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Decent movie ruined by ending

Author: sbunc92-3 from North Carolina
8 January 2004

An interesting little movie that comes partly undone by the ending. Luke Perry does a fine job as a husband who is willing to do anything to help keep his ailing wife alive. She suffers from cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. He devises a plan that might get her one but she's not sure she approves. An ending that seems to come from nowhere undermines a lot of what the movie was striving for.

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For Those of You Annoyed With the Sex and Mucus...

Author: Emily-65-Roses from Connecticut
19 March 2006

Very few movies address cystic fibrosis at all. This is one of the few that does, and does so in an effective fashion. You may think mucus is really "icky" and "gross" but it's a very real part of CF. People show cancer patients vomiting in movies all the time. This is NO different.

As for the sex, it's to illustrate another very real part of CF. Breathing gets in the way of *everything*. Sex goes from being a joy, to being difficult, to being a chore, to being impossible. Being that sex is such a big part of most married couples' lives, it makes sense that it was addressed. I wonder if the director knew someone with CF, because of how well it was handled. The CFer's spouse was constantly worried, and freaked out if his wife was so much as 15 minutes late. Their sex was difficult. Many things in this movie were done well, in regards to the CF.

Not my favorite movie, as I don't much like the way it ended, among other things. But I had to comment about people who complained about the really "icky" mucus. It's real. You don't even have to deal with it. Until your spouse is the one choking on that much mucus, you have no place to call it gross.

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One of the best movies I've ever watched.

Author: Nick Damian from Toronto, Ontario
1 January 2008

I think that I've watched well over 500 000 movies and this ranks well above most of them.

It's one of the best movies I've ever watched and look forward to seeing more films in this style.

I love the writing, story and everything about it.

With a bigger budget, more publicity would have taken this to be a more well known film.


When you want something that is fresh and doesn't contain Brad Pitt or Angelie Jolie - try this one.

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exciting thriller

Author: g404c
31 January 2006

Lifebreath is about a man, Martin Devoe (Luke Perry), who is desperate to find a donor so his wife (Francie Swift) can have a lung transplant. He will do anything to save her life, even kill! The ending was a total shock and I really could not believe it. I noticed some other reviewers remarked about how they thought the ending was unsatisfying. I felt the same way initially, but then I appreciated the surprise to it all. Perry is convincing as the loving and desperate husband, and Swift does a good job playing the part of his increasingly feeble wife who needs a healthy lung.

I found Lifebreath to be pretty intense. Good use of locations and a solid script make it more than watchable. 9/10

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Author: ladybeth99 from Middle of Texas
12 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This isn't a glamorous or beautiful movie. The disease, cystic fibrosis is central to the movie. It's about the desperate lengths a man will go to in order to save the woman he loves who will die without a heart/lung transplant. To make matters worse, she has a rare blood type. Luke Perry, the husband, commits deception, adultery, and murder to get his wife the transplant organs she must have to live. His wife gets the transplant after her husband murders an innocent woman in a carefully arranged plot. She learns of the affair he had with the dead woman to gain entry into her life. In the end, though he saved the life of the woman he loved, he lost the part of her that loved him.

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Luke Perry Catches Your Breath

Author: wes-connors from Earth
5 April 2010

Manhattan psychics teacher Luke Perry (as Martin "Marty" Devoe) becomes increasing frustrated with efforts to find an organ donor for pretty full-lipped Francie Swift (as Chrystie). His wife is dying from Cystic Fibrosis and needs a lung transplant desperately. Donors are rare in her AB blood type, so Mr. Perry decides to take matters into his own hands. He considers "buying" an organ on the black market, but the Chinese aren't offering lungs to Americans. Volunteering to solicit blood donations leads Perry to sexy AB type Gia Carides (as Gale Pullman); but, how far will they go to secure "Lifebreath" for Ms. Swift?

This is an unexpectedly taut thriller from new director P.J. Posner, who keeps it intriguing throughout. The cast is excellent, with Perry particularly impressive in the lead. His loving, conflicted husband is able to carry the film, grabbing your interest while walking a moral tightrope. Around this time, Perry temporarily left his "90210" TV address to try big screen movie stardom; it didn't happen, but "Lifebreath" showed his potential. Swift's sickly wife is more subtly impressive, as you'll discern by watching expressions and considering her motives carefully. The ending disappoints, but Jeremy Davenport's jazzy tune helps.

******* Lifebreath (11/7/97) P.J. Posner ~ Luke Perry, Francie Swift, Gia Carides, Gary Basaraba

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Woman in need of a double lung transplant and her husband will go to all lengths to get her one

Author: moellerrd from United States
26 May 2008

This is a response to the first comment. The annoying mucous dripping down her face and the productive cough is what a person living with cystic fibrosis deals with. This movie was very realistic when it came to the symptoms of CF. I am a survivor of CF due to a double lung transplant. Very health 32 year old woman who is very successful. As for the ending of the movie: It was quite strange and fortunately did not happen to me. Plus the way his wife got her lungs was also far fetched. In real life this does not happen. I was a bit confused as to why the movie ended the way it did. I think the movie could have been a bit more thought out dealing with reality. It was definitely far fetched but did keep me tuned in.

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A man loves his wife enough to kill for her.

Author: Ginny Conrad ( from USA
31 August 1999

A husband, Luke Perry, loves his ill, but unfaithful wife enough, to kill a suitable organ donor in order save her life. Luke Perry = Martin Devoe

Francine Swife = Francine Devoe

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A exercise in badly written dialog and plot twists.

Author: JeffreyDJ from Dallas, TX
27 October 1999

Doesn't really contain any spoliers, but read at your own risk:

This movie is an exercise in futility. It had a wonderful premise: Wife needs transplant, Husband will do anything to make sure she gets it.

However, the execution of the script was poor. There are numerous unneeded scenes of sex with A LOT of flesh (but no nudity -- go figure). The dialog was trite and not believable. There are characters that appear briefly to move the story along with no explanation of who they are.

And the ending. No spoiler, but you could see it coming RIGHT at you -- and unfortunately it couldn't be dodged. The last 2 minutes of the film are painfully inane and hard to watch.

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annoyed by the abstract

Author: anonymous from Bountiful, Utah
17 February 1999

A little disgusted at all the productive coughing and mucus dripping throughout the film, and I was annoyed at how unsure I was as to whether Luke Perry's wife watched him during the throws of passion with Gale, or if it was a director's maneuver to show us that she suspected. A few too many abstractions there. Why did Chrystie meet up with Gale? This interlude seemed odd. An interesting plot, but the acting bothered me.

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