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Interesting drama made by it's strong performances.
insomniac_rod4 July 2005
To be honest I didn't have any plans to watch this movie but as it aired on WB TV after "Friends" and I had nothing else to do, well I gave it a try.

To my surprise, the movie gets your attention pretty soon with the raping scene that is the most important moment in the movie. The scene is well directed, I mean, it's not gross, and not THAT hard to watch. Soon after that scene the movie gets very interesting by mixing the legal difficulties and Lila's obsession to find the aggressor of her daughter.

When I was getting annoyed with Meredith Baxter character's obsession, it's explained why she's so desperate (even more than Debbie).

When the movie gets repetitive (when Lila and Debbie think they've finally caught the raper) it's justified with a couple of scenes involving Lila's new marriage, Debbie's drinking problem, and some legal issues.

The acting is top notch with well known actors like t.v. favorite Meredith Baxter, horror cult icon Ken Foree, and the beautiful and impressive talented Carrie Hamilton (R.I.P.).

"A Mother's Justice" is a decent movie specially made for t.v. Watch it if you have the chance, believe me, it's an interesting drama that will get your attention.
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Revenge always does the most damage to the revenger...
sinan26 November 2000
I couldn't help but keep thinking of "Elektra" as I watched this. The circle of guilt , blame, revenge, guilt.... It is wonderfully acted by all. Carrie Hamilton, Meredith Baxter and G. W. Bailey are perfect for the parts (even tho' in the first part of the movie I had my doubts about Meredith Baxter). It is a little disturbing to watch.
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Insomniac's guide to TV
andertonmark12 December 2001
I could not sleep, and Channel 5 UK decided to screen this film last night... It is a film about a serial rapist that the police could not catch, so the mother of one of the victims decides to catch him herself. The issue is a serious one. I think that Warren Thurlow may actually be a real person, and the film certainly had the feel of a true story type drama. The rapes themselves, and the horror of the experience are not shown in any graphic detail, which although a sensitive handling of a very emotive issue, has the downside of failing to really involve the viewer in the story. In this respect, "The Accused" is the best film to date of the genre. I would have liked to have seen more emphasis placed on the police and their shortcomings in failing to apprehend the suspect. The story is told instead, around the perspective of the victim's family, and the lack of information they have about what the police are actually doing is translated quite well. I would like to have seen more on people's motives and the underlying psychology, from the rapist through the family and the victims, but this is a documentary of facts, not of the issues themselves. For that reason, I feel that it does not have enough of an impact to classify it as anything more than another film on late night TV. It should not be instantly forgettable, but it is.
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