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Chanticleer is the name of the rooster in the "The Nun's Priest's Tale" in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.
The film originally included more darker elements, a famous one being a deleted sequence from the kitchen scene. In this sequence the Duke bakes a live baby skunk in a pie. Oddly enough the reason this was cut wasn't because of the content but because Dun Bluth received a note from the preview audience that most cases of child abuse happen in the kitchen, and involve baking instruments.
One of Edmond's lines has been commonly misinterpreted by modern audiences as "Jeepers! I'm a furry!" He actually says "I'm *all* furry!" but Toby Scott Ganger's speech impediment has led some to believe he is referring to the then-still-developing furry community.
Pinky (The Fox), the sinister and greedy manager of Chanticleer (The King) is based on the late Elvis Presley's band manager Colonel Tom Parker.
The closing credits for this movie are quite long, clocking in at a total of approximately 9:45 minutes. On the initial VHS release, the second and third portions of the credits were sped up, shaving off about two minutes of Robert Folk's music. Subsequent TV broadcasts and DVD re-releases have reinstated the credits at their original running time.
Last film role for Phil Harris.
This was the only Don Bluth movie to contain live action.
This was Toby Scott Ganger's first movie role.
After completion of this film, Don Bluth stated if he had a choice to do either live action or animation for a movie. He would choose animation because he considers it easier to do than live action.
Glenn Campbell was chosen as the voice/sing voice of Chanticeer after Don Bluth heard his yodeling in the "I Remember You" song.
The Grand Duke's Owl Minions have names including Urek, Fred, Furrow, Blue, Vertigo, and Varek. Urek is the tall brown owl, while Fred is the purple owl, Furrow is the salmon-pink owl with a military-style haircut, Blue is the tall blue owl, Vertigo is the short bearded gray owl, and Varek is the short brown owl with ponytail, wearing a green cape and headband. However their names are never mentioned in the movie. They were played by the voices of T.J. Kuenster (Who also was the songwriter, one of the writers, musicians and music producer of the movie and soundtrack itself. And who has also been known and popular for being Glen Campbell's (voice of Chanticleer) Keyboardist, Musical Director and Musical Conductor for his band), Jim Doherty, John Drummond, and Frank Kelly. But during the scenes when The Grand Duke and his Minions are singing "Tweedle Te Dee" and "The Owls' Picnic", they were played by the voices of still T.J. Kuenster but this time with T. Daniel Hofstedt, Scott Caple, Mark Swan and Kevin Gallagher.
'Eddie Deezen' (who voices Snipes) has never seen the film.
The Disney Studios originally developed a version of this story in its early years, combining it with the French tales of Reynard the fox. Though Marc Davis's character designs survive, Walt Disney personally rejected the pitch because of the difficulty of translating the folk tales to the big screen.

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