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Could Have Been Better

Author: spitfiremk1_ from Niagara Falls, Canada
26 November 2003

I own this film, and originally I found it a very interesting and terrible subject. The thought of having your own ship you are on being torpedoed by the enemy, and spending 4-5 days in water with the blazing hot sun beating down on you, no food, no water, and hundreds of ravenous sharks is a terrifying thought to me. It is someting I don't want to imagine.

Anyway, I saw this movie in the video store on sale and thought: "Hey! I heard about this incident! I never knew that they made a movie regarding it." I was around 12 a the time, and didn't realize at first how bad this movie was. The acting was cardboard, the only person who did a bang up job was the guy who play Captain McVay, and the Japanese sub captain Hashimoto. If you look closely at the scenes depicting the Indianapolis getting torpedoed and the great ship plunging to her grave, you'll see that many of them were taken off of other films (War and Remembrance, Enola Gay etc...).

I seriously hope in the future that someone in Hollywood opens their eyes and realizes what a great story they are missing. "Mission Of the Shark" was a good flick to watch, but it just does not add up to the big blockbuster war films of today.


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Typical "made for TV" movie

Author: vampi-2 from Texas
18 April 1999

After hearing Quint talk about his experience on the Indianapolis during "Jaws", I was more than eager to see the movie about the incident. These men died in ways no one would want to experience, and yet the government showed its appreciation by finger pointing and a court marshall.

However, this movie was nothing I had hoped for. The shark sequences, by today's standards, are rated G. You could also tell they were busting their butts trying to get this story into a 2 hour time slot ... and that is where it suffers the most. This is an utterly fascinating story; yet trying to impress upon us what happened in the 5 days those men were lost at sea, and trying to do this in 2 hours (including commercials) is impossible! The movie was muddled, choppy, and had no educational value whatsoever.

This is a story that Hollywood should take and turn it into something that kids could watch and appreciate ... and understand what these men gave up to protect and serve their country.

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Author: Jack Austin Crawford from Burnet, Texas
4 February 1999

This is one of the few movies I wanted to see all of, but could not. I had to fast forward through most of the shark attack sequences. I suppose there is no good way to die, but the way those fellows (about 3/4 of the crew) died ranks as a singularly unpleasant death...

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