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best performance I have ever seen
Teacher1117 August 2001
Eric Bogosian's ability to roll from character to character in this 'one man show' exhibits his true range as a character actor. Each persona has their own message to convey about truth, society, class, drugs, etc. This is an absolute Must Have for anyone who is a serious fan of acting! His performance contains some of the most Hilarious and Real moments I have ever experienced as a viewing audience.
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good stuff
canuck-39 March 1999
A very well directed version of Eric Bogosian's stage play. Well worth checking out for Bogosian's great characters and for anyone who wants to see how to bring a play to the movies correctly.
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Amazing performance
edwood195416 April 2001
I don't understand why more people have not commented on this, other than the fact that perhaps not very many have seen it. It's an amazing cast of characters, one after another after another, all done by the guy who wrote the play. If you don't like filmed plays, you may not like this (after all, plays usually don't look good on TV), but it's a one-man show that will have you paying attention throughout. Highly recommended.
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Great Great Great
fandangonoir20 February 2003
Okay, maybe not that great...heh-heh, just kidding. I purchased the CD of this one man show before the movie came out and the movie is every bit as good as the recording.

For some odd reason, the filmmakers left out the monologue X-Blow and included one not on the CD about a deranged guy freaking out about the rat crawling in the walls of his apartment. But the video release puts the X-Blow footage back in, where it damn well belongs!

Eric Bogosian is a bit of a doom and gloom leftist at times but he's an amazing performer and knock you on your ass funny. I heard he is thinking of hanging up his hat and not doing anymore one man shows. He'll be missed by this cat!
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Funny, Honest, Sad...Kryptonite for stupid people & gold for the rest of us!
biggusdickus764 February 2014
I have to admit that I've seen Bogosian in the theater a few times. The endearing thing about him is that the audience, by design, is never in step with him and is sometimes even the punchline. He mixes social commentary with straight comedy so well, that sometimes we viewers find ourselves laughing (or cursing) at his fairly accurate portrayal of ourselves or someone we know. That's his stick.

I read this book "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll" back when it was published in 1992, and caught his show that same year. It's not for everyone, but if you like one-man shows that have something relevant to say about nearly everyone living in America, then this is a rewarding film. I've searched in vain, so trust me when I say you won't find anything like this in contemporary performances...not mainstream anyway. Give this one a watch. It stays with you.
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admirably schizophrenic
Michael Neumann1 January 2011
Eric Bogosian's solo stage act is actually a ten-man show, with the writer/actor performing ten separate, unconnected monologues loosely organized around the defining addictions of American male culture (the list could be extended to include, in descending order of obsession: money, sports, cars, television, and sleep). The show works almost like an extended résumé of possible character roles, ranging from a hard luck panhandler to an aging rock star, and from an arrogant corporate executive to a stoned artist suffering from paranoid claustrophobia. The film is simply a document of Bogosian's act, filmed in front of a live Boston audience with minimal interference from director John McNaughton and ace cinematographer Ernest Dickerson. It can't hope to compare with the actual live stage experience (any sort of editing, no matter how discreet, disrupts the continuity), but the explosive, cathartic, and often hilarious outbursts by the actor's alter egos are never less than compelling, and each character reveals another side of Bogosian's extraordinary verbal talent.
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Torture on Film
Sex,Drugs,Rock & Roll is without a doubt the worst product of Western Civilization. The monologues are both uninteresting and pointless In the rare monologue that captures the audience's attention it is quickly lost through overly long repetition and unnecessary additions (The Hells Angels at McDonalds comes to mind) I guess Bogosian's one man show needed some filler material to give a length that he thought justified the price of admission.

I would rather sleep with my aunt and be hung upside down and drained of my blood than see Sex,Drugs,Rock & Roll again.
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