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outstanding performances in a beautiful story!
jdana23 September 2001
It would be difficult to say at this point if it were Richard Thomas or Charles Bronson who carried this timeless beauty so successfully to it's moving conclusion, but all performances were top notch. This movie NEEDS to be released to all for the upcoming Christmas season as it would quickly become a classic. These are the Christmas lessons we all try to teach the young this time of year and movies like this one are needed to do it so nicely. I hope to see this one on the DVD new release list soon!
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Great film
fancykser4 January 2005
Very uplifting, Good Holiday Cheer! Everyone should see it if they can. Wish I could find a place to purchase this film for my collection. Great performances given by all cast members. Hope for humanity, and hope for our families. This film helps to lift my spirits and makes me remember just what is important in our lives. This movie is about a reporter who has lost his drive, now he could lose his job. A family struggles very hard to make it in the world (just like now for some). Watch Charles Bronson and Richard Thomas in there unforgettable roles as they give us a way to look at things all over again.(If your into Christmas Movies you should also try to see The Little Match Girl, Rudy from the Cosbys makes this film extra special)
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dtucker868 October 2003
Charles Jarrott, who directed The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark, also directs this wonderful tv film that teaches the young and young at heart the true meaning of Christmas. Virginia O'Hanlon wrote probably the most famous letter to the editor of all time and Francis Church the most famous reply. This delightful movie captures turn of the century New York and the hardships it's people endured perfectly. Its a beautiful film to look at. The little girl playing Virginia is a delight as is Richard Thomas as her father. The biggest surprise of all is casting Charles Bronson as Francis Church. Believe it or not, he really does a fine acting job. I have always enjoyed Bronson's action films, but I never thought he could really "act" in the traditional sense. He proves me wrong with his sensitive portrayal. Bronson plays a man who recently lost his wife and there is even one scene where he is getting ready to kill himself. Charles Bronson really had lost his wife Jill Ireland to cancer the year before this film was made and I feel it helped him in his role. In a sense, he is able to find himself again writing to this little girl. This wonderful film is viewing for the whole family. In fact it is too good just to be shown at Christmas. It reminds us of a simpler time when families were loving and kids really appreciated the true meaning of Christmas. The message this film teaches will never go out of style.
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The Best Christmas Movie Ever.
Debra Martin9 July 2006
I was able to watch this movie on Lifetime TV one Christmas. I was lucky to have taped it that year using VHS tape, but with all the commercials. I have not seen this movie on TV in years. I would love to see it aired on TV every Christmas season even though I have my own tape of it, and can watch it whenever I want to. I would love to be able to buy a DVD of this movie.

The movie is so heart warming with true Christmas spirit. I loved the editorial that Frances Church had written. Charles Bronson portrayed an excellent character in this movie. It's a great movie for the whole family to watch. If this movie were to ever be made for retail sale, you couldn't go wrong with purchasing this holiday movie.
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Christmas-Reviewer6 May 2017

This film is based on true events. "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" is a phrase from an editorial called Is There a Santa Claus?. The editorial appeared in the September 21, 1897, edition of The (New York) Sun and has since become part of popular Christmas folklore in the United States. It is the most reprinted editorial in any English-language newspaper.

This film however primary focus is not on the little girl Virginia. The main focus is on the adults that surrounded the events that let to writing and later publication of the famous editorial.

The film is well made. It is a little depressing at times because we see people struggling to just to make through the day. Charles Bronson is effective here as man who is drinking way too much to compensate for the loos of his wife & daughter. Ed Asner co-stars as the editor of The Sun.

This film is family safe but small children will be bored. If you want to introduce them to the story there is 2 animated cartoons that they will find more entertaining.

I liked this adaption and found it uplifting. I will watch this again
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RONSBLUE30 August 2002
This was the best Christmas movie ever made,at least in my opinion. Great actors and great acting. Made the whole story seem quite real. They could not have chosen a better actor than Charles Bronson for the part of the reporter who writes the fateful editorial that will live forever in time and in our hearts.
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Charles Bronson, Yes Virginia
debbiejeantheresa8 July 2007
Finally! I've found this movie was never released. I have been looking for this movie forever it seems. I talk to people and they don't know what I'm talking about, have never seen it. I'm NOT going crazy. *lol* How can we get this movie released? IS there anything that a regular person can do? I saw the movie on TV and it's stuck in my head all of this time. It NEEDS to be released!!!! I feel, just my personal opinion, it's the best movie Charles Bronson ever made. I know, I know, real die hard fans won't say that but Christmas is in my heart all year long and it's the best Christmas movie I've ever seen. Please, if anyone knows anything, let me know. As I said, I've been looking for this movie forever. How can we get it released? Anyone?
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Best Holiday Show!
I have been searching for this forever (years ago it didn't even show up at IMDb). I only wish I would have taped it when it aired and I cannot understand why such a beautiful movie is no longer aired, there is so much crap out there and this gem gets missed - it's mindboggling! Lifetime are you listening? AMC ? anyone? wake up!!!! I would really love to see this either out on DVD or aired this Christmas season! The story, performances and history all make this movie a standout. I again wonder WHY???? it isn't aired or accessible to viewers. I remember thinking Richard Thomas reprised his role as John Boy....Ed Asner and Charles Bronson, as always, were fantastic as were the rest of the cast.
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A great Christmas movie for older children.
Baldach6 October 1999
This movie tells the story of the famous letter that Virgina wrote to the Chicago sun editors over 100 years asking "Is there a Santa Claus?". The response is a classic American poetry that teaches the spirit of Christmas. There has been at least one other version about Virginia's letter, but I like the cartoon version best. A great movie that help teaches the spirit of Christmas. By the way , about a year ago, I saw on the P.B.S. show "The Antiques Road show" a relative who claimed to have the original letter Virginia sent.
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A classic film, with a great message
pacekl21 December 2005
While this is a made for TV film with some of the production weaknesses that are typical of films made for television, nonetheless this is a classic Christmas movie in a class with "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th St.", primarily for it's ability to make the viewer cry with joy, even with repeated viewings.

Like the movies above, not all the characters are happy due to the difficult circumstances of their lives. The primary characters are struggling with despair. Like "It's a Wonderful Life", the lead characters are brought back from the brink through belief in something larger than themselves: The spirit of Christmas and the Hope that it brings to all of us.

I wish it would be released commercially at some point so that it could gain a larger audience. Contains great performances by Richard Thomas and Charles Bronson. Lou Asner is at his typical crusty best as the soft-hearted news boss.
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