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Enjoyable, but cheesy
dtm66610 October 2001
I was flipping through channels and noticed this movie giving, so I decided to see it. Noticing that the quality of the picture was pretty bad (it was on TV), I pretty much assumed that the film was an 1980's flick due to the poor effects (and also due to the fact that Hulk Hogan's in the movie). Imagine my surprise when I found out it was made in 1991!

I will admit... despite the overall cheesiness of the feature, despite the somewhat poor acting, despite the special effects being crap when compared to Star Trek VI (also released around 1991 if I'm not mistaken), I actually enjoyed it. The scenes where Hogan's character (an interstellar hero or something) makes a complete idiot of himself by trying to skateboard or when he whacks a paperboy with his own newspaper are pretty hilarious (some may beg to differ). Of course, the only good part is the one fight scene where Hogan is fighting with two cronies (who happen to be Undertaker and Ed Leslie a.k.a. Brutus Beefcake).

Suburban Commando is only worth watching if you're actually into this type of cheesiness. If you want a serious action movie, look somewhere else.
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Laugh out loud funny
XoGents82oX20 December 2003
This movie gets funnier as I get older. Not a good sign, but oh well. Lets face it, this is no blockbuster film, but deep in your hearts that part of being a kid comes out and just laughs at this film. Hogan is the king of cheasy. The dialogue is hilarious and there really isnt a bad actor in this film. Lloyd is one of the better actors ive seen in my life and Larry Miller is always good for a laugh or two. Shelly isnt bad herself. I dunno, this movie fits some peoples humor and not others.
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Great Fun Throughout
Big Movie Fan25 June 2002
Out of all the movies Hulk Hogan has starred in this is probably my favourite.

Like I said on my summary, it is great fun throughout as Hogan plays intergalactic warrior Shep Ramsey who ends up on Earth after an encounter with evil villains. It is fun to see Shep adjusting to life on Earth (watch out for one scene where Shep locks a cruel dog owner in the back of a car and lets the dog go free)and to see him battle the evil bad guys who are after him (one of them played by Mark Callaway who is still wrestling as The Undertaker).

The dialogue is pretty good throughout the film and as usual, Hogan is playing a moralistic character. Shelley Winters and Christopher Lloyd do a fantastic job as well.

All in all, a great film and I just loved Shep Ramsey's suit in the movie.
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Harmless, painless formula movie, with a handful of solid gags
leaping 15 April 2001
It's a peculiar badge of cinematic honour to be the least-worst Hulk Hogan movie of all time. Hulk plays some sort of super-powerful alien who, in coming to Earth on whatever Universe-saving mission he's on, becomes involved with a suburban US family.

Such fun as the movie has is in the alien's attempts to deal with the frustrations, annoyances and rules of suburban life. The pleasant surprise for those who come to "Suburban Commando" without unsustainable expectations of seeing anything remotely resembling a classic is that this material - Superhero Hulkster dealing with normal suburban irritations - is pretty well-handled, with a few big, satisfying laughs, and not without an element of satire.

Whether it's the director or whoever, someone babied Hogan through this one, since the film plays to his strengths (ie he coasts on the natural screen charisma that made him a star in pro wrestling), and avoids his weaknesses (ie acting) that are copiously evident in other Hogan movies.

Otherwise, the remedial comic book plot tends to take over, which is endurable but no particular fun, and Christopher Lloyd has one of his bad days at the office as the suburban family's father. Wrestling fans shouldn't struggle to spot Mark Calloway (aka the WWF's Undertaker) and might even pick up Hogan's high school buddy Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake).

Most of the good stuff's in the first half hour or so, from memory. If you're partial to some simple but effective comedy on the theme of familiar irritants in suburban life, you might get a rise out of at least that much of the movie. For what it is, "Suburban Commando" is ok.
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it's actually watchable
Special-K8825 April 2002
Silly, but watchable and amusing sci-fi/adventure is aimed mostly at kids but worth at least a look for adults. A fierce, intergalactic war hero travels through the universe battling the forces of evil. After an intense battle, his ship is damaged and he stops on planet Earth for a brief vacation. He settles in with an ideal suburban family, but his vacation is quickly cut short when his enemies eventually uncover his whereabouts. Requires a leap of faith, considering the film's setup and casting choices, but the effects are pretty good and Hogan's goofy antics and cheesy one-liners actually add amusement to the viewing experience. Good fun for the right audience. **½
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This has always been highly underrated
jbanks137230 September 2001
Many people tend to slam this movie, but I've always found it quite enjoyable. No, it would never win any prizes, but it's a decent piece of semi-mindless entertainment nonetheless. The strongest part of this is the supporting cast. Christopher Lloyd and Shelley Duvall rarely fail to deliver good performances, while the character of galactic-super-hero Shep Ramsey was tailor-made for Hogans over-the-top personality. Probably the only real reason this did as bad as it did is because it came out right after Hogans first and worst, No Holds Barred. No, this is far from being a great movie, but it's a decent one.
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Not That Bad
aesgaard4126 May 2001
I'm not a science fiction fan, but I like this movie. I may be biased as a Hulk Hogan fan, but this is my favorite of his films. A lot of it is pretty dumb and borders on the absurd, but the best and funniest scenes are his trying to fit in on Earth, and the odd partnership between him and straight-laced Christopher Lloyd. Accepting Hogan too quickly as the space hero he is, Lloyd gets to play one harried husband with a spaced out wife played by Shelley Duvall. Larry Miller, funny as he is, is annoying as the boss, but Jack Elam is wasted as a shell-shocked neighbor in a neighborhood of wierdos. Roy Dotrice has an unexpected cameo, but the worst part of the movie is the unconvincing villain who comes across as a kiddie show bad guy. Two of Hogan's wrestling cronies play bounty hunters who take part in a cartoonish John-and-Larry fight scene. Altogether, the movie has a lot of faults, but few really good scenes.
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One of my favorite 1990s classics
Monstrel20 January 2007
This movie gets into my category of favorite classics of 1990s. Sure, it is more kids movie than even a family movie, and it can not compete with glowing old stream-liners like Back To The Future, not to mention recent Harry Potters, etc., still, it delivers the unique combination of funny comedy and warm atmosphere of kindness and personal achievement. You can rarely meet this combination in movies nowadays.

What I also like is that the struggle of good and evil is going on more realistic sci-fi level than usual (no mystically flying superheroes and other such things). And the Hulk Hogan's character is perfect for him. This movie is probably Hogan's best. Christopher Lloyd also performed great (as usual), and the acting of many supporting characters was solid good and fit the plot precisely.

So if you want the entertaining comedy for your family and you want to chuckle at some scenes for yourself, watch this movie. Hogan there looks like a big kind-hearted superhero uncle, so your kids will love him.
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Kinda funny
caerdwyn15 July 2001
I remember seeing this years ago, either on VHS or on HBO. It was one of those films that I paid rapt attention to (hey, I was 11 at the time) and thoroughly enjoyed.

I saw this movie again, for the first time in a decade, on Sci-Fi just the other day. Admitedly, it was nowhere near as funny and/or cool as I thought it was back in '91, but it brought back a lot of fond memories. I'd say this is Hogan's best film (with No Holds Barred taking the #2 spot).. which is, yes, a pretty sad fact. This man was never meant to be an actor - a showman, perhaps, and a wrestler indeed, but the only shining performance here was Christopher Lloyd in his usual goofiness.

At least this movie doesn't try too hard... it's not meant to be taken seriously, and is an overall good 'popcorn' flick.
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Best film of the decade
psycho_charlie6664 February 2003
Both the critical and box office success of 1989's No Holds Barred were unprecedented, and needless to say, many had high expectations for the eagerly anticipated Sububan Commando of two years later. What movie goers recieved that year was arguably the best film of the decade, with the Hulkster bringing Shep Ramsey to life in yet another heart stopping performance. Comparisons with No Holds Barred are unavoidable, but in my opinion unfair. The latter film is primarly concerned with philosophical issues pertaining to man's relationship with the universe, while Suburban Commando has a much tighter focus, presenting the individual as a mirror reflecting the socio-politcal values of the "new" deomcracy in which he finds himself captive. The much touted gay scene between Christopher Loyd and Hogan was left on the cutting room floor, but may be included in the upcoming directors cut. In short, Suburban Commando is a landmark film which rarely gets the attention it deserves.
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intergalactic warrior spends a few weeks on earth
nathanno18 January 2009
This was one of my favorite movies as a child, and it still is. If you are willing to set aside your critical attitude and accept this movie for what it is- a funny, escapist entertainer- then you will love this movie.

I won't summarize the movie, since other comments have dealt adequately with it. Let me just say that Suburban Commando has a great plot, is very well-written, and delivers in both the comedy and action departments. It is also definitely the best Hulk Hogan movie (I say this after watching the horrible Mr. Nanny).

It's been 17 years already, Hulk, how long do we have to wait for Suburban Commando 2?!
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Suburban Commando is one of Hogan`s best films!
Movie Nuttball14 November 2002
Suburban Commando is a very good film and its one of Hulk Hogan`s best films.It is one of My favorite films.I was thrilled when it came out because back when wrestling was wrestling it was so fun watching the then WWF Prime Time Wrestling show and seeing the promotions on it while watching some of the best wrestling ever seen back in 1991.Anyway the film is action packed and has many,many funny moments.One of My favorite actors Christopher Lloyd stars along with the Hulkster and he is very good in it.Christopher Neame had a very short part and I think he should have had a much larger role in the film.William Ball,Shelley Duvall,Roy Dotrice,and Larry Miller all put on good performances.I was amazed to see Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) in the film. The film has good effects,good music and is an enjoyable film.If you like Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd and love action,comedy,sc-fi action then see this film!


The first version of Suburban Commando released has a special message by Hulk Hogan before the movie starts.

The following November Hulk Hogan fought fellow co-star Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) in the 1991 Survivor Series.

During the song in the intro Hulk Hogan has a few words in the song.

Hulk Hogan is the Executive Producer for Suburban Commando.

Hulk Hogan`s long time friend and legendary wrestler Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake (Ed Leslie) performed many of the stunts in the film.
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Gorgeous Bodies of Strong Men!
dirk-brom15 April 2006
This is honestly a cinematic masterpiece composed from pure sincerity and conviction. Plus Hulk Hogan is totally HOT!! OMG!! At the beginning you think that this will be just another low brow dumb-wit comedy with some dumb pro wrestler, but as the movie progresses we as the privileged audience begin to understand the true themes of the work. There is the social commentary on alienation and xenophobia, the metaphorical commando 'armor' and, my favorite, the deconstruction of the business world we live in. Seriously, this movie is brilliant. Watch it. You won't regret it! Oh and did I mention that Hulk Hogan is a beast of a sexy man? Because he is. A large, sexy, sweaty man. I love him. And ice cream.
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Another Childhood Favorite!!!
Pumpkin_Man21 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since I was a kid, I have loved this movie! I love everything about it; the plot, the acting, the characters, the cheesy music, and the hilarious situations that Shep Ramsey would get into on Earth. This is the type of movie I could watch over and over again. Hulk Hogan does an awesome job as Shep Ramsey, an intergalactic warrior who never takes time to relax after a mission. Shep's superior officer suggests that he goes to earth to recharge his ship and enjoy himself, but Shep wants nothing to do with Earth. After he lands, he finds an apartment at the Wilcox house.

Charlie Wilcox is an architect who works for a man named Adrian Beltz who steals Charlie's ideas. After Charlie and his family meet Shep, his wife and kids like him, but Charlie is a little skeptical, so he spies on him at night, whenever Shep goes out to help people in need. Charlie messes with Shep's equipment that can be traced by bounty hunters who are hunting for Shep.

The next day, Shep and Charlie must work together to find a traceable freeze gun, but they must soon deal with the bounty hunters. In order to get his ship running again, Shep needs 40 pounds of Cymian crystal, and the only person who has it is Charlie's hypocritical boss. After the big fight with the bounty hunters, Shep thinks he is almost home, but he is dead wrong.

Shep's old nemesis, General Suitor is back and holds the Wilcox family hostage until Charlie leads him to the abandoned building where Shep crash-landed. Can Shep Ramsey save the universe by killing Suitor for good? I highly recommend SUBURBAN COMMANDO!!!
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One of the Best Hogan Movies
Derrick_Cannon15 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This was cheesy maybe even corny, but it was also enjoyable. This was one of the first movies I ever saw on video so this brings back memories for me. Hulk Hogan may not have had an acting career similar to the Rock's, but in all fairness Hogan is the prototype that all wrestlers turned actors are judged. I won't get into that as I'd much rather discuss it when I review Rocky Three sometime next year. On to Suburban Commando Shep Ramsay(Hogan) is an intergalactic warrior currently battling the forces of the evil General Zuiter. In the midst of this battle he ends up blowing the power in his space ship. He then ends up on "Earth" a planet he'd much rather avoid. Elsewhere Charlie Wilcox(played by Christopher Lloyd is struggling with his job. His wife asks him to get a raise but Charlie just does not have the guts to do it at this point. Shep Ramsay lands and while observing the town spots a sign that says apartment for rent. It just so happens that the apartment is Charlie Wilcox's Tool Shed(or lack thereof). Charlie views Ramsey as a threat and tries to kick him out, but before getting the chance Shep helps the Wilcox family with their everyday obstacle. Charlie later blasts a wall that gives Zuiter and his crew directions to Hogan's whereabouts. If anyone ever wondered where the Undertaker gave his first major appearance this film was it. I won't spoil the finish but the bonds of Shep and Ramsey become greater and greater as the movie goes on. This film is what any Hogan movie should have been, enjoyable, funny, and sometimes even witty. I'll give it a six because it did reek of Campiness but the campiness worked in this type of movie.
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Belly Laugh Funny!
Predrag5 February 2017
I am in no way saying this is an award winning movie with award winning performances, but it does include a star-studded cast and plenty of corny jokes that are so indicative of the time period. Movie was great, plot was a cross between Bill & Ted, Rambo, and the Power Rangers I think but mostly for kids since there isn't and cussing in it that I can remember hearing. This is the type of movie I could watch over and over again. Hulk Hogan does an awesome job as Shep Ramsey, an intergalactic warrior who never takes time to relax after a mission. Shep's superior officer suggests that he goes to earth to recharge his ship and enjoy himself, but Shep wants nothing to do with Earth. After he lands, he finds an apartment at the Wilcox house. This is one of his best moves that had me laughing through out. Not so many movies by him have a theme.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10.
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Mime Punchingly Good Movie
karnovarmstrong8 January 2017
Fun Fact: This movie was the reason why punching mimes became a "thing" back in the early '90s.

Many mature themes and elements run through this film. The imminent economic takeover of the US by Japan. Settling grudges by lawsuits instead of with fists. The plight of the emasculated, overworked and under-appreciated hen-pecked nuclear husband and his cold calculating wife. And a manic, grunting steroid-crazed monster - the mustachioed "Shep" Ramsey - terrorizing a quaint suburban town by whimsically and randomly manhandling its citizens, ensuring hilarity for all.

If you enjoy even the thought of face-punching mimes in a light-hearted fashion, you've already seen this movie. Sadly, the fun was not to last, as the government soon made it a federal crime to free them from their force fields.

Nine out of Ten. Docked one point because the only movie that deserves a perfect 10 score is "It's Pat: The Movie".
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Suburban Commando
Phil Hubbs15 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Holy tight ass spandex Batman! a vehicle all for Hulk Hogan! luckily Christopher Lloyd is there to save the day kinda. A alien warrior that oddly enough looks exactly like a human being must save Earth and the universe from another set of aliens who also happen to look exactly like Human beings! what are the odds?.

So for better of worse Hogan is an alien that is basically space Rambo, he wears unconvincing plastic looking armour and carries unconvincing plastic looking weapons with flashing lights on them. It all looks like its been made by a fan for a comicbook convention, basically very good cosplay.

The film also kicks off with a pretty bland looking 'Star Wars' rip or homage however you wanna look at it. Its virtually shot for shot as a huge lumbering spacecraft slowly glides over the top of your screen like the Star Destroyer in 'A New Hope'. We then see a pretty terrible looking space battle with familiar looking laser shots all over and the intro of the supreme bad guy who is a short bald human. Maybe a bit of 'Spaceballs' going on there, mirroring Rick Moranis.

Most of this film comprises of small action and comedy sketches set up for Hogan to abuse with his big frame. So you get various silly scenes where he beats up bad guys, stops petty crimes, helps kids, helps old ladies, the odd pratfall and goofiness due to his super strength etc...its all very predictable and childish but then it is a kids flick.

In all honesty Hogan is a reasonable comedy actor and does ham it up nicely, he is also clearly great with kids which is nice and adds a genuine gentle touch to the films infantile bits. The best part of the film is the pretty sweet alien monster costume which appear when the bad guy transforms (yep he was a nasty alien creature all along). This suit is actually pretty scary for a kids flick which isn't surprising seeing as its a Steve Johnson creation. Other than that the rest of the effect are tacky as hell but that does kinda add to the charm I can't deny.

A typical low budget looking B-movie affair that didn't really do anything other than give Hogan some work to do. but despite that it is a warm fuzzy little flick with a good heart.

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flojo888822 September 2001
This movie was great it was so stupid but one of the funniest movies ive ever seen just cause of how stupid it was if you want to see a movie and laugh at how stupid it is get this it is not that good if you want a movie that will change your life its not a 5* movie but it will make you laugh i know it will!
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craggytheking20 August 2003
Not only the best hogan film but one of my fave films of all time.

when i first watched this with 2 other people i was slightly tipsy....but that just made it better...for 1 and a half hours we were on the floor laughing it's that funny....and the best part is it's funny for all the wrong reasons it's so bad it's great, the dialogue is hilarious and hogans acting is even better.

if you have some spare time and a couple of mates over don't be afraid to watch this.....4/5 stars

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Not That Funny but Good Action
Joe Fino9 April 2002
Well, Its not Funny, if you are that "Stupid Comedy" Kind of person like me, you could make fun of it or laugh at it for how "Stupid" it is. Behind all that, Its actually a pretty good film, i am disappointed on the way the rest of the public took it. It has pretty good performances by Lloyd, Hogan, and others. I am a Big Wrestling Fan but i enjoyed this movie even before i was. Its a "typical" 80's film in the 90's. It is Funny for some people that are just looking for clean jokes. The Best Hulk Hogan Movie though, since he didn't give many good ones. I will give it a 6 out of 10 stars, but its still very good, so don't take the low ratings and don't rent it, its worth it. Its worth the few dollars. And its very funny at times, Any Star Wars fans would like it, it spoofs and connects with the movies in ways that are very funny. RENT IT! ITS WORTH IT!
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Hogan actually makes a watchable movie!
saint40524 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After watching other movies with Hogan in the lead role like Mr. Nanny, I'm telling myself Hogan's acting career is through. I was stunned to see him in another film, this one made before Mr. Nanny. I must say after watching Suburban Commando, well done Hogan!

Hogan plays Shep Ramsley, a space warrior who has crashed down on Earth after destroying an evil emperor. Here on Earth, Shep must repair his ship, and rents a room in Charlie Wilcoxes (Christopher Lloyds) ownership. But while in the suburbs, the evil emperor sends out two bounty hunters to destroy Shep and Charlie, one of the hunters is my favorite character: Hutch played by the Undertaker. Can Shep and Charlie save themselves or more important, the world!?

Now this film is cheesy but in a good way. The special affects are crap, but in a very light way. The graphics looked like computer pixel generation but you forget all about it when Shep lands on Earth. Funny jokes include Shep punching a mime, playing an arcade game about defeating aliens, bombing the paperboy with his own newspaper, and trying not to get frozen by his own weapons. Chris Lloyd does a good job as the suspicious land owner who saves a girl by putting on Shep's warrior suit, blasting a hole through his wall, getting frozen by two bank robbers, and having to steal his angry bosses trophies to save Shep. Overall, good film and it shows that Hulk can at least act and do it well. If you had to pick one Hulk Hogan film with him starring as the lead role, choose Suburban Commando!
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Hulk Hogan's best
Elewis119529 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hulk isn't a great actor but this one, where he kind of makes fun of himself and nothing in the movie is taken seriously, it actually works. It's formula, corny, cartoonish silliness but watchable if you're in the mood for something light. Doc Brown is believable and entertaining enough as the stiff, frightened accountant who befriends the Hulkster, who's an inter-galactic hero who needs to "lay low" in suburbia, Earth for a while. The Undertaker Mark Calaway has a clever little part in this film too. Overall a fun little romp.

Much better film than no holds barred, or, Hancock for that matter, but no Oscars in this one.
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The kind of comedy only the early 90's could have produced.
Mr_Censored5 March 2009
"I hate Earthlings!" - Shep Ramsey

One look at the box-art for "Suburban Commando," and you know exactly what you're in for. If you are turned off by a pro-wrestler playing an alien in bad outfits who skateboards and substitutes sewing machines for dumb-bells, then it's best to just walk away. It's hardly high-art, or even a movie you'd want to admit to owning, but one thing is certain: It's is a nice slice of early 90's cheese.

Hulk Hogan plays Shep Ramsey, a space warrior who finds himself a fish-out-of-water when he is forced into taking an extended vacation on Earth. As he adjusts to life in the suburbs, he befriends an architect (Christopher Lloyd), lives in said-architect's shed, tries to help a mime and a tree-bound cat, as well as fending off intergalactic bounty hunters with high-pitched voices. Hogan is essentially playing himself, while Lloyd gives an expectedly hammy performance. The humor, on the other hand, is surprisingly fresh and funny. Not to go so far as to say that it was a comedy-classic for its time, but at the very least, it dishes out a healthy dosage of belly laughs. While the initial premise sounds too cornball to be true, what results in the end is a plain, no-brain required kind of movie. The kind of flick you'll want to put on at the end of a long day and just laugh with. Purely innocent and simultaneously nostalgic, "Suburban Commando" is the best Hulk Hogan movie there is.

But then again, that's not saying much.
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A Painful Movie
irishgreg24 September 2000
I should have known it would be bad since it starred Hulk Hogan, but I was not prepared for just how bad it was. One of the worst movies of all time. It was nice to see Mark Calloway (WWF's the Undertaker) as a villian (actually a flunky). However, I can't think of anything else remotely entertaining about this movie.
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