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A comedy and a bad movie, but not a bad comedy !

Author: Phroggy from Paris, France
3 August 2000

After a mishap, a phony evangelist and his wife chose a more lucrative business - opening a satanist's convent ! In fact they do so well that they get in touch with the Horned One who sends them a little demon to do their biddings. As a satire of pseudo-evangelists, this one is pretty funny. The film plays on its own cheesiness by presenting us a 100% cardboard demon ! But the movie seems to lose steam in the middle, losing all sort of coherence leading to a conventional ending. Worth a look-see if you are curious,

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I enjoyed working on this film. Very funny plot.

Author: parrillamia from United States
14 September 2008

According to comments posted this would appear to be a very funny film.Even though I played an officer in the film I have yet to see it.During the filming we at times would break out laughing due to the funny scenes. I have attempted to purchase the video and thus keep it as a memento, however, it has been to no avail. I would love to know where this film can be located. When I read the script my first thoughts were,what? But as I continued reading I realized what the writer was trying to convey. Upon completion of said project,and subsequent comments by some of the cast, it appeared to me that the film would be well received.During the filming Mr. Nussbaum was very encouraging and helpful to those of who were first timers with respect to the film industry.

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Not That Bad A Movie

Author: aesgaard41 from United States
1 August 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is not that bad. It could be a lot better as the premise sounds like a good plot, but somewhere in the production, it lacks appeal. Following the Jim Bakker/PTL scandal, the movie delves on Reverend Doctor Jonah Ephraim Johnson who actually believes in God, but who is not yet a dedicated man of God. He is still a sinner as he fools around behind his wife's back, but she is using him and his beliefs to further herself. In fact, she has orgasms around large amounts of money. Cast out of Louisiana, they escape to California where they feel they fit right in. They stumble on to a spooky house where the address is dead giveaway that the place ain't right (666 13th Street!). Some Mexicans clean out the basement of strewn bones and remains and are pretty casual about it as Johnson's wife makes a pact with the devil and starts teaching the ways of Satan to gullible visitors. A few of them asks for wishes, punkers get cops killed and a girl gets bigger breasts in a routine stolen from Benny Hill. A Rabbi visits the house to shun it of evil forces: a good substitute for the traditional Catholic priest. For a comedy, it's not too funny, instead hovering somewhere between a straight horror movie and a Mel Brooks-style movie. A few jokes are thrown in here, some of which work while others stall and there but a more "Airplane!" type of direction might have been funny. There's a young man with a superhero fixation and one recurring potty joke involving a clogged toilet that refuses to be fixed; even the devil won't go near it. There some soft porn and bathroom humor for those of you who can stand it; the scenes are so detached from the main plot that they could be removed entirely. Some of the scenes are filmed especially dark so there's no idea of what you're seeing. The special effects are below par as is the obvious cheap mask on the devil girl. "Speak of the Devil" is worth a look, but you are going to be put off by the nudity, devil worship and sexual scenes. To tell the truth, the film might appeal to fans of the "Airplane/Mel Brooks/Scary Movie" style of movies, but it's actually kind of revered by fans of the Benny Hill "Inflating bra" gag involving the character of Maggot, often erroneously identified as played by Bernice Tamara Goor, who plays Eve. The role is actually played by an obscure actress name Suzan Ellen. who resembles Tamara Gorski from "Xena," whose similarity in name with Ms. Goor possibly added to the confusion. Because of this scene, you can find this clip of "Speak from the Devil" on the Internet; old VHS copies of this movie are exceedingly rare now. I was lucky to find my copy of it twelve years after the movie came out, but today, depending on where the movie's rights are, "Speak of the Devil" might end up in a DVD movie package with other horror comedies, like "Repossessed" and "Transylvania Twist" if horror/comedy fans are lucky.

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Classic comedy-horror!

Author: Katatonia from Missouri
2 February 2003

This film is quite simply excellent. It is not a horror film, it is a slapstick comedy/horror. An interesting and comedic plot that's somewhere in between The Exorcist and The Naked Gun. There are numerous sequences that are just plain hilarious.

For a low-budget film, this was pulled off very well. The acting is mostly very professional and believable, especially the lead roles. The script was fine-tuned and very original. To get an idea of the style of this film, if you've seen Fred Olen Ray's "Witch Academy" , or David DeCoteau's "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama". Speak Of The Devil is very much in that same cultish B-movie vein.

I thought the way they portrayed "Satan" in this movie was particularly well done. It's not meant to look horrific, it looks like a cartoon with horns really, and that's a good thing!

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Author: Jordi Sanz (jordisanz33) from Vila-real
29 June 2015

We must differentiate between comedy and parodies, especially when talk of horror movies...

Today still don't understand the real claims of this work (also known as 'Ungodly').

Well, it's obvious that this movie would never have a 8.0, but its very funny.

I think as Scary Movie parodies born on some 90s nights watching movies like this.

Be not cowards, if you see 5 minutes of this treasure you fall in love and you'll ask... Why do I see?

Seriously, why did it?

I couldn't think of better movie to start writing 10 damn lines.

And excuse me for my English.

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In all honesty you could probably skip Speak of the Devil.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
19 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jonah Johnson (Elarton) and his wife Isabelle (Carol) are Southern televangelists. They are also con artists, and when their game is discovered, they high-tail it out of the south in a hurry. They travel to L.A. and set up shop in an old dilapidated house, which they then proceed to renovate into their new church/home. Going whichever way the wind blows, they sense the tenor of the times and open a church of Satan called the "Church of Latter-Day Sins". The church becomes successful, and while Isabelle wants to bilk people for all their worth, Jonah, who after all is still actually a devoted Christian, has second thoughts. But still he dons a ridiculous black leotard and slaughters goats in their basement. While the place is swarmed by terrified plumbers, squatting "punkers", an IRS agent, and a Rabbi who warn of the evil within, will the Johnsons continue on, or will they pack up and move like they did before? You may have noticed that this is not an action movie. But in our quest to become the ultimate AIP site, we have to include items like this. We thought it was ACTION International Pictures, but perhaps here they were trying to expand their base and include a comedy. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but the problem with many horror comedies, this one included, is that it's neither funny nor scary. It's hard to tell the intended audience the filmmakers were going for here. While in theory we would enjoy an anti-PC movie such as this - it takes shots at Christians, Jews, Mexicans, Southerners, trendy L.A.-dwellers, the aforementioned Punkers and just about everyone else in between, but somehow none of the jokes really hit, they lack bite or edge. But what's interesting about Speak of the Devil is that it is a satire of not just the televangelism trend of the 80's, but also the Satanism trend of the 80's. It kills two birds with one stone, and that seems to be the strength of the film.

It does have something of a behind-the-scenes exploitation pedigree, as co-writer/co-producer/director Nussbaum and co-producer Henning Schellerup (with 'Script Contributions' by Scott Spiegel) have noted careers for B-movie fans, but even with some exploitation elements, the result is surprisingly mediocre. The project could have had potential if they went all-horror or all-comedy, but this mix is middling. Plus at 100 minutes it's too long. You really feel every minute. So while spoofing Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, as well as Anton LaVey, was certainly the film's main focus, the most interesting jab came when some characters on screen make fun of Cannon Films. Calling it "Uzi Films", it mocks their head honchos by re-naming them "Golem and Bogus". Though surely it was meant only for hardcore fans like us, we thought that was the most worthwhile moment in the movie. We wish they did more jokes like that, rather than some stupidity about a clogged toilet.

While we've seen much worse, in all honesty you could probably skip Speak of the Devil.

For more action insanity, drop by:

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The Ungodly

Author: Brian Shovlin from United Kingdom
29 April 2006

I thought this film was great I just wish I could find it on DVD somewhere everywhere I go no one has even heard of this film so hopefully ill get it one day.I haven't seen this film in years and I would love to see it again even buy it on if anyone knows where I can buy the film please let me know...the story I think was a great idea yes it was a bit tacky but loads of films are and they are great and become so called legend films.. I hear they are making a remake so I hope they do it justice and make it a good film with what they can do with films now days I surely hope so and not make it a Hollywood ending..cause I am sick and tired of having a really great film and just cause they are running out of time rush the ending and make it a stupid ending..not everybody needs to live why not have everyone die.

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One of the most unusual films ever made.

Author: thefrenchbull from United States
1 January 2007

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL is one of the most unusual films ever made. There are so many sub plots going on only the brilliant will get it. It is the only film Robert Elarton (one of the most beautiful men in the world) ever made. Do not be fooled by its simplistic nature on the surface.The concepts of good and evil are fought out in the soul of Johna Johnson(Robert Elarton). When he finally comes to terms with the reality of his humanness, he has paid a heavy price. His temptations were never enough to take him to a place where he can never recover, but they indeed change his life forever. This is a must see for detective film lovers. One of the greatest films ever made.

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Piece of crap.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
17 December 2001

"The Ungodly" is one of the worst horror movies I have seen(and I've seen nearly 2000 horror movies so far).This is a slobbering,dire,stupid mess of a film directed by Raphael Nussbaum.I can't believe I wasted my money on such a diabolically bad,excrement laden piece of trash.The acting is awful,the special effects are cheesy beyond belief and there's plenty of silly humour in this one.I found here also the most idiotic depiction of Satanism ever captured on screen.There's no suspense,no gore,just huge pile of idiocy.Avoid this piece of garbage at all costs.2 out of 10(because the final appearance of Satan is hysterically funny and there's also a little bit of sex).

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