Kafka (1991) Poster


Plot Keywords

secret worker
writer co worker
anarchy execution
beheading explosion
reference to f.w. murnau laboratory
archive family relationships
double life tunnel
mother son relationship police
autopsy investigator
manuscript surrealism
tuberculosis bicycle
typewriter twin
friend insanity
experiment dead body
streetlight martyr
kidnapping expressionism
eating men's bathroom
1910s cover up
messenger food
insurance clerk gun
chase clerk
accident chemical imbalance
horse and wagon morgue
body snatcher efficiency
attic cemetery
remington typewriter letter
running policeman
death disappearance
castle revolution
terrorist investigation
time card stonecutter
alternative reality file
steampunk office
blood photograph
spy time clock
marriage engagement satire
bar bomb
madman tomb
medical records cobbled street
corpse umbrella
brother brother relationship resurrection
prague czechoslovakia oppression
suicide falling through a glass dome
elevator paranoia
revolutionary insect
murder investigation friendship
coughing horse
graveyard black & white to color
toilet briefcase
champagne workers' accident insurance
fired from the job underworld
rolltop desk brain surgery
murder medical experiment
terrorism year 1919
grave digger anarchist
recording key
bureaucracy absurdism
voice over narration conspiracy
author sculptor
file cabinet rain
father son relationship skin disease
sneezing dark comedy
suspense job promotion
human experimentation independent film
character name in title

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