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On the Top of the World
Claudio Carvalho4 October 2013
The attorney Taylor Brooks (Michael Biehn) and the professor and family man Harold "H" Jameson (Matt Craven) are best friends and climbers. Harold is married with Cindy (Julia Nickson-Soul) and they have a baby son, and Taylor is a selfish womanizer. One day, they save the life of the famous climber Phillip Claiborne (Raymond J. Barry) and most of his team after an avalanche during a climbing. On the funeral of the two climbers that had died, Taylor asks Claiborne to take Harold and him to complete his team on his next expedition, when Claiborne expects to climb the K2, the second highest mountain on Earth. Soon they travel to Pakistan and they have trouble first when the porters unexpectedly decide to return and then when Claiborne becomes sick with the altitude. Claiborne calls of the climbing, but Taylor and Harold are decided to reach the top of the world at any cost.

"K2" is an underrated dramatic adventure and a tale of perseverance and friendship with impressive landscapes. The cinematography and camera work of this movie are breathtaking and would suffice to make worthwhile watching it. But the story is also beautiful and the fight of Taylor to rescue his only friend is heartbreaking. The soundtrack is also wonderful and is not credited in the movie. The first time I saw this movie was on VHS and today I have just seen it again on DVD. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "K2 – A Montanha da Morte" ("K2 – The Death Mountain")
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One of the most realistic mountaineering movies available
Mich-1528 January 2003
If you have seen "Cliffhanger" and "Vertical Limit" and thought they were good mountaineering movies, "K2" might probably surprise you! As the first two are action movies based at high altitude (probably due to the lack of a decent story!), "K2" is actually a movie about mountaineering. Having read about mountaineering, done it myself and seen "Everest - the IMax movie", the realism in "K2" is astounding!

The actors are doing an impressive job on the mountains, their gear is correct, their reaction to altitude is 98% real and their pace is realistic as well.

If you are looking for "Cliffhanger 2" or "Vertical Limit 2", this is not the movie to go for. But... If you are looking for a catching mountaineering movie with breathtaking scenery and an OK storyline - go and buy "K2". It has FINALLY been released on DVD - at least in Europe.
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Best mountain climbing film
Lt_Coffey_1824 January 2004
I have been waiting ages for this film and now, finally, it is out on DVD in the UK. This film did not disappoint me one bit and kept me thoroughly entertained. I was a big fan of Vertical Limit when it hit the cinemas but there can be no comparisons made. Where Vertical Limit aimed more for suspense and thrills, K2 follows character development and realism.

Taylor Brooks (Michael Biehn) and Harold Jameson (Matt Craven) are best friends who live almost opposite lives but share one common passion, mountain climbing. Brooks is a selfish jerk who has only ever thought about himself where as Jameson is a man driven by his family and his job who cares greatly for the safety of others. These two are perfectly cast without even acting. Biehn's voice is perfect for an arrogant character and Craven's nerdish looks personify a man in the science profession. Biehn does well in this performance to disguise his fear of heights and delivers a very strong, charming performance. He portrays Brooks' obsession with K2 very well and was definitely the right choice to lead this film.

The scenery for this film is simply breath taking, beautiful snowy mountains with a caressing mist. There was one scene where I thought my TV had broken because the screen appeared to be pure white, but then a person enters the shot and the camera starts to pan out, I realise how clean and untouched the snow is. Filming a feature like this is always challenging on crew and cast, equipment and supplies can be buried under 5 feet of snow when the day's up. Everyone rose to challenge and produced a visually stunning film. The climbing sequences allow appear very professional and without doubt help Roddam to build up tension on a bigger scale.

What is best about this film is that behind all the scenery, the suspense and the arguments, there is a very strong message about friendship. It was important for this film to have a positive element because there are so many mishaps and so many dislikeable characters that a lack of positive energy in any form would have made K2 far too bleak. The friendship between Taylor and Harold drives the story and leads to a wonderful transformation within Taylor that is very believable. Character development in this style has sadly been abandoned by Hollywood now in favour of special effects and period pieces.

Very underrated, K2 is definitely the best mountain climbing film I have seen and as a huge Michael Biehn fan, it is great to see him perform so well in a non action role. With the beautiful snowy mountains and great character story, K2 is blissful to watch and leaves you feeling good after watching.
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macrostamen29 November 2000
This movie delivers on its promise: the feeling of high adrenaline excitement. The personal lives of the characters are just fodder, but the climbing scenes are breathtaking! I also liked how the film showed the details of such an enormous undertaking, such as test-runs and problems with porters. Whoever said there were cliched aspects, come on! How many climbing movies have people seen before?

Back to the climbing scenes. The ones of the test-run mountain in the U.S. are great, with music that is truly original, and perfectly matches the visuals, giving you the feeling of being 'high'. But the scenes I like most are the ones of climbing the big mountain, especially when they break out the full ice climbing gear. It might make a difference that I've spent much time skiing in Vermont, which has somewhat of an extreme outdoors feel(moreso than Pennsylvania, anyway). I was reminded of some cool times, and felt like actually going out and learning to climb! Dont miss this one!
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Technically impressive but a bit too melodramatic for its own good
bob the moo1 December 2007
While practising a rapid ascent of a local vertical face, lawyer Brooks and physicist friend Jameson meets a part of climbers who appear to be planning for something bigger. Tragedy brings them together with the leader of the group – legendary climber Phillip Claiborne. Brooks talks his way onto the team – a team that is heading to the top of K2, one of the deadliest ascents in the world.

Having read some of the reviews for this film before watching it, they seemed to be mostly from those who embraced it as a "real" climbing movie and those that dismissed it for being unrealistic. I'm not suggesting my point of view has more validity (it doesn't) but I tried to watch it as someone who struggles to climb a ladder up a stack far less a mountain, so probably wouldn't be bothered if it was or wasn't an accurate portrayal of doing it for real. Well, I say that but I must admit that even with my limited knowledge of the subject, I'm not sure if some of the heroics seen here could really be done. Despite this the film is technically very impressive with really well directed action and some great shots. It looks the business if only the material had been there to back it up.

Instead the material feels a lot less genuine and it jars with the convincing surroundings. Here everyone gets a speech and the story is always a bit too melodramatic and chickens out of the impacting stuff too often. The cast work the best they can with it but they don't convince as to their surroundings when they have to speak, not that some of the narrative devices or convenient twists help them either. Biehn plays it cocksure and arrogant but forgets to leave a crack of a real person in there; so he is loud but when his true self comes it is unconvincing and not connected to anything we have seen in him at all. Craven is good though because his softer character does sit with being the unappreciated friend. Bercovici, Charbonneau and Barry are part of a solid enough supporting cast who do what the material requires.

Not a great film then but one that is technically impressive and easy to watch. The simple characters and overly melodramatic script and unconvincing dialogue really limit it but it is still serviceable for what it is.
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Great fun, excellent scenery!
LebowskiT10008 January 2003
I enjoyed "K2" quite a bit. There were a few things here and there that I didn't like, but there wasn't much. Some other people on this site would have you believe that the story is horrible. I feel quite the opposite. Ok, it's not a major "thinking" movie, and the plot is fairly simple, but that's what I like about movies of this nature. I don't want to go into a mountain climbing movie and have to be thinking about the story and be overly complex. I just want to see some great scenery and some cool climbing, and that is exactly what I got. The film has plenty of both to keep you entertained, and the story isn't nearly as bad as some other people claim it is.

The cast in the film is pretty good, most of which I've never really heard of. Matt Craven did a surprisingly good job with his role, I thought his acting was very good throughout the film. Michael Biehn is an actor that I have always liked, he's just got a cool style about him. And lastly, Raymond J. Barry, nice performance, but nothing spectacular.

The only things I can really complain about in this film are the following. Some of the music in the film sound rather dated and kind of odd, but didn't really take away from the film, so it isn't a big deal. Also, some of the directing seemed kind of odd, but again, nothing that I couldn't deal with. And finally I thought the ending was somewhat abrupt, an acceptable ending, but nonetheless unexpected.

If you are a fan of rock/ice climbing, then I'd recommend you check this movie out. Or if you are just a fan of adventure films, then go ahead, check it out. In any case, I hope you enjoy the film as much as I do. Thanks for reading,

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Best climbing movie bar T.t. Void...Great story !
theslickmover24 August 2005
This site is full of pretentious idiots ! From climbers who wanted to watch a 2 hour film about sack hauling and food ration logistics to unemployed film critics whining about interesting characters-you can't weave a super depth character into an action movie ! One guy (who by his own admission didn't even watch it properly) expected them to have actually filmed it on K2,(he called himself "a climber")he clearly knows nothing about the logistics or the remoteness and danger of that place-film a motion picture ON K2 ? What a tit ! As it is at every opportunity the film tries to establish what kind of person both climbers are, scenes such as Taylor telling Harold that on K2 he's on his own, Harold takes this as another sign of him being selfish 'till Taylor fully explains the situation. In other areas he proves he is that selfish, until he gets the ultimate challenge ! There are a few faults with things that are "undoable" but in comparison with every action film ever made v.few. As for unbelievability try reading about REAL mountain stories or Ernest Shakleton then tell me you don't believe them !

As for complaints about clichés ! Climbing IS a cliché !!! That's why there aren't millions of climbing movies, how many twists can such a limited sphere have ? ........ Bar Touching the Void the best mountain movie-only one worth watching. Great action movie, plenty of comedy with real mountaineering stories (or clichés !)blended in. Atmospheric music too.
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A competent climb
Samiam315 June 2009
I remember first seeing this movie when I was eleven or twelve. Then I saw 'Vertical Limit' a few months later and contrary to what I thought would be the case, I enjoyed K2 ten fold more than Martin's Campbell's weak adventure story on the same mountain. Contrary to what many people think, Everest may be the tallest mountain, but K2 is a far more difficult climb.

This film follows two young climbers, Taylor And Harold as they take on the mountain and succeed in reaching the highest peak, because of friendship and the hard team work which comes from loyalty to each other. The picture chooses to focus on characters and emotion, rather than edge of seat adventure. It is the right approach, but as a side effect, the story sometimes plods a little. As a lead role, Michael Biehn is surprisingly good. Typically a supporting actor, I find that many of his performances are a little weak, but not here. He does what is necessary to make a convincing character, far better than Chris O'Donnell in 'Vertical Limit'.

Free from clichés and artificial drama, K2 is a competent and touching movie, maybe not brilliant, but it lifts you.
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Cudda been a good movie
RNMorton28 July 2001
But, of course, it wasn't. Makes the climbing of the world's 2nd highest mountain look like a real tough day hike. Cast is okay, soap opera dialogue and plot-by-the-numbers is bearable, sometimes the scenery is outstanding, but where's the technical advice? I guess an accurate depiction of an 8000+ meter climb would be a little too tedious for Hollywood. Would be merely inoffensive if they hadn't trivialized the climbing of a mountain that has claimed so many lives.
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Realistic adventure movie.
tr_s5 January 2005
I liked this movie enough to having watched it three times as of now. With few exceptions, it's a realistic adventure movie - this according to a friend who has done 5000+ meter climbs - with beautiful scenery, very interestingly developing plot, personal intrigues, good humor etc. Also, the acting is generally excellent, where the two main characters are the cream of the crop.

The only thing I don't like is the kind of "Crap, we ran out of money, how do we put a quick end to this?" ending. Also, the quality of the picture is a bit "amateurish", the "home VCR" kind of quality at times with that dreaded bad contrast which makes for a "grey-biassed" picture. Not a good thing for an adventure/trek movie with beautiful scenery.

All in all, it's indeed enjoyable to watch, though. Moderately recommended. Rating: 7/10
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Unimpressive mountaineering movie - pleasing to the eye, but that's about all.
Jonathon Dabell23 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Mount Godwin-Austin (otherwise known as K2) is the world's second highest mountain, and if the evidence presented in this film is to be believed is the hardest mountain to climb successfully without getting yourself killed. "K2" is basically a buddy flick set in the breathtakingly dangerous world of mountaineering. While the outdoor photography takes in some truly awesome scenery, the characters standing in front of all those glorious landscapes are a crashing bore - and therein lies the fault with the whole film.

Cocksure lawyer Taylor Brooks (Michael Biehn) and his quiet married friend Harold Jamieson (Matt Craven) spend their free time rock climbing. During one of their trips, they meet up with another bunch of climbers funded by wealthy mountain enthusiast Philip Claibourne (Raymond J. Barry). Claibourne's team are in training for a forthcoming shot at the infamous K2, a mountain that Taylor and Harold would both love to tackle but could never afford to do so. During their training run, however, two of Claibourne's team get themselves killed in an avalanche. Taylor and Harold put themselves forward as potential replacements. Despite initial reluctance, Claibourne gives them the nod of approval and the pair find themselves joining his team in the Himalayas. Harold's wife Cindy (Julia Nickson-Soul) is distraught that her husband is going to take on such a dangerous climb, especially since he has recently become a father. Tensions in the climbing team mount as Taylor repeatedly clashes with another member of the group, the equally brash and arrogant Dallas Woolf (Luca Bercovici). Meanwhile, Claibourne himself grows increasingly ill as altitude sickness takes its toll on his body. Will the guys reach the peak of K2, or is their quest destined to end in disappointment, or even death?

"K2" spends an inordinately long time introducing its somewhat dislikeable characters. Biehn as a foul-mouthed, pushy, adventurous type is especially hard to like, as is Barry as the hard-nosed mountaineering millionaire. But on the other side of the coin, Craven is so dull that it becomes difficult to believe his wife could possibly give a damn about him going off to climb K2 - heck, she'd be better off if he never came back!! Rounding off the main characters is Bercovici, whose characterisation as Dallas Woolf is as campy and over-the-top as every other role he's ever played. The story itself is totally tame and disposable – just a straightforward yarn about guys trying to reach the top of a mountain. There's a bit of male bonding thrown in, but the whole subplot about Harold and his wife amounts to nil, and the personality clashes between Taylor and Dallas ring totally false. "K2" scores its few merits solely from the stunning cinematography by Gabriel Berastain – during the Himalayan sequences, the scale and awe of the mountains is quite nicely captured. I'm completely with critic Kim Newman on this one, who hilariously stated in Empire magazine: "On this evidence, climbing K2 can't be any harder than sitting through it!" Quite true, Kim, quite true!
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Some great vistas, ...
JumpingBean2 July 2000
... K2: The Ultimate High. Well, while I'm sure climbing the actual mountain really is a great high, this movie does a mediocre job of portraying the thrill. It's not that the acting is bad, but the plot is pretty generic and predictable. Leaves you just a bit wanting in places. Too much "made for TV" juice in its veins.

The real strength of this DVD comes with its crisp video and pretty impressive camera work on the slopes. You almost feel cold and light-headed as you travel up the spine of K2 with the protagonists. No clues in the special features or jacket info about the actual filmed locations for the movie, but especially the shots from the climax at the apex connote well the feeling of reaching nearly to the top of the world (I don't think I've revealed any plot twists here). I doubt the scenes here are all from K2 itself, but some good aerial camerawork make it just as well.

Not much on the special features perks for this one. A chapter selection list and two bios, but that's about it.

Overall, not a bad buy if you like moutains and climbing and can find it for a decent price. Recommended viewing with hot brandy and licorice.
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Avoid if you know anything about mountaineering
clenchedbrain28 September 2009
I can't believe the amount of reviewers who praise this as realistic. I'm a million miles from being an expert, and I'm never going to climb a mountain; but even the very basic knowledge attained from reading Into Thin Air, and watching Everest Beyond The Limit and a few other Everest docs meant that this film just got more and more ridiculous as it went on. There is some good climbing footage at the start; and when the billionaire mission leader asks early in the film "How much experience above 8000 metres do you have?", I was encouraged to hope that this might be a gritty and accurate man-vs-nature odyssey. Instead you have a bunch of climbers zooming up a mountain with no acclimatisation; climbing with goggles off in full sun, and they are barely ever out of breath performing miraculous feats of endurance. Only near the summit is a little fatigue suggested, to dramatically accentuate the physical feat of climbing such a monstrous peak, almost as an afterthought. If you have no knowledge of mountaineering, give it a look: be prepared for some clichéd heroics (although no more clichéd than a hundred other passably diverting flicks), and a clichéd outcome. I've been developing a minor fascination with high mountains and was looking forward to watching K2; but other than some amazingly beautiful scenery, it was a let down because it was so far removed from reality. I can imagine some experts being employed in the making of this movie, but then being conveniently ignored in the pursuit of the heroic, and sadly fantastical storyline. Also, you would sound like a bit of a tit if you said "welcome to the death zone" at 200000 feet.
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Good climbing action and little more
George Parker7 August 2002
"K2", a rather ordinary adventure flick, tells of the assault on the mercurial Himalayan mountain by a pair of American climbers and their associates. An okay climbing flick with plenty of beautiful scenery and climbing action from rock to snow to ice, the film has a weak plot, technical oversights aplenty, and more than its share of filler not the least of which are some family issues which go nowhere. Good stuff for those into climbing, okay stuff for those into escapist adventure flix, and forgettable stuff for all others. (C+)
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otis-1018 December 2005
I bought the DVD out of a big bin for $4.99, thinking I'd lucked into some documentary pearl that would actually show extensive footage of the Karakoram mountains, and K2 in particular. Fast-forwarding through the film, I reached the climactic scene in which the climbers catch their first sight of ---- Mount Waddington, towering to all of 13,260 ft, in Canada's Coastal Range. At least one of the several bozos geared up to climb K2 clearly has no idea what the real mountain actually looks like -- he has to be assured by his friend and climbing partner that he wouldn't have been brought by said partner to an ugly mountain. Given that one of the film's premises is that 27 or so people have lost their lives on K2, you might think that the jerk in question might have taken a minute or two to bone up on a few basic facts, but the clown seems to think that preparations on this scale, while good enough for the likes of Reinhold Messner, are beneath him. To be honest, I haven't watched the whole thing. What I've seen makes me cringe. They say that you get what you pay for. At $4.99, I've been ripped off.
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well made mountain climbing movie
joe_vegas5110 January 2006
K2 has to be one of the finest mountain climbing movies ever made. It is in many ways better than Vertical Limit, which had a big budget as compared to K2. However, In K2 the local color of the Himalayan mountains and the people and culture is exploited giving a special flavor to the movie. Michael Biehn ( star of the Terminator, Aliens, Navy Seals, The Abyss, etc) gives a memorable performance. His good old boy personality is top notch and his physical achievements are at its best. One has to see the movie to understand what mountain climbers do and die for. Matt Craven is the serous partner and the faithful sidekick to happy go lucky Michael Biehn.
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Savage Mountain!
rastaweasel7 December 2003
I have seen this movie a million times, and just recently bought it on dvd for 4 bucks. There are a few mountain movie out there (Eiger Sanction, Vertical Limit, Into Thin Air, and Alive kinda) Compare K2 to all these and I would watch K2 to just about any of them. Only so much eating the dead a guy can take (Alive). If you wanna see a movie about mountain climbing, rent K2 its got a solid cast and a great storyline. Its a 90's movie so don't expect super special effects and a love story! Michael Biehn is a solid actor and very underrated, his major film appearances are (Aliens, Tombstone, Terminator and his Tv show Adventure Inc) Go rent this movie and let me know what you think, its a perfect pizza film night!
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K2, good movie. A real "Climber's guide".
Jarkko Anttila7 November 2003
First 45 minutes of the movie offers nothing great, except family drama. But when they start climbing...wow! The wiews are cool, acting's okay, but I am not satisfied with the plot and the work of director, Franc Roddam. Music gives some suspence and mountain movies always gets me thrilled, but this movie feels like missing something. This movie was not suitable for Michael Biehn, who though made good work as selfish Taylor Brooks. Matt Craven was also good as understanding friend, Harold. Although this movie is not my favourite movies, it might be that for somebody who likes from mountain climbing. You could keep this movie as guide for climbers, because the climbing really looked realistic.
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Oh Please
kieft19 June 2000
If I knew absolutely nothing about mountaineering, and was a fan of the "X-games," I might watch this movie again, just to revel in the simulated adrenaline rush. Unfortunately, as an experienced mountaineer, I found the factual inaccuracies so annoying that this film quickly became the fodder for a whole multitude of jokes amongst my climbing friends. Although there are some moments that capture the spirit of mountaineering, there are far too many parts that are silly beyond belief and unless one is ready to completely suspend reality and watch this film as one would watch, say, a science fiction film…...better to read some of Messner's essays and memoirs.
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Good visuals, good acting, bad cut
ingemar-421 August 2017
Why does it seem like if mountain climbing movies often are complemented with a bad script? In this case also bad cut, on a broad scale (more or less script level?).

Let me start with what I like. Actors are good, and the two heroes do their parts very well, well cast. The mountain climbing scenes were generally excellent.

The script, however, is pretty lame. There is a question of predictable events, but what bothered me was badly handled personal conflicts. The conflict within the team feels slapped on and I wonder why the leader would keep both in the team. There are also some conflicts between the heroes, which are also superfluous. And we have the conflict adventure vs family, which is also never more than annoying.

The weakest thing with the movie IMHO is how each conflict, each problem, each part, is always cut before it reaches any conclusion. Over and over I feel that the producers felt "OK, enough of this, just stop and move on to the next scene". This is true all the way to the end. Present problem, start elaborating problem... stop! Never finish anything!

I felt it was worth watching, but also that it could have been better. Watch it for the mountaineering scenes and forget the rest.
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An interesting climbing movie...
Thanos Karagioras1 February 2016
"K2" is an action movie which has to do with two friends who join a group of people and they climb the K2 mountain. This movie it's dedicated to Seattle lawyer Jim Wickwire and biophysicist Lou Reichardt who became the first Americans to climb K2 on September 6 of 1978.

First of all I have to admit that I am big fan of climbing movies and secondly that I watched this movie on 2016. Of course when you watch a movie of 1991 you have to lower your standards and your expectations. "K2" is a good movie to watch, the plot was good and Franc Roddam did a good job in the direction of it. Although I have to say that he did not include many scenes with rock climbing or training of his two main characters something that it had to be done. He also focused in different in a different way, the melodramatic one with showing a family guy going to climb one of the most difficult mountains in the world, risking everything for an adventure. However I liked the interpretations of Matt Craven played as Harold and Michael Biehn played as Taylor.

Finally I have to say that "K2" is a good movie to watch but it cannot be compared with some other climbing movies such as "Vertical Limit" and "Everest". Of course this makes sense since the difference between the budgets between those movies is pretty huge and also many things have changed since 1991 and 2015.
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The Character and Spirit of a Survivor
Leftbanker25 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Mountain climbing movies like Cliffhanger are to mountain climbing what Rocky was to boxing: one has nothing to do with the other. K2 tried to portray what climbing is all about and it's not about muscling your way up a wall like in Stallone's moronic portrayal. That lump of flesh couldn't climb a flight of stairs without geezing.

One thing that this movie really gets right is when Taylor tells his buddy that on K2 you are on your own. People like Taylor don't survive because they are lucky; they make it because they have balls. It's about who is willing and able to dig deep enough to finish, to survive. I was always pretty crap as a climber but was blessed with guts, or I developed them at some point although I never remember not having this spirit. Harold was a nice guy and a decent climber but Taylor has that certain spirit. Perhaps you won't understand this if you have never been in a truly bad situation in which some people panic while others focus with laser precision.
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I wish I was an Alpinist
ebiros216 September 2012
When I first saw this movie's title I thought it was going to be another "Cliff Hanger", but I was wrong.

This multi-national creation is stunningly high quality production. Each scenes are vivid, and points well delivered.

K2 is one of the most dangerous mountain to climb in the world, killing one out of every four who climb's there. This movie captures the audacity, and adventure of the team who dares to attempt it. Very little facts about climbing on K2 were known in 1992, so they did an excellent job getting all the details right.

International cast of actors includes Hiroshi Fujioka who's the original Kamen Rider, and Julia Nickson who was playing various exotic roles both in the US and Asia. Other actors were spot on choices for their roles as well.

I wish I had the physical ability to climb a mountain. My high blood pressure makes me high risk at high altitude, so climbing something above 10000 ft is out of the question. But I wish I can experience some of the extreme conditions like the characters in this movie has experienced. But movies like this gives me the opportunity to feel what it's like to be there.
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Really good climbing movie
a a28 March 2011
After seeing Vertical Limit I didn't have a lot of expectations regarding the climbing part. But the movie surprised me - as all the scenes are amazingly realistic. Of course, people in the movies never get tired or require acclimatization - otherwise the movies would be boring! But other than that minor thing, all the equipment is used correctly, terminology is more or less correct, and technical dialogue is most of the time relevant. Case in point: when a climber falls in Vertical Limit, he slides helplessly until reminded to "use his ice axe". In K2, they perform a perfect team arrest.

The storyline is OK for an action movie; some twists are somewhat "forced" - I am yet too see climbers or other outdoors people who are so arrogant when warned about danger - even if they disagree with an assessment. But again, without these twists there would be no action, so why not.

I did not like the ending, as it leaves a lot to viewer's imagination. Without revealing what it was, I will just say that what you make of it depends on how much you know about mountaineering - YMMV.
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What a great story and great acting to boot!
spacepup28 September 2000
I just watched this movie for the second time. (I wasn't really paying attention to it the first time around.) The story is great, but the character development and acting are superb. This movie is less about climbing a mountain and more about the friendship the two main characters share.
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