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In a time when our cities are wounded, movies like Grand Canyon can help to heal.
Grand Canyon successfully recreates the random, haphazard ways in which individual lives intersect, and captures the sense of menace and disintegration that permeate contemporary urban life.
Grand Canyon is most gripping when Kasdan shows people waking up to the world and finding that they need more than bromides.
The graceful and affecting Grand Canyon, with its flock of fortysomethings, is much more than just "The Bigger Chill."
Wall Street Journal
Too often the film languishes as Mr. Kasdan poses Big Questions and then has his characters answer them in conversations that are so casual they seem improvised. [26 Dec 1991]
If sometimes this loose and anecdotal film loses dramatic pace, it always rights itself. And it remains steadily in touch with its best qualities - generosity, common sense and a mature decency that is neither smug nor sentimental.
Ridiculously ambitious, though often likable and touching in its sincerity.
USA Today
Canyon is similarly slick, though even more heavy-handed in hammering home its points. [26 Dec 1991]
There are great scenes (many) and terrific performances, especially Glover and Woodard.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The cast is equally strong (especially McDonnell), but the vast subject and the shifting settings force Kasdan all over the map. [10 Jan 1992]

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