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The word "fuck" is used 102 times.
With this film, Shane Black became the first writer to sell a spec script for $1 million. According to Time Magazine, he was originally offered $2.25 million by Carolco Pictures, but decided to go with Warner Brothers. He went for the lower (but record-setting) bid of $1.75 million, so that he could work with Joel Silver, who had also produced his script for Lethal Weapon (1987). This record stood for 67 days until Carolco purchased a screenplay by Joe Eszterhas which became Basic Instinct (1992).
The card Jimmy Dix signs for Joe's daughter is a Pro Set Superbowl Super Heroes card. That set, which was produced by the only card company ever fully endorsed by the NFL, was made only in 1991 and featured stars of the NFL's biggest game. On that note, Damon Wayans has been asked for "Jimmy Dix's" autograph in real life...and given it.
The movie that Darian is watching on TV is Lethal Weapon (1987), which was also written by Shane Black and produced by Joel Silver. Specifically, she's watching the scene in which Mel Gibson is being tortured by Al Leong. Leong was also one of the terrorists in Die Hard (1988), also starring Bruce Willis.
In a "New Yorker" profile, producer Joel Silver said that the making of this film was "one of the three worst experiences of (his) life." Tony Scott also spoke about how miserable production was, largely because Silver and Bruce Willis took over the production, altered parts of Shane Black's script, and made him shoot scenes he hated under threat of being fired and having to forfeit his salary.
Composer Michael Kamen hated the film when he first saw it. The only reason he provided the score was out of his personal friendships with Bruce Willis and producer Joel Silver.
Jack Nicholson was the first choice for the part of Joe Hallenbeck.
In the original script, the entire third act was set on water. Also, Hallenbeck's grudge with senator Baynard was completely different from the movie. In the script, Hallenbeck was working security for the Baynard family when Louis Baynard, President Baynard's son, kills a mother and her child in a drunken car accident. When Hallenbeck refuses to cover for the president's son, they plant half a kilo of crack cocaine in his house. Louis Baynard was also a villain in the script, and in the end both he and his father die.
The conversation between Joe and Jimmy about the $650 pants was taken from a deleted scene in Lethal Weapon (1987). Murtaugh's daughter is wearing an expensive dress for a New Year's Eve party and he asks, "It doesn't have a little TV in it?" She says, "no" and Murtaugh mutters, "I am very old."
Mel Gibson was considered for the role of Jimmy Dix.
The paraphrased-line of "There are no more heroes in the world" is also used in Lethal Weapon (1987) - both movies are written by Shane Black.
Joe's tan car is a 1971 Buick "Boat tail" Riviera.
In the opening credits sequence, footage is taken from the 1990 Holiday Bowl (Texas A&M vs. BYU) and the final game in the movie itself.
The card that Darian gives Jimmie to autograph was produced by Pro Set, a trading card company based in Dallas,TX. The card is a fictitious one, but appears to be of similar design to a real set of cards made by Pro Set. In 1990, the company produced a Super Bowl commemorative set. Superbowl Supermen, the headline of the card, was a legit part of the set.
Joe (Bruce Willis) mentions "reindeer goat cheese pizza", which Willis also mentioned in Hudson Hawk (1991).
The gun Joe takes from the alley pimp is a Desert Eagle .357 Magnum.
In the opening football scene, the names on two of the football players' jerseys are "Josephson" and "Coates." Barry Josephson produces the movie and Kim Coates plays "Chet" in the movie.
Number of times a character is struck by another character: 31 (nine being applied to Joe Hallenbeck).
The line "Your show, ace" was also used in The Monster Squad (1987), which was co-written by Shane Black.
The line "No, we should just leave it for the neighborhood kids to play with." was also later used in Die Hard: With a Vengeance under similar circumstances involving an explosive device.
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Due to the all behind the scenes arguments and production problems, Warner Bros. brought in editor Stuart Baird to heavily re-edit the movie. For same reasons Baird also re-edited Tango & Cash (1989), another Warner Bros. movie which had even more problems during filming and post production. Some alternate scenes can be seen in theatrical trailer; alternate angle for dialogue scene between Joe and Jimmy in car when they are driving towards Joe's house and alternate angle for other dialogue scene during the car chase where both of them and Darian are running from Milo and his henchmen.
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