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Lamhe: THE Modern Masterpiece of Hindi Cinema

Author: akbarnali from United States
6 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the career of every celebrated artist there is one work of art which stands above all others, one that is celebrated as the pinnacle of artistry, the apex to which all that preceded it has led, and against which all that follows will forever be compared. "Lamhe" is that performance in the gallery of Sridevi's great acting achievements: indeed, it is THE masterpiece in her repertoire. Of all the films ever made by Sridevi, "Lamhe" is (and shall likely remain) the greatest film of her career. Since its release, critics have universally praised the film, and upon viewing it, one cannot help but submit that the praise is rightfully deserved. While "Sadma" has been called the definitive performance of her career, there is a strong case to be made that 'the performance' of her career is that of "Lamhe".

Though the film was deemed too 'risqué' for the average film-goer (its first issue to cinema halls was an abysmal financial disaster) it remains the most bold and uncompromising love story ever made in India. Here for the first time in India's long and sordid celluloid history, we witness the consummation of a highly unconventional relationship between Pooja (Sridevi) and Viren (Anil Kapoor), a man twenty-five years her senior who had himself been in love with Pooja's mother, Pallavi (also Sridevi) who was herself a decade older than Viren. Therein lies the incestuous shadow which has forever made viewers both weary and fearful of "Lamhe" and its fiercely non-conformist morality. One critic has written that, "Viren was not only the father figure in her orphaned life, he was the man who could have been her father if her other had reciprocated his ardour. But for Pooja, bred on Viren's intermittent visits to his ancestral property in Rajasthan, there was no distinction between Prince Charming and this long-distance godfather. Hers was the love that knew no barriers. Neither spatial, nor temporal, nor of age. Even the knowledge of her beloved's repressed passion for her deceased mother did not act as a deterrent. For Viren, too, the initial shock of discovering an unconventional emotion was gradually replaced by self-analysis, introspection, and self-discovery."

Yash Chopra recalled that when he first screened the film prior to its release, "the response was ecstatic, but many who saw it advised me to change the ending. They said it would be a big hit with a conventional happy ending. I said if I change the ending, there's no point in making the film." "Lamhe" is the pinnacle in bold and sensitive film-making, so incomparably replete with the message that love knows no limits, that pain and passion have no boundaries, that it reveals a revolutionary maturity of expression far beyond the conventional clichés of love stories. "Lamhe" is a fiercely unconventional film, standing in defiance of the totalitarian ideas of what is and what is not Love. Its theme of transgenerational romance, under the very heavy and unsettling shadow of incest, have made it a litmus test of our moral tendencies and artistic liberties. Traditionalists watching the film will find its theme difficult to digest—"How can any woman find love with a man who loved her mother?" they ask.

But the film begs us to understand that one can love in different ways, and for Viren the passion he has for Pallavi is his first real love of anything that dared to exist on its own terms, human or otherwise. Raised in very polite but stoic English society which has made him hopelessly sheltered, Viren is used to things and people being of the 'proper' sort. When he is confronted by Pallavi, he is entirely smitten by her exotic charms, her chaotic wildness, her absolute connection to the world in which she lives, a notion of which Viren knows nothing about. He is seduced and enchanted by this exotic figure, but her regard for him is that of a foreigner who has come to reacquaint himself with his roots. Many years later, the experience is echoed in Pooja's upbringing: lonely and isolated, she somehow manages to recall her mother's wondrous spirit, and then lays the memories of Viren's past squarely in front of him.

Whatever assessment of the film one chooses to make, the brilliance of its performances cannot be denied or overstated. Anil Kapoor has never delivered a more accomplished or subtle performance. Viren is etched with such finesse and delicacy that it is his heartbreak which becomes our own. Waheeda Rehman gives a heartbreaking and heartwarming portrayal of Daija, Viren's maternal confidante and caregiver who plays the same role in orphaned Pooja's upbringing. Anupam Kher is riotously funny as Prem, Viren's only real friend, a sort of elder brother who understands Viren better than Viren will ever understand himself. It must be said, however, that all of these exceptional performances are given to balance the duality of Sridevi's brilliance: she is literally awe-inspiring in a double role which transcends anything India has ever put on the big screen. The mother-daughter characters are inverse reflections of one another, and are played in such distinct fashion that one never feels one character intruding into the other, a perennial fear of actors playing multiple roles in one film. One prominent reviewer probably said it best in her review: "Sridevi does not enact a performance in 'Lamhe'. She becomes an incarnation of two women whose lives (and deaths) are bound by the nature of Love. Sridevi has pushed the limits of acting with 'Lamhe', and like the film, she has decided that there are no limits."

There are a great many treasures in the cannon that calls itself Hindi Cinema, but none more resplendent, more wondrous, more beautiful or more painful than "Lamhe". This is a film that challenges, both artistically and morally, and has emerged as an unforgettable and unmatched work of human artistry.

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2 words only

Author: ( from Bahrain
7 April 2005

its shame that this movie didn't become a blockbuster. Yash Chopra consider it his best movie till date. and i agree with him. Sridevi surpassed everyone this year with this great performance. Anil Kapoor was at his best, never been that sweet.

if you want to know what love is about and you want to fall in love with love itself, then Lamhe is the answer. This movie became a blockbuster abroad. I can say this is the best movie in the 90s decade. and it is the best romantic love story in the whole Indian history.

watch Lamhe and you will know what i mean

Lamhe gets nothing less than 10 out of 10

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one of the most underrated films of all time

Author: jarfsu from United States
12 March 2006

I've been watching Bollywood movies ever since i can remember. Most i will not lie, can be extremely cheesy, and overly melodramatic. Sometimes the stories are so similar, that you get frequent attacks of Deja vu watching them. That said, i have to say this movie was a gem, in every sense of the word. The story was like none other, and although the central theme of love is similar to those found in mostly all Bollywood movies, this movie has found a new interpretation for it and that is the foremost reason that it stands out. The mystical and almost mythical setting of the "haveli" in Rajasthan is so beautiful that you are immediately love struck. The film is almost a two part event, the first beginning out in India, and then moving to england. There is so much detail in the characters, their emotion, that you cant help get caught up by each one of them. In a way you fall in love with each character. Anil Kapoors' acting is superb, and Waheeda Rehman's performance is ever glowing. There are three show stealer's of this epic movie. The first Sridevi, this has to be one of her finest acting performances, and by this role she has permanently written her name in history and being one of India's finest actresses. The second is Anumpan Kher, who's acting is so over powering that he is to me one of the lead actors in the movie. He not only brings comic relief to the situations, you actually find yourself waiting in anticipation as to when he will show up. The third show stealer is the music. The music is fantastic, and every song works, this is quite an effort since in most Bollywood movies, songs come out at you from nowhere. The music till today sends chills down my spine. The beautiful melodies, and most memorable, and evoke ones one passion. A most well done film

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A break from tradition

Author: jungleking from London
2 July 2003

Lamhe. A great movie released in the wrong generation. It was a daring move for Yash Chopra to tackle a taboo topic such as this in a professional mainstream manner. This movie bombed at box office all too unjustly because the audience could not handle the subject matter - a love that ignores the boundaries of age. Does it not happen in real life?

The show stealer in Lamhe is no doubt Waheeda Rehman, who is on par as Dai Jee (nanny) and does a fab role and looks good reciting her yesteryear song in the medley section. Anil Kapoor give a sound performance about a man maturing with age and views, but still bearing the pain of the lost love. Sridevi is good in her double performance, though a fan of Sridevi - she was a bit shrieky in the younger role. Anupam Kher was excellent in his sidekick role and was a good break from time to time.

Yash Chopra did a good job on a whole on this movie, scenery and songs were good as expected from him. His tackling of the subject matter was brave and very professional and stopped the movie turning into a tacky melodramatic memory. It was a starting point for a generation of movies that would go beyond the boy meets girls and over comes issues and lives happily ever after.

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Brilliant Movie

Author: info-16614 from United Kingdom
29 April 2008

"Lamhe" was miles ahead of any Hindi movies produced in 90s. "Lamhe" is a story of unconditional love between two people. The love that has no boundaries and rules. The best ever love story made in Bollywood. Its shows how in life two people can fall in love forever and ultimately if they really yarn for each other they can be together. Its brings home some sense of comfort in knowing that love doesn't necessarily have to be conventional. Its a wonderful movie. The first couple in love are Siddarth and Pallavi who end up getting married and have a baby, called Pooja. When Viren meets Pallavi he falls in love with her and doesn't get over her all of his life. Then there is Pooja, love child of Siddarth and Pallavi, who falls in love with Viren in a twisted fate! Eventually Viren realises Pooja is the love he has been waiting for and who he really wants and they end up together. Well done Yash Chopra for a wonder movie and wonderful actors!

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Yashji's greatest!

Author: Calliegrl03 from United States
23 November 2005

With this movie, Yash Chopra finally proves that he is one of the greatest Hindi movie directors of all time. Lamhe tells a story about love, passion, and moments...moments for one's love to grow. Anil and Sridevi create magic on screen. I love watching them together. They're both so talented and passionate--especially in this movie. (Sridevi has an AMAZING wardrobe, especially in the first half.) Anupam and Waheeda are brilliant in their supporting roles. Anupamji is such a delight to watch--he's so funny in Lamhe. This movie, which is considered a classic today, was a huge flop when it came out in 1991 because of the "risque" subject matter. Yet, early in his career, Yashji took huge risks when he directed movies like Kabhi Kabhie, Silisa, Waqt and Deewaar. Sadly, he became more commericial with 1997's Dil To Pagal Hai (Crap). Lamhe is seriously Yashji's best check it out ASAP!

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Beautiful love story from Yash Chopra

Author: krishna sivakumar ( from India
11 October 2008

The Chopras yet again proves why they make such wonderful movies.This movie is absolutely wonderful.It has comedy,drama,romance and deep emotions etc.This has been shoot in Rajasthan in the first half.Visuals in Rajasthan are dazzling.Second half is shoot in London.Visuals were simply stunning.Camera work is first rate.Costumes are beautiful

Yash gets full marks for giving us amazing performances.Sridevi,is no doubt the scene stealer,she has given a very balanced performance.She had a wonderful role.She also looked stunning .Anil Kapoor has given a very moving performance.Yester year Waheeda Rehman is great.Anupham is OK.Deepak is good.Dipy Sagoo is good.Story well pretty weird at times is a westernized story.Almost your typical formula.Dialogs are excellent and so is the direction.

Songs are great especially the parody.Songs are pictured beautifully.My favorite visuals were in Kabhi Maan Kahoon and Yaad Nahin Bhool Gaya and Moorni Baaga Maa and Megha(with great lyrics,a graceful Sridevi and Latas melodious voice)and Hari Harans magical voice in te title song and a graceful Sridevi in Mohe Cheed

Despite that,the movie is good and a must see

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Cliché and Boring

Author: CriticGirl91 from India
11 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did not feel uncomfortable with this film, for I could not see how the film was supposedly "incestous". It's pretty far fetched to state that. I simply did not find the movie to be worth the hype surrounding it.

The first Sridevi is super bugging, not by her acting but because of the stupid character she is given. Her acting is in fact, the only saving grace. I did not find her indecently dancing and interfering character to be a tad bit lovable.

The second Sridevi is even more weird, for she absolutely loves a man, who prefers to keep a huge distance from her. This love story did not make any sense.

Then there are the classic irritating Yash Raj elements. The hero pretends to love this girl whose love is supposedly questionable though she has waited years for him (just because she is not the heroine), to create a super sympathy seeking sacrifice scenario. There are 'funny' moments involving pathetic parodies by Anupam Kher and the new Sridevi. There is a 'kasam' by the heroine to marry only if the hero marries before her. I felt like sleeping through.

Yes, I see the Yash Raj power in the film. Namely, the power to make the same senseless stuff repeatedly, and getting it to be called a 'classic'. If cinematography was everything, what were the need for something called a storyline? I love Waheeda Rehman, and it was a treat to watch her. The only good part of this film.

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Not worth the 3 hours

Author: P B from Canada
6 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first began watching this movie, I thought hey, Anil Kapoor doesn't have a mustache in it! I thought that this movie was going to be different. However, I soon discovered that this tale was pretty twisted. Anil Kapoor's character, Viren loved Sridevi's character, Pallavi but unfortunately for him, she did not reciprocate his feelings. In fact, she would later get married. Sadly, a very pregnant Sridevi and her husband are involved in an accident with the sole survivor being the baby. That's right, Sridevi dies. I was quite shocked here! Obviously, since this an older Hindi movie, you just know that Sridevi is going to take on a double role and play Pallavi's daughter. But, what really got to me was the fact that Pallavi's daughter Pooja is now in love with Anil Kapoor. Right...and how did that even happen? It was already creepy enough that Anil Kapoor loved her mother from afar ( it was really from afar, he barely even knew her) but now this? This is beyond disgusting. It's like going from the mom to the daughter. In fact, it makes Anil Kapoor look like a real loser. And Pooja? Why would this young woman be interested in an old man, especially after learning that he loved her own mother! Yash Chopra was grasping at straws by the way he was trying to make us think that this is normal! Not a love story.

On a side note, I just wanted to talk about Anil Kapoor's best friend, who is played by Anupam Kher ( who are you kidding man, you looked like an uncle even back then!). There is a scene in this movie where Anupam Kher is just out right obnoxious and honestly, as the audience, you cheer when Anil Kapoor slaps him at the mall. His pouting was not cute and in general, his character was over the top. I seriously questioned his mental state.

In Indian culture, the reality is that Pooja would consider Viren like an uncle. This movie did not make any sense and I can see why it was not accepted by the general Indian Public. Good for them.

I was going to rate it a 1 but gave an extra point for the non intended comedy scenes. ( Anupam getting slapped at the mall and Sridevi's dance moves)

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Lamhe- Yash Chopra I salute you

Author: Ibuk from United Kingdom
29 October 2007

In my opinion Lamhe is Yash Chopra best and most overlooked work. Anil Kapoor and Sridevi were fabulous, so were Anupum Kher and Waheeda Rehman. It was actually expected to be a huge hit but flopped miserably. It makes me wonder about the state of mind of the public when they can make Dil to Pagal hai a hit where it was merely average whilst the truly greatLamhe tanked. This movie ranks alongside other Yash Chopra's classic like Dewaar and Kabhie Kabhie. The songs were so good, especially Kabhi mein Kahoon. There are lots of iconic moments in this classic, for instance in the parody song where Waheeda Rehman sings aaj phir jeene ki tammana hai from her own movie Guide. Lamhe reminds of the old days when Yash Chopra made classics and not mass produced tosh.

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