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On the 'Ultimate Edition' DVD as well as the 'Skynet Edition' Blu-ray, there are three versions of the film, albeit only two at the menu, the Theatrical and Special Edition versions. However, highlighting the 'Special Edition' option and keying in '82997' (August 29, 1997), will open a Extended Special Edition Option, with the T-1000 searching John's room and an Alternate ending added on and replaced. Some DVD players may need to push ENTER between each digit.
Theatrical prints have the standard 18-second Pegasus/horizon Tristar logo at the start, followed by the Carolco logo (blue Cs). Home video releases omit the Tristar part, although the white line drawing is still part of the credits crawl.
The Ultimate Edition DVD accidentally omits part of the theatrical version: the first 23 seconds of Sarah's dream-recounting tape, which is all in a TV closeup. It starts that scene at the wide shot where Sarah says it's always the same. The more widely available Extreme DVD, which also uses branching, does not have this mistake. The original USA DVD from 1997 included the correct theatrical version as well.
For the release in the city of Mumbai, India the word 'Motherfucker' was deleted twice by the Central Bord of Film Certification of India.
For the release in the city of Chennai, India the words 'Motherfucker', 'Son of a bitch', 'Fucking' and 'Ass' were muted.
Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese appears in the Special Edition, which was deleted in the theatrical version.
The Special Edition runs about 16 minutes longer. Among the new/alternate scenes:
  • The orderlies are shown forcing Sarah to take her medication.
  • Sarah has a long nightmare, involving a visit from Kyle Reese in the hospital leading to a playground/bomb scene outside; this dream happens just before she is seen describing it on tape.
  • The T-1000 steals a police car after John and the T-800 get away after the canal chase.
  • The T-1000 realizes the dog is not named Wolfy and kills him, after the phone call from John.
  • Instead of simply stating that the T-800 learns from humans, there is a long scene in the garage where John and Sarah open him up to change his processor from read-only to learning; Sarah almost smashes the chip to end it all but John talks her out of it.
  • John tries to teach the T-800 to smile at the gas/food stop.
  • Dyson is seen at home working on the Skynet chip prototype. His wife comes in and reminds him he's promised to take the kids to Raging Waters. Dyson explains to his wife what a neural net processor is and how it will change mankind for the better. (This happens after Sarah asks about Dyson in the first place.)
  • At Enrique's house, John and the T-800 are stacking up ammunition. They start to talk about emotions and fear of death. John describes his childhood and his feelings about his mother's previous lovers.
  • As John and the T-800 race after Sarah to prevent her from killing Dyson, John explains to him that killing is always wrong and life is important. At Dyson's home at night, a series of restored and rearranged shots show Sarah assembling her weapons (with an alternate line from Tarissa), thus building the tension of her stalking Dyson outside in his backyard.
  • At Cyberdyne, the gang destroys the lab; Dyson himself shatters a large scale model of the Skynet chip with an axe. There is a dialogue change as the police arrive, since the police radio dispatch is not continuous anymore. The theatrical edition mentions the 1984 police station shootout, and the special edition focuses more on a repeat/correction of the Cyberdyne address.
  • In the factory after the T-1000 is shattered, we see that it's beginning to lose control of its morphing. Its hand takes on black and yellow stripes when it grabs a railing, and later its feet squish and morph into the steel floor pattern on each step. Several minutes later, when it morphs into Sarah Connor, John looks down and notices the T-1000's feet combining with the steel floor right before telling the real Sarah to shoot it.
  • After the theatrical credits have run in their entirety, there are special edition credits.
The supplemental section features a new ending, set in the future, where Sarah Connor is seen as an old woman in a playground filled with children.
The UK video version is also rated "15" but, in addition to the above, there are a few more cuts: for example, the scene in an underground garage where the T-800 pulls a policemen out of a patrol car doesn't show him hitting face-first into a concrete pillar. An uncut 18-rated version is available in the UK on laserdisc.
The UK DVD (T-1000 Edition) video release also omits one scene from the theatrical version. In the original movie and video release, during the Cyberdyne break-in sequence, Dyson and John are seen entering the security vault and smashing the glass cases to obtain the Terminator arm and CPU, John then saying "We've got Skynet by the balls now". In the T1000 Edition, we only see Dyson and John using their keys to get inside the vault before the scene cuts away.
In the Spanish version "Hasta la vista, baby" was changed to "Sayonara, baby" to keep the humorous sense of the phrase.
The version shown on ABC May 15, 1994, altered the following:
  • Omission of the scene in the bar where the T-800 twists the man's arm and pins him to the pool table
  • The T-1000's nudity was obscured by strategically-placed silhouettes
  • Omission of the man who's shot by the T-1000's gunfire in the lobby
  • The orderly who licks Sarah was only hit with the night stick once in the TV version
  • The T-800 only shoots the guard outside the institution once in the legs
  • Omission of the shot showing the blade going through the foster father's mouth
  • Nearly all profanities (including "hell" and "damn") deleted or dubbed over.
The version shown on the WB deleted all explicit profanity. Also deleted were the shots of the T-1000's spike impaling the guard through the eye, the foster father's death (it simply cut to the shot where the blade is pulled out), the trucker getting impaled by the T-1000's blade, the biker getting the knife stabbed into him, the T-1000's nudity, and the guards do not spurt blood when shot in the knees. The version shown on the Sci-fi channel deleted the T-1000's nudity and edited out the profanity quite well. All though it left the spike impalement scenes in it deleted the scene where the T-800 stabs the biker and breaks his arm.
On the WB broadcast, the word "dipshit" was over-dubbed with "dipstick."
In the storyboards section on the Ultimate Edition DVD, there is evidence of an early scripted scene. Set right in the beginning of the movie, it shows various battle scenes of the war until in one of them, a terminator who is aiming his gun at a soldier suddenly shuts down (we see the red glow in his eye fading out), as do the others and the several hoverships and tanks. This early draft actually described soldiers penetrating skynet and destroying it, finding the terminator factory with many terminators in both skeleton and disguised form (Arnold's), and eventually sending both Kyle Reese and the reprogammed T-800 (good Arnold) back to the past.
The Australian theatrical release of T2 contained many of the scenes that would eventually make it onto the special edition. These included the dream sequence with Reese (but not Sarah being beaten up by the guards) and the malfunctioning of the T1000 in the steel works factory and even the alternate ending with Sarah as an older woman and John with a child of his own playing in the park. However the rental video release and subsequent home video releases were all the standard version.
The British Board of Film Classification requested some cuts before giving the film a "15" certificate in the UK (prior to it being passed uncut for the Special Edition DVD). For the cinema version edits were made to reduce the blows delivered to the security guard by Sarah with the wooden broom handle. The video versions were cut by a further 18 secs with edits to gunshots and blows including a reduction in the knee-capping scenes, closeups of stab wounds and a shortening to the scene of Sarah lock-picking. All the cuts were fully waived in 2001.

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