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Great cast in a decent movie
TheLittleSongbird12 April 2010
I wasn't sure whether King Ralph would be my style, seeing how much the critics panned it. But when I watched it, I was surprised at how much I liked it. It is not perfect, but one of the worst films ever? No, far from it. It is enjoyable, despite the sometimes weak script, uneven direction and one or two parts that felt rather slow and contrived. What redeems it though is the cast. John Goodman amiably bumbles his way through his role and gives some charm into a character that could have been bland and uninteresting, and Peter O'Toole and John Hurt seem to be having a whale of a time as the adviser and scheming courtier. Also, the film does actually look nice, the cinematography is good and the scenery is lovely. The soundtrack and score were enjoyable as well. Overall, it has its problems, but it isn't a bad film by all means. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Who the hell cares about critics? This is great fun!
CinefanR10 February 2012
"King Ralph" was surprisingly entertaining and very funny, actually. However outrageous, implausible, ridiculous the plot, that doesn't matter. It was deliciously over the top to see Peter O'Toole and John Goodman, the most unlikely team ever, provide the spectacle of a cultural clash, to say the least. The movie cheerfully mocks both American and British culture and stereotypes, but it does it rather playfully, without being offensive to anybody. The joke is either on the hamburger and baseball loving Americans, or the stiff conservatory high-class Brits. People who describe this movie as "low-brow" comedy obviously have no idea what that means. This is good quality humor, no crude and tasteless jokes here. The actors are all top-rate and the acting is first class.

Who could have played the majestic, royal British type better than Peter O'Toole? Nobody! He's perfect, graceful and dignified as the King's adviser. John Goodman, on the other hand, is perfect as the average joe who doesn't know or care much about protocol, good manners or politics. John Hurt is another excellent choice to play the part of an evil, unscrupulous aristocrat hung up on power. Hurt obviously enjoyed doing this part and he's very funny. The movie tends to drag when Goodman's girlfriend shows up, but Princess Anna enters the stage to compensate. There are also some unnecessary exaggerations, but I didn't mind. The script is good, the jokes are over the top and performances are great all around. Hilarious stuff!
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Royally Amusing
bkoganbing18 February 2006
Though this film got trashed in a lot of circles, I rather like it if for no other reasons than it gives Americans some notion of the function of the monarchy in Great Britain.

Sometimes having the head of state and the head of government does have its bad points. Watergate for instance might have not been the gut wrenching experience if in America we were a parliamentary democracy with a royal head of state. Richard Nixon would have been put up for a "no confidence" vote and out he would have been without all the drama.

Drama on the other side of the Atlantic is saved for the Royals. This film might give an American some idea of what the abdication crisis was all about. John Goodman as the American born King has his own Mrs. Simpson.

In fact how he got to the throne is quite the tale. On some grand occasion the extended royal family got together for what looks like a team picture like they take in spring training of the various baseball rosters. Someone left a loose electrical cable dangling on the metal bleachers and the whole lot of them were electrocuted.

Genealogists poured through the Windham family tree and found some member had renounced it all and gone to America. The heir of that forgotten branch is John Goodman, Ralph Jones who does a lounge act in Las Vegas and not in classier joints in Las Vegas.

Of course the free and easy and thoroughly American Goodman doesn't take readily to his new found job. He can't quite comprehend that he has to serve as well as be served. And he has the same problem the Duke of Windsor had when he was briefly Edward VIII. With a lot more excuse since Windsor was brought up in the tradition.

Peter O'Toole as the lord who tries to give him some on the job training and John Hurt who has his own reasons for wanting Goodman to flop both give stand out performances. Best scene the palace ball for Goodman's prospective bride when Goodman does his lounge act.

It's a funny film and in its own way educational. The Duke of Windsor should have seen it. His duty would have been clear.
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Good fun
mattrochman3 September 2006
This seems to get a panning from film reviewers here, but it actually is a good comedy. The story line is mildly stupid and a replay of the old fish-out-of-water formula, but the British were able to add a fantastic flavour to the film and the comedy is kept in check and doesn't become too outlandishly stupid.

Thumbs up in my view, but it's a little bit date these days. Superb supporting cast and a friendly film: nothing crude and from recollection, no bad language.

Goes to show that it can still be done if you really apply your mind to it!
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psaltz9 October 2003
It's not stupid, it's charming. A bit old-fashioned and corny, yes, but entertaining and amusing and well worth the time! I just saw this for the second time on cable TV and liked it just as much as the first time!

Goodman performs bravely and exquisitely as the good-hearted buffoon who overcomes the stuffiness and snobbishness of a group of bluebloods too good for their own bodily functions.
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Predictable but Hilarious
yosef8813 June 2004
I confess that "King Ralph" is one of my favorite movies. Yes, the basic plot concept of the film has been done in MANY stories, both written and filmed, but the superb acting coupled with the not-so-subtle jabs at British Royalty push the plot right over the top. Never mind that John Goodman is brilliant (as usual), but the well-done and loosely-serious role of Peter O'Toole adds a much needed anchor to Mr. Goodman's highly-anticipated antics. The filming locations of the film as well provide a truly beautiful backdrop to the production, steeped strongly in tradition and British heritage. Two thumbs up for this light-hearted comedy that dares to poke at some of the more serious issues of royal responsibility and pressure.

Highly recommended for fun entertainment, I give "King Ralph" a 9 out of 10.
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An Underrated Classic
fratelxvi6 August 2008
Although I own the DVD, whenever King Ralph show up on television I watch it all the way through. This is a clever satire sending up both the pretentiousness of the British monarchy and the crassness of American society. Peter O'Toole and John Goodman....both gifted actors give this film real depth in their nuanced performances. William Hurt's over the top performance as the villainous pretender to the throne is pitch perfect, and the supporting cast, including the aides to the King, the visiting Roals from Finland, the African King and Ralph's love interest are solid, leaving this movie without a weak performance. There is something in this for everyone; romance, betrayal, friendship, and a fast moving plot with just the right kinds of twists and turns that keep the pace of this relatively short movie moving right along.
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Regarding the film
jason-67429 October 2004
I think that people are generally harsh towards the nature of this film. It is not meant to be entirely accurate and yes, perhaps I am slightly biased having starred in the film myself (Jason Richards (I) on IMDb). You will see that I played the role of Ralph II, the little guy who played that tiny piano/ keyboard at the end of the film! Having looked at the film again recently, I regard it as one of those classic comedies not to be mocked. I had great fun when acting in the film and I had just as much fun watching it! John Goodman really is the greatest of guys (although the size of him really scared me when I met him!) I suggest to everyone who mocks this film, that this is one of the reasons he became so great in the movie world. If it wasn't for King Ralph, he would have never got to the Flintstones or any of the other films which have come to make him so renowned.
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A good idea turned into a slightly-above-average movie.
christian2283 May 2001
When the entire British royal family is wiped out in an "awful" accident, the American bar entertainer Ralph Jones (excellent: John Goodman, he makes up for most of the boring parts of the plot) becomes the new King of England. After a few adjustment problems with his new job (clothing, manners etc.) he falls in love with a young woman he meets at a local strip club. Problems emerge when his secretary tries to marry him to the Finnish princess to seal a business deal for a few English companies. All in all, a good movie with some great lines but also some boring parts.
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A hilarious culture clash of a film
coverme614 July 2000
John Goodman stars as the title monarch in this royal comedy.

Ralph is a Las Vegas lounge singer badly in the need for some

moolah when a group of British councilmen approach him one night

and bear him the news that Ralph is the new king of England

after the whole royal family has been wiped out in a freak

accident! Reluctantly, Ralph takes the job. At first, he seems

like a fish out of water, the fact being that he is an American

first of all, and that he is also a total slob! Being king might

not be so good after all.

This movie is funny because Goodman does a nice job being a

lovable slob trying his best to be the royal figurehead of the

Britain. Peter O'Toole is also good as Willingham, the

aristocrat whose job is to look after the newly appoi
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King Ralph
AndrewPhillips17 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK first off you have to suspend belief big time, after all the whole royal family wiped out having their photo taken, and being replaced by an American lounge singer who is less than sophisticated is a bit far fetched. So I can understand why lots of people don't rate this film, but I think there is more to it.

John Goodman does a great job as Ralph and the supporting cast are just as engaging from an excellent Peter O'Tool and charming Camille Corduri, currently to be seen in Doctor Who. So the acting isn't bad. There are some laughs along the way and the story though predictable is good enough. So what's wrong with it.

It could be that it's just a bit simple, but that's what makes it fun, nothing much to think about just sit back and enjoy. It has a heart and it doesn't try and be anything it isn't so let's not give it too hard a time.
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predictable fun with heart
Lance Brown24 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know what the harsh critics of this movie were expecting. It's a predictable movie with a familiar theme, as others have mentioned, but I don't know what folks found so disappointing. If you can handle the first 5-10 minutes of silliness, you will enjoy the rest of the movie. If you're looking for a groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece...well, first of all, you might want to stay away from John Goodman movies. ;-)

This movie is good family fun, has some funny lines and nice character interaction, and the conflict/romance plot, while completely predictable like the rest of the movie, does the job it's supposed to do. The bad guy gets stuffed, the good guy gets the girl, the hero is redeemed, etc. Those aren't spoilers, since anyone who watches movies enough to be reading this site can see it all coming by the second commercial break. Still, I wasn't disappointed by that, since unlike others, I didn't think a movie called "King Ralph" was going to reach new peaks of comedic genius.

I gave it a 6/10. Worth watching for some chuckles and classic theme vibes. I also don't think the British greats were wasted in it...I think it made for decent corny fun, and having O'Toole et al be part of it was a big part of that.

They could have picked a better tune than "Good Golly Miss Molly" for King Ralph's big performance though. :-)
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I just like the movie
bir-jensen27 February 2005
I love this movie because it shows a lot about people. I just wonder if I can get it on Video or on DVD. If any of this is possible I would like to have it to watch.

I also like the characters in the movie. Particularly The King who was played by the man who has the character in Roseanne. From the minute I recognized King Ralph I was not in any doubt about who played him.

I wish that the danish TV could send this lovely movie again. If they do then I'll watch it.

I simply love this movie and it makes me laugh. I must admit that I like all the persons in the movie.

I don't have any doubts that this movie made an impression on me when I saw it. It really was a very fine movie. I just have to mention it.

I can not praise this movie enough I simply love it with all my heart and soul. The movie was moving my feelings.

The movie it self was inspiring and amusing. Ther's no doubt that this movie would go into peoples hearts and they would love it very much.

It shows how the time was in those days as the movie was about. It must have been hard for King Ralph to be a king.

The customs was very pretty. I just like this movie. And I enjoyed it.
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Better than you think
clperry25 January 2002
At first glance, this film might seem to be just another fish-out-of-water, slob-vs-the-snobs story, and the high-brow of the movie world might not consider it high-quality, but "King Ralph" works for several reasons. First, it's good, plain fun. Second, and most importantly, it delves to the very reasons why the British Monarchy is still revered and why it remains important to our our cousins across the sea.
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Kira200021 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is insanely funny. The plot is highly improbable, but if nothing else that makes it funnier. The sets were great, the actors were fine (and peter o'toole as Lord Willingham was excellent). Some of the scenes even manage to show King Ralph being serious as he tries to act like a king.

spoilers of the end ahead...

The end with (spoilers!) Ralph abdicating and naming Lord Willingham as his successor (who then makes him a duke) was a particularly funny scene that alludes to one of his earlier errors.
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King Ralph
Phil Hubbs31 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the early 90's we got many family movies that offered lots of cheesy irritating laughs and child actors, the odd thing was many actually did really well. The original movie would somehow manage to become a reasonable hit (a different time), and those movies, in some cases, actually turned into franchises! Those same franchises then managed to knock out a semi-decent sequel or two before eventually disintegrating into utter trash with numerous straight to DVD sequels being churned out. The films I refer to would be 'Beethoven', 'Problem Child', 'Home Alone' and 'Free Willy'...mainly.

'King Ralph' was a slightly different animal though, a stand alone family film that was totally stupid in concept but offered a really solid cast and, by the looks of things, some high production values. Amazingly its yet another novel adaptation albeit a loose one, the story simply revolves around the British Royal Family getting wiped out in a freak accident. Its then down to the upper echelons to dig out a new King by rooting through the vast Royal Family tree, trying to discover a long lost distant relation with true royal blood to take the throne. Once they do it of course turns out to be the most unsuitable person imaginable (well for the early 90's anyway), a fat, loud, uncouth, brash American.

Right so who would be the best fat loud American of the time? why John Goodman of course. The fat, beer-swilling, checkered-shirt wearing slob from the hit TV US show 'Roseanne'. Basically take Goodman's popular character from that show, the stereotypical, overweight, middle aged, lacking of general knowledge, US sports obsessed male Yank, and make him a lounge singer with a knowledge of female club stripping and a penchant for Elvis style shades (not much of a stretch). To counter this you need a stereotypical British gent to guide and teach this gaudy foreigner, enter the stellar Peter O'Toole as the Royal secretary. You can't really get any better than O'Toole for the epitome of a British aristocrat (despite being possibly Irish), and you can't really get anymore of a polar opposite to Goodman. The duo play off each other superbly well considering how daft the film is and the fact its pretty much aimed at children. O'Toole puts in a sterling performance coming across perfectly as someone who would look after royalty, sure we've seen this type of performance from him before but his loyal butler-esque manner is so pleasing to watch and listen to. Indeed his speech to Goodman's character about what it is to be a King of England is quite stirring I must say, as a Brit it did bring a lump to my throat, such a shame these days patriotic talk like that is non-existent and almost frowned upon.

To add even more British star power to the proceedings we have John Hurt in an even more outrageously, hideously over the top, aristocratic, Conservative cad who will stop at nothing to dirty the new Kings image. Hurt's slimy, arrogant, pompous voice and attitude is just as good as his weaselly yet smartly dressed appearance complete with a dastardly thin pencil tash. I love how he's also completely cold, emotionless and kinda racist, calling Goodman's character 'a song and dance man from the colonies', a real Alan B'Stard. What's more his sidekick is played by Leslie Phillips! all the old chivalrous warhorses here.

So the brilliant character acting aside, what's also very impressive about this apparent silly kids flick is the fact it all looks fantastic. The outfits, suits and general attire of dignitaries and royals is spruce, debonair and dapper all round, everyone looks tip- top and pristine. The locations are a mix or real stately homes, clever use of small sections of real posh establishments and more obviously stock footage. Interior sequences are the most impressive with some sets looking exquisite, highly detailed and extremely lavish, it really looks like no expense was spared in creating these elegant royal interiors. I guess its all a bit surprising really, you'd never expect such extravagant detail with a silly little comedy like this, you'd think it would be all about the slapstick and raking in as much moolah as possible, different times.

Being an old movie I did also enjoy the retro blast I got from time to time, anyone of my age will no doubt feel the same way. Its always amusing to see old fashioned British punks in these movies. You the know the types, brightly coloured mohawks, black leather jackets covered in badges, chains and safety pins, lots of makeup etc...Twas also funny to see them all watching old fashioned TV's in the windows of a Rumbelows store, remember that??

Yeah the whole thing is very predictable as a kind of rags to riches, Prince Charming type of affair, you can guess what's gonna go down in scenes and overall its all very sweet and adorable. It might sound clichéd and dumb but watching the hapless Ralph trying to learn the ways of the super rich, whilst attempting to chat with senior dignitaries and royalty, is perfect light entertainment. That said there is a pleasant and fresh tale to be discovered here, being based on a novel it kinda reminded me of 'Brewster's Millions' actually. Goodman (in an early-ish, pre-superstardom movie role) is amazingly likable as the American lounge lizard with a golden heart who is turned into a rich nobleman...with a golden heart. Supporting cast are all brilliant as said adding real quality and a hint of solid drama to the story, the film is fun for kids with plenty of cutesy charm, but it also has the odd snippet of fun for adults too.

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One of U.S. becomes royalty...
moviedude19 October 2008
I can't help but chuckle every time I see this film, but I know that just the thought of something like this happening makes about 100 people with calculators sit up and start crunching numbers of the possibility of something like this happening.

John Goodman plays a down on his luck performer that, as it turns out, goes from distant family to the throne of England to instant family on the throne. The only problem is that he's had no refinement and leaves a lot to be desired in the courtesy department. If one plus one equals two, then this combination equals a comedy that can't be matched...on ANY level.

I'm not saying this is the best comedy of all time, but what I am saying is that this film, if you rent it, is a nice quiet evening that will not offend many people and leaves the lead actor in a familiar base for him: a place where he's supposed to seem unfamiliar. Everybody remembers him as Dan Connor, but how many of you reading this remember he was the head football coach in Revenge of the Nerds? Goodman was an excellent choice for this part because of his range as an actor and his on-screen chemistry with Camille Coduri was priceless, too, as I felt that they represented the kind of relationship that everybody would like.

So, hats off (or crowns, if you will) to David S Ward for this film. I just got in here to give this comment and my next stop is to see what else this director has done. 7 out of 10 stars.
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Fun, funny & truly family material
There isn't anything in this movie that is offensive or rude or mean. The stripper never strips, the bad guy doesn't do anything vile, just *bad*. If you prefer modern American violence & crass language & glossy sexuality, you'll hate this movie. You'll think it's dull & stupid. If you're looking for something you can enjoy with your 5 year old daughter & your 95 year old grandmother, this is the movie. Every body gets what they deserve in the end. Yep, golly gee whilickers - it's a feel good movie!
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Excellent Movie
davidjanuzbrown22 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of this movie. There are a lot of people who do not, but perhaps they would if they actually paid close attention ( especially the last 20 minutes). Spoilers ahead: Watch the speech before Parliament where Ralph abdicates the throne for Cedric ( Peter O' Toole): Admitting " I tried my best, but my best will never be good enough." Cedric notes later on that ( Ralph ) is a good and kind man who conducted himself with honor and taught him how to be King ( showing courage by doing the right thing for England and giving England "A better and more qualified man then any Nation deserves." ( he did not want the job ( one reason being he had no heirs) and admitted being a coward)). The relationship between Ralph and Miranda really works as well. Camille Coduri is a knockout, much better looking thank Princess Anna ( Joely Richardson). But what really works is she is not perfect ( being a stripper), and gradually starts to realize she has made bad decisions in her life ( "Taking the easy way out" and accepting money from Lord Graves to embarrass Ralph ( Graves was a particularly nasty John Hurt)). In the end she changes and is working in a clothing store when Ralph comes for her. Of course, you know that the next King of England will be Ralph and Miranda's Son Ralph Jr ( you see him in the final scene). Really outstanding performances by Camile Coduri, Richard Griffiths ( the King's Secretary Duncan Phipps), John Goodman ( Ralph), and of course, O'Toole who should be on a short list of the greatest actors in History. 10/10 Stars
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A Fun Little Comedy
rocky_lifter699 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not even going to attempt to be unbiased about King Ralph. I first saw the movie at a young age and watched it many times growing up. The movie isn't high art or genre defining. It is a simple story about a lovable slacker who discovers he is much more and embarks on a fish-out- of-water journey. And as that… King Ralph is a decent movie.

When a freak accident wipes out the entire British Royal Family, American lounge singer Ralph Jones is uncovered as the next heir to the throne. Despite being your atypical slacker, he shows a certain charm and his unconventional methods (along with much help from his private secretary and assistant) begin to win people over. He even begins to secretly see Miranda, a former stripper that he meets soon after arriving in England. But soon the corrupt Lord Graves begins a plot to disgrace Ralph and position himself as next in line for the throne. Miranda is pulled into the plot but falls for Ralph and backs out. Graves already has what he needs and disgraces Ralph at a royal ball. After Miranda admits her part in the plot, Ralph is able to trace it back to Graves and repair some of the damage done. He admits to Parliament and the people that he is not fit to be king and abdicates the throne to his secretary, who was secretly part of the royal line as well. Soon Ralph makes up with Miranda and the movie ends with them married as Ralph becomes a Duke and gets to live his dream of being a musician.

The cast is solid all around. John Goodman is impossible to hate as the big buffoon struggling to adapt to an entirely new world. Camille Coduri is likable despite her character's part in the plot against Ralph and has good chemistry with Goodman. Peter O'Toole and Richard Griffiths provide solid backup as his secretary and assistant, respectively, and William Hurt appears to have a blast in his small role as the evil Lord Graves.

As mentioned earlier, the story is a basic fish-out-of-water tale. Many of the jokes are derived from Ralph's class difference and ignorance of English culture. It is all very basic but is carried by the charm of Goodman. While my score of 8 is biased by years of popping in that old VHS tape, I recommend at least giving it a try. It is definitely worth a viewing.
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Goodman, the king of laughs
videorama-759-8593918 November 2015
Watching a whole royal family blown up, isn't particularly funny, but we must remember this is only a movie. Out of interest, it would be interesting to see the real royal family's view on this movie, as well as how accurately the set up is here. Enter John Goodman, a piano player who plays in seedy second rate clubs, in Vegas. He's scouted out by some of the surviving royalty where on the night of being fired from his gig, he's given a proposition, which is a dream. But really what would it be like, being the new king or any royal figure, having to adhere to customs, and keep up appearances, while also being mobbed in informal wear. No way. And this is basically what they take from Goodman in this. I think they've visually captured this originally good comedy well, and it has been interestingly written. It's quite dishy. One such touch I loved, was the score of punk/fascists with their pink cuts and heavy jewellery, watching through the t.v shop, passing view on their new king. Our King too, falls in love with an English girl, where she too is propositioned, by a corrupt royal party, (John Hurt, in a splendid dastardly performance, who was also up for king). Peter O'Toole as Ralph's royal tutor, is royally solid, no surprise, he was cast in this sort of role. They found the right man for the job in Goodman, as he displays his bumbling and clunky manner with such believability, which he's very un king like, where the writers have poured a lot of funny stuff into this, as well poking fun at the royal traits and figures, themselves. John Goodman's love interest was good too, fresh off the heals of her character in Nuns On The Run. Oh and he was right, about the royal woman (fox, looking a lot like Di), he's 'spose to marry, she really does have the voice of a tuba, which would scare off any guy. Check out Goodman's expressions here. There will be people out there, including real royalty who will take offence to this film, but there's a lot of other more offensive comedies. I found King Ralph very funny, but also very well made in terms of royal setting, costuming, whatever. And really, is there such a desert as Spotted d..k. Hear and see Duke Of Earl song like it's never been played before, by Goodman, and band.
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Great escapist "what if" movie
Jeffrey Welch24 November 2008
I LOVE this movie! I know that when it came out it was largely both the critics and the movie going public...but I found this film to be just simply fun to watch...a wonderful movie to just get caught up into. It has no pre-texts of social or political idealism. It doesn't try to solve the worlds problems with it's message. And it doesn't aim to make us, the viewers, think overly hard about where the movie is leading us. It does, however, present us with totally believable characters who we quickly become emotionally invested in. Sure the opening plot structure is contrived but that is half of the charm of the film's setup. It is a good absurd introduction to the twists of the movie.

I must confess, being half Cherokee Indian and half English, I was drawn to this movie if for no other reason than I had always heard about that half of my family's history and imagined who they were and how they lived. As an American, I have also fallen prey to my own sometimes myopic world view. King Ralph was an enjoyable way to contemplate the place that a monarchy holds in the hearts of their countrymen.

I don't believe that there is anything inherently wrong with having a movie that doesn't try to enlighten or enrage us. I have always felt that too often Hollywood tries to insert a message or moral slant to a project just because they believe that to not include one makes the movie seem shallow or silly. I say whats wrong with having just a fun movie? To me King Ralph was just such a movie. Of course it had smatterings of political overtones and touches of social commentary, but I feel that this was used to propel the story rather than to try and impart some deeper philosophical meaning to us.
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Orens' finest
mules8211 July 2001
The best part about this movie is that we can now all use the movie's title as a clever nickname for fat people. For example, when playing a pick-up softball game back in 1996 Orens stepped to the plate and Baumann yelled from his first base position, "hey, it's King Ralph." This brought great joy to everyone who was lucky enough to hear the comment. That I feel is the greatest contribution of this clearly pathetic movie. I'll admit, I think I rented it when it came out on video, although I was very young so I will assume my mom rented it for me. Anyway, I remember little form the movie, maybe a part where some people get electrocuted during a photo, a potential fox hunt gone sour and a scene with a leader of an African country. I also recall King Ralph being a serious bowler. I do not recommend that you see this movie, however, I do recommend that you call fat people King Ralph for comedic purposes.
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Ignore the critics, this movie is excellent!!!
Darryl9 October 2005
I have enjoyed this movie ever since I first saw it some 14 years ago. In fact, I just bought it on DVD last week! This was John Goodman in one of his funniest roles, with the exception of his role of Dan in 'Roseanne'. There is a reason this movie is on TV a lot, and it speaks to the longevity of the movie and of the humor. My favourite scenes are too many to mention, but there is one I like best. Its the Burger King scene when the lady says "Aren't you......ya, ya......your the new King!" It great because it gets the movie outside the actual studio, and into a real life situation. And my favourite line is from Wilhelm, when he informs Ralph that being King is a "God's burden to bear, but unfortunately is must be born by a king." Makes one think if it makes sense to envy the Queen of England, in a latter case Prince William who will play this role for real!
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