsh to gain insight as to why he would commit such a heinous crime.

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