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Designated Survivor: a show well worth checking out

Craig Thomas Feb 3, 2017

Kiefer Sutherland stars in the hugely entertaining thriller Designated Survivor. Here's a spoiler-free look at why you should give it a try.

Heard of the show Designated Survivor? It might just quench your thirst (whether you knew you had it or not) for a new thriller to follow.

The basics are this. Straight-talking, politically unambitious, and honest, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkland (played by Kiefer Sutherland), finds himself on the brink of being fired. As such, he is appointed the 'Designated Survivor' for the State of the Union Address. This basically involves being locked in a safe-room far away, whilst the rest of the government convenes on Capitol Hill.

Fortunately for him, this is the best-timed firing in history, and as a result of an attack, he is the only member of the government to survive. Therefore, being next in the line of succession he becomes,
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Acting legend Sir John Hurt dies aged 77

  • HeyUGuys
Author: David Sztypuljak

Extremely sad news to report this morning as we learn of the death of acting royalty John Hurt. Hurt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 but was given the all-clear but last year puled out performing in Kenneth Branagh’s production of Billy Rice. Hurt was probably best known as John Merrick in The Elephant Man, Kane in 1979’s Alien and more recently for his role as wand-maker Ollivander in the Harry Potter franchise but just looking at his think to behold but his back-catalogue of films is hugely impressive.

Hurt’s other recent varied work includes roles in Doctor Who as The Doctor in 3 episodes in 2013, as Professor Oxley in Steve Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in Hercules alongside Dwayne Johnson (see our interview here) and just last year worked in the Natalie Portman’s Oscar nominated movie Jackie as Father Richard McSorley.
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Breaking: Here's Your First Look At King Kong In Kong: Skull Island!!

  • LRM Online
When Kong: Skull Island comes out next year it's going to introduce one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time to the world. King Kong, the legendary ape that has left audiences in shock and awe since 1933, is going to have one hell of a re-debut in the film- One that will set him up to go toe-to-toe against Godzilla in King Kong vs Godzilla in 2020.

Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled, moments ago, our first official look at the King Kong we'll meet in Kong: Skull Island

Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures, via Entertainment Weekly

You can see the image, in all its glory here on EW's official site:

Kong: Skull Island unleashes exclusive first look at the movie monster 

So there he is, folks. The latest incarnation of King Kong, the colossal ape. 

Kong: Skull Island was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and features a cast that includes
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Victoria episodes 1 & 2 review: Doll 123 & Ladies In Waiting

Louisa Mellor Aug 30, 2016

ITV's Victoria stars Jenna Coleman as the young queen in her first years of a long reign...

This review contains spoilers.

Like a set of royal commemorative china advertised in the back pages of the Mail On Sunday, Victoria is a gleaming tribute to a certain idea of British history. Specifically, the idea of British history fictionalised in glossy Sunday night period dramas.

In that world, queens are beautiful, prime ministers are dreamy, scarred villains plot to a sinister string score and the working class provide comic relief and morality tales below stairs. Uncomfortable truths about the age in question are either swept to one side or fashioned into anachronistic badges of honour worn by the heroes. (“Yes, Lady Walpole-Margate, he may be a shirt-lifter, but he’s also a damned fine valet and in England, we judge a man’s chracter by the shine on his master’s shoes” etc.
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Off The Shelf – Episode 89 – New Blu-ray and DVD Releases for Tuesday, May 10th 2016

In this episode of Off The Shelf, Ryan and Brian take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for Tuesday, May 10th 2016.

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T Rex Autopsy: how to carry out a dino dissection

There’s blood, guts and feathers galore as we go behind the scenes of National Geographic’s latest mega-stunt: the hacking apart of a seven-tonne T rex replica

Entering Pinewood Studios it’s hard not to be struck by a sense of history. Jonathan Creek. Teletubbies. King Ralph. They’ve all happened here. Today, however, I’m here for the small matter of a T rex autopsy, which National Geographic plans to broadcast in 172 countries.

It’s important at this stage to admit that I’m not witnessing the most significant archaeological moment in history. An actual dinosaur has not been captured and killed for the benefit of a two-hour TV show. Instead, a seven-tonne beast has been built by a Buckingham-based effects company whose CV includes Jabba The Hutt. Today, five months’ work will be taken apart, piece by piece, by four palaeontologists, led by veterinary surgeon Dr Luke Gamble.
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The Forgotten: Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down

  • MUBI
Even back when Britain was an industrial nation, films about industry were relatively rare: audiences who worked on assembly lines presumably wanted to look at something more glamorous on their night at the pictures. In Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960), Albert Finney snarled, "Don't let the bastards grind you down," a neat encapsulation of the working man's political philosophy, whereas I'm Alright Jack (1959) took a dismayed view of the hostile stand-off between Capital and Labor. That Boulting Brothers satire may have adopted a "plague on both your houses" stance, but in fact its sympathy was with management.

The Agitator (1945) is the product of a gentler age: it tries to be sympathetic to everybody, but again there's a hidden conservative bias. Still, as the product of a generation who had just won the war and were looking forward, some of them, to a bright socialist future of free education and health care,
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R.I.P. Peter O'Toole (1932 - 2013)

Screen legend Peter O'Toole has passed away today aged 81 after battling a long illness, his agent has revealed. The star, who received an honorary Oscar in 2003, enjoyed a career that spanned seven decades and saw him receiving eight Academy Award nominations for Best Actor (making him the most-nominated actor never to win the Oscar), including that of adventurer T.E. Lawrence in David Lean's 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia.

Born in 1932, O'Toole began his acting career treading the boards and made his TV debut in the 1950s before making the leap to the big screen with a small role in 1959's The Day They Robbed the Bank of England. After his breakthrough role in Lawrence of Arabia, he would earn further Oscar nominations for Becket (1964), The Lion in Winter (1968), Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969|), The Ruling Class (1972), The Stunt Man (1980), My Favourite Year (1982) and Venus (2006), as well as gaining a reputation for his hard-drinking,
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Peter O’Toole Dies; ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Star Was 81

Peter O’Toole Dies; ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Star Was 81
Irish-born stage and screen actor Peter O’Toole, who became an international star in the title role of David Lean’s Oscar-winning epic “Lawrence of Arabia,” died on Saturday at age 81.

“His family are very appreciative and completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of real love and affection being expressed towards him, and to us, during this unhappy time,” his daughter Katherine O’Toole said in a statement on Sunday. “Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.”

O’Toole’s agent, Steve Kenis, said O’Toole was “one of a kind in the very best sense and a giant in his field.”

Showbiz execs, directors and fellow actors have paid tribute to their friend.

Amanda Berry, CEO of BAFTA, said: “His was an outstanding career and he leaves us with cinematic magic in his many films. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

Leslie Phillips, who played alongside
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John Goodman: five best moments

The Monsters University star has been a big screen presence for a number of years. Here's some of his most memorable moments

John Goodman first rose to prominence in sitcom Roseanne, starring as long-suffering working class everyman Dan Conner. The show began in 1988, and over the intervening years he's been a consistently engaging screen presence on the big and small screen – although he can be a fractious interviewee, as Xan Brooks found out earlier this year when interviewing him for Argo:

Fishing responses from him is like chipping at granite. He says, "No, sir" and, "I don't know"; "I suppose" and, "I wouldn't know about that." From time to time, he emits a long, breathy groan, as though invisible doctors are subjecting him to some invasive medical procedure. I don't know whether he's exhausted or sick; whether he hates interviews or this particular interviewer. On balance, with the benefit of hindsight,
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R.I.P. Richard Griffiths (1947-2013)

Veteran British character actor Richard Griffiths passed away yesterday March 28th aged 65, after suffering complications following heart surgery. Best known for his role as Harry Potter's uncle Vernon Dursley in the blockbuster Harry Potter film series, Griffith enjoyed a long and distinguished career on both the stage and screen, winning a host of accolades including a Tony Award for his work in the play The History Boys, as well a BAFTA Award nomination for Leading Actor for the 2006 film adaptation.

Born in Thornaby-on-Tees in 1947, Griffiths began his career treading the boards with the Royal Shakespeare Company before making his feature film debut in 1975's It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet. Minor roles in the likes of Superman II, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Chariots of Fire and Ghandi soon followed in the early 80s, which also saw him making the transition to television, appearing in the lead in the BBC's 1982 techno-thriller TV series Bird of Prey.
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Rip 'Harry Potter' actor Richard Griffiths

While modern audiences will remember Richard Griffiths as Uncle Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter franchise, the 65 year-old actor was also one the most highly respected stage actors of his generation. He passed away on March 28th following complications from heart surgery.

While stage work was where he learned his craft, he made the successful transition in the early 1970s into television. In the early 80’s he began a string of supporting roles in films like Gorky Park, but it was his role in the 1987 cult film Withnail and I, where he played lecherous Uncle Monty that, that would bring him more recognition to a wider audience. He parlayed that into other supporting roles in Hollywood like King Ralph, The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear, Guarding Tess and Sleepy Hollow.

In 2001, he debuted as Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, a role he would reprise five more times,
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John Goodman: 'Alcohol was becoming life or death. It was time to stop'

On screen, John Goodman is funny, warm, expansive. Off screen, he's struggled with drink and depression – and he's in no mood to share

John Goodman sits on the couch, immobile as Mount Rushmore, his forearms parked aboard meaty knees. Fishing responses from him is like chipping at granite. He says, "No, sir" and, "I don't know"; "I suppose" and, "I wouldn't know about that." From time to time, he emits a long, breathy groan, as though invisible doctors are subjecting him to some invasive medical procedure. I don't know whether he's exhausted or sick; whether he hates interviews or this particular interviewer. On balance, with the benefit of hindsight, I decide it's all four of these things with the gas turned up.

It is perhaps unfair to expect an actor to put on a show when the cameras aren't rolling. But after barely five minutes, I'm floundering, rattling through the questions,
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Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston, to receive the “Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award” for “Argo” by Josh Abraham The 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Times, is pleased to announce that the feature "Argo," directed by Ben Affleck, will receive the "Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award." "We are very proud to recognize the ensemble cast of "Argo," for their dramatic and outstanding performances," said Carlos de Abreu, Founder and Executive Director of the Hollywood Film Awards. The 2012 Hollywood Film Awards has also announced that it will honor director David O. Russell with the "Hollywood Director Award"; Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro with the "Hollywood Supporting Actor Award"; Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard with the "Hollywood Actress Award"; three-time Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Adams with the "Hollywood Supporting Actress Award"; producers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner with the "Hollywood Producers Award"; writer/director Judd Apatow with the "Hollywood Comedy Award"; actor John Hawkes with the "Hollywood Breakout Performance Award" for "The Sessions"; and Quvenzhané Wallis
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John Goodman in Talks to Class Up ‘The Hangover Part III’

Though he’s had a long and storied career full of great roles both dramatic and comedic, sometimes it still feels like John Goodman is still an underutilized and under-appreciated actor. No matter what movie you put him in, his presence alone is guaranteed to class the production up and serve as one of its highlights. The guy is just that good, and the fact that he hasn’t had a real starring role since the days of King Ralph and The Babe is kind of a shame. Of course, beggars can’t be choosers, so when it comes to watching John Goodman work, us film fans will take what we can get. And though it is a bit bittersweet, Variety has word that this status quo is looking to continue. The latest development in the man’s career is that he’s negotiating to take a small role in The Hangover Part III, which
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Peter O'Toole Retires

Peter O'Toole Retires
Peter O'Toole, legendary star of stage and screen, has announced his retirement from acting, just shy of his 80th birthday.

"It is time for me to chuck in the sponge. To retire from films and stage. The heart for it has gone out of me: it won’t come back," O'Toole wrote in a statement. "My professional acting life, stage and screen, has brought me public support, emotional fulfillment and material comfort. It has brought me together with fine people, good companions with whom I’ve shared the inevitable lot of all actors: flops and hits. However, it’s my belief that one should decide for oneself when it is time to end one’s stay. So I bid the profession a dry-eyed and profoundly grateful farewell."

O'Toole began his career on stage -- as the press release notes, at 27 he was called "the finest Hamlet of his generation" --
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Prince Harry Inspired To Become Reggae DJ After Meeting Bob Marley's Widow

By Zachary Swickey

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a story more reminiscent of the ’91 comedy “King Ralph,” where American John Goodman becomes King of England, UK’s The Sun is claiming that Prince Harry is now interested in becoming a music DJ – specifically of the reggae variety following a particularly moving meeting with Bob Marley’s widow on a recent trip to Jamaica.

The Sun reports that the young royal has been stockpiling a huge vinyl music collection of reggae records from “specialist online stores.” The publication also states that Harry has been receiving helpful tips and lessons on how to mix records properly from his DJ friends.

“Harry has always been interested in music, but Jamaica was a real eye opener. He started looking into reggae as soon as he got back to the UK,” the of-course-unnamed source revealed.

Marley’s widow, Rita (who was also a member of his vocal backing group,
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Why did Jason Segel have to lose weight? | Hadley Freeman

I despair at the news that Hollywood bosses forced the actor to lose 30lbs for his latest film

Contrary to the old saws, most clouds do not have silver linings but in fact have fuzzy cloudy linings and the road to hell is not paved with good intentions. It is paved with a sticky sediment of fire, brimstone, recycled copies of Ok! magazine and Katie Price's hair extensions.

But occasionally one comes across a cliche that is spot on and one such cliche is that two wrongs do not make a right.

I was reminded of this most forcefully over the weekend when The Five Year Engagement, the film starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, was released in the Us. Few romantic comedy actors working today appeal to me more than the sweetly lunkish Segel and the beautiful and hilarious Blunt, both of whom have the three qualities that
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Peter O’Toole Takes Center Stage In New TCM Special, Premiering April 1 & Live From Classic Film Festival

As a prelude to the opening of the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will air a special on-air tribute to eight-time Oscar® nominee and honorary Academy Award® recipient Peter O’Toole, who took center stage at last year’s festival. OnWednesday, April 11, TCM will premiere Peter O’Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival, a one-hour special taped at the 2011 festival in which TCM host Robert Osborne interviews the legendary actor in front of an audience of festival attendees.

Peter O’Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival is set to premiere at 8 p.m. (Et). The special will be followed by three O’Toole classics. The following is the complete schedule for the evening (all times Eastern):

8 p.m. . Peter O’Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival(2012) . Premiere

9 p.m. . The Lion in Winter (1968)

11:30 p.m. . Peter O’Toole: Live
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