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Splatter in a farmyard style

Author: Simon Wrell from London
28 February 2003

I love this movie! Whilst it is not what you would call a good film, it is so funny and original that you cannot help yourself from loving it! The plot is completely bizarre; an old farmer has sex with one of his goats to make it produce more milk, the next thing you know it has given birth to a baby with a goats head and a baby's body! It grows up with the family but is tied into a sack and thrown in the river after breaking the farmer's beer bottles. So it carries out a ghastly revenge with very few survivors.

If you are easily offended, repulsed or are squeamish, stay away. If, however, you find farting, sex and gory killings funny, go out and buy it!

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Compellingly awful

Author: bad_badger from United Kingdom
24 November 2005

I first saw this movie at a Black Sunday convention in Edinburgh and enjoyed it immensely. While not speaking for everyone, I attended the horror film festivals to see some gratuitous consequence-free violence and the occasional explosion, but consistently came away with a belly-full of pretentious ghost-stories and inscrutable Italian gibberish. Oh, and Revenge of Billy the Kid. Despite its suspect production values, it had absolutely everything a horror fan needs after six hours of disappointment and frustration. Violence, bestiality and sparkling moments of profanity and revulsion - so excruciatingly blunt at times it was a joy to behold, appealing to every rebellious instinct in my body. The most telling thing for me was the audience's reaction - after hours of polite coughing and rustling of sweetie wrappers, people finally came alive. They laughed uproariously at the depraved antics of the MacDonalds, perhaps as much in relief as amusement. My personal favourite moments are the expiration and consequent 'burial' of the granddad, ma's potato peeling and more or less any sequence involving the dreadful sock puppet infant Billy. I went to the effort of tracking this movie down on DVD and recommend that you do the same. You're not a complete person until you've seen it.

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Fantastic,Brilliant,Sick & Twisted Hilarious!A masterpiece

Author: TimmyB from Los Angeles, CA
28 April 2002

Anyone who does not find this one of the funniest films ever made in this genre should feel very ashamed! An island,a family all called Ronald McDonald,a killer half human,half goat,how could you possibly go wrong! What imagination! Greatest comedic sex scene ever,"gis a bit of that lardy lubrication"! A must must see for all you individuals who are skewed to the left just a tad!

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Blindingly funny

Author: plum-13 from bedford
11 October 1999

This film was meant to be sh*te - that is what makes it so funny. It is one of the most hilarious films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing and a must if you like films like braindead - same sort of humour. The farts and belches ring through the incestuous family of the Macdonalds - who are the sort of stereotypical farmer types that we all secretly enjoy believing in. Line of the film is: 'Will, who the f*ck's will?" - you have to see the film to find out why. Also worth appreciating is the completely non predictable ending - a rare gem.

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Highly entertaining when mixed with plenty of Vodka.

Author: David Chiplin from Portsmouth, England
28 September 1999

The film started bad but got gradually better as the alcohol took affect. The plot was poor and the acting abysmal but it makes for an entertaining view to go with a heavy drinking session with your mates. How anyone got the idea for this film is beyond me. Maybe it's a true story.

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Cult Classic

Author: camdenmc ( from London
25 June 2000

This is one of the funniest films I have seen! It's like "Alien" on the farmyard with lots of bizarre characters, outrageous gags, neat twists and scary bits. It was made on no money, and anyone who doesn't appreciate it is a dork.

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Angry goat thing

Author: thefonz1 from Somerset
15 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the greatest films ever made about country life. There is no doubt in my mind that it has been well researched and takes realism to a whole new level. I think Ron Howard would be a good candidate for a director should a remake be made.The action is laid back and cleverly reflects country life as it is today. I strongly recommend this film to all those who are pro hunting as it makes a great argument for country life and how it should be left to its own ways.Billy the Kid is not just about cowboys in the wild west and at the same time is far superior to films like Brokeback mountain, which this viewer found a little hard to swallow.I would love to see a sequel even though the name suggests that this is a sequel itself! Well done to everyone involved especially the bloke who played the farmer who started all the mayhem

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Badtastic yet wierdly compelling

Author: mrgrumpy30 ( from all over
4 August 2000

This IS one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. But it is fully compensated by the infamous "Your a bit dry" scene involving a handfull of lard, and a wife. It also involves the birthplace of a friend of mine, that'll be "CORNISH" and anything that makes fun of that place is great. Yes it is bad, yes the acting is atrocious and yes it is foul in all the places that movies shouldn't be. But it makes you laugh, cringe and scream and groan. What modern day hollywood thriller does that!!!!!!!!(And means it...O.K Runaway Car with Judge Rheinhold does all that and more but it is the best movie of all time, in it's genre.)

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Not to be missed.

Author: Bojan Flaks from Bristol, England
28 July 2000

This is indeed a bizarre film, but one that is more deserving of cult status than many. It could be described as a comedy horror film - I found it very amusing although most distasteful and not for the prudish. I look forward to a good widescreen DVD transfer.

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daft, but quality

Author: piers-canadas from London, England
19 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some may call me a film buff, some a film-snob. Nonsense, i like a quality film when i see one. Give me Citizen Kane over Shawshank Redemption any day, however as the old adage goes 'A change is as good as a rest'. And you don't get much more of a change from just about anything else, than this puerility fest. Marvelous nonsense, utterly daft, rude, gratuitous and stupendously funny if you just give it a chance and switch off any taste filters you have. You'll never view lard in quite the same way again. Rent it!!

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