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Gojira vs. Kingu Gidorâ
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Reviews & Ratings for
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah More at IMDbPro »Gojira vs. Kingu Gidorâ (original title)

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better drama than sci fi; but is that what we want?

Author: (winner55) from United States
12 October 2006

Except for the Doctor Who TV series, I always find time-travel stories disappointing. Time-travel itself is an inherently absurd idea: it assumes that space is absolute. This means if you travel back in time from Tokyo in 2006, you should end up in Tokyo in about, say, 1906.

However, the scientific fact is that space, like time is relative to the objects moving about in it. If you could really travel back in time from Tokyo, 2006, to 1906, you would probably end up floating about in empty space, where your cells would collapse long before you suffocated from lack of oxygen. As for Tokyo, it would still be there on the planet earth, which would be somewhere else in its orbit, millions of miles - perhaps light years - away.

However, I say again that space and time are both relative, and according to Einstein's principle of matter-energy conversion (which is a necessary assumption for a relativistically structured universe, since it helps to explain how movement can occur in a differentiated space with multiple time-functions), if you could travel in any direction "through" time, you would at some point attain the speed of light; and at this point your body transmutes into quanta, and you become light - except that the "you" that you were before this would be dead. So, farewell to Tokyo.

This film is no exception. As other reviewers here have noted, one learns to tolerate fake science from Godzilla films - for instance, he's always described as a radioactively mutated dinosaur, when we all know that he's really a fire-breathing dragon. But as other reviewers have noted, the fake science here is just unacceptably annoying, because the film-makers can't come up with a narrative continuity that makes sense for it.

The film does have a dramatic integrity, concerning the relationship between the Japanese soldiers and the dinosaur/ Godzilla that saves them; and I can imagine a whole movie developing this idea narratively; unfortunately, this isn't it.

also, I have to say that, as a long-time Godzilla fan, I don't care for the effort to make Ghidorah into a good-guy saving Tokyo from Godzilla; cyborg or not, he's just not made for that role, he obviously exists for one purpose, which is to destroy things and people.

A second rate entry into the later Godzilla series.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Probably the best of the second generation Godzilla movies.

Author: Dr Wily ( from Owensboro, KY
10 November 1999

What most interestingly sets this film apart is the depth of its plot and characterization. Two points almost always, by necessity, gravely missing from giant monsters running amok movies, they are a welcome (atomic) breath into the genre.

I liked best the subtext behind the idea that there are sometimes things more frightening than giant beasts or war. That, sometimes, the greatest monster comes from within, this being expressed by an attempt to gain global control not with a monster first, but through economic dominance, and the monster second. An expression of the total absence of resistance in the face of such through the only open methodology of change being to alter the past. Also, how Godzilla almost, for a brief moment, recognizes a man who held Godzilla in high devotion for all but saving him life, inadvertantly. But, only for a moment before Godzilla blows the saluting man away...

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A king-sized bore

Author: Scott Baldwin (Meven_Stoffat) from Canada
18 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the Hesei era, "Good Godzilla Movies" were clearly not synonymous with "Successful Godzilla Movies". Godzilla vs. Biollante" is nowadays considered one of the best Godzilla movies, period (and rightly so, but it was a box office failure and at the time was poorly received. So Toho decied that their best bet was to, from there on out, bring back some of their most revered older monsters. And the result was honestly quite mixed. This was their first attempt, and while it has its moments, for the most part Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is mostly a sloppy mish-mash of confusing subplots and time travel that gets in the way

The film has some interesting ideas but sadly squanders all of them. Much of the first half of the movie follows a group of time travelers who plan on re-creating Ghidorah and replacing Godzilla with it. They lure a washed-up author and his friend into going back to 1944, finding the dinosaur who became Godzilla, and bury it, taking three mini-Ghidorahs and placing them in the forest so they can experience the same radiation exposure that Godzilla experienced. Problem is, the time travelers are completely boring characters and so is the film's central writer. Exactly why they want to revive Ghidorah is never made exactly clear either. When Godzilla shows up an hour into the movie, it's much welcomed and the titular fight takes place about ten minutes later

However, in a move only the writers (or lack of) would know of, after defeating Ghidorah, Godzilla becomes the main threat. The city's excuse? "Look at how big that thing is! It is going to destroy the city!" but even worse than this is when Godzilla rips off Ghidorah's head (???), an out of character move. And when Ghidorah gets revived, it's used to defeat Godzilla. Yeah, that goes over as well as you'd expect, which is to say not at all

There's also some unmissably dumb dialogue and some random Terminator ripoff plot. But easily the worst thing about this film is that it's boring. Even when the titular fight comes it isn't worth the wait. Godzilla has never been known for having amazing characters but even then the characters here are boring and Ami comes off as overly Mary Sue-ish. As awesome as Ghidorah was, it was a one time deal and let's hope that should Toho choose to allow Warner Bros the rights to the classic monsters for the upcoming sequel to the 2014, that Ghidorah isn't used.

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Big Three go down in defeat

Author: lastliberal from United States
4 July 2007

What a perfect movie for the 4th of July! The fireworks produced by Koichi Kawakita and his crew were spectacular. Both Godzilla and King Ghidorah sent blazing effects that created sparks aplenty for our enjoyment.

The basic story was simple. The Big Three automakers in America went on a mission from the future to destroy Japan's capabilities to build quality cars that Americans want because they could not be bothered to build anything but gas-guzzling SUVs. King Ghidorah, with it's three heads representing Ford, Chrysler and GM, set about destroying Japan until Godzilla was resurrected from the deep to do battle.

OK, maybe that is not the exact story, but it is close enough. Godzilla did come back to battle King Ghidorah and it was a doozy. The forces of good defeated the evil time-travelers while they battled.

This film is a mix of nuclear weapons, time travel, super special effects and good old monster fighting. It is great fun and a spectacular 4th of July fireworks extravaganza.

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Japanese patriotism ruins potential classic.

Author: eldergod-1 from Sofia, Bulgaria
9 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Godzilla vs King Ghidorah" is a perfect example how a great idea can be ruined by pathetic topics like pseudo-patriotism. Here, travellers from the future try to ruin Japan, replacing the local hero Godzilla with their puppy monster, the three-headed golden dragon King Ghidorah. They fail, however and in the end Godzilla fights Ghidorah. The battles between the two behemoths are very cool, but the plot of the movie is full with holes and the all thing about "Japan is great" is really stupid. The creators of this movie didn't even threat with respect the enemies of Japan, making them stupid big blond guys, who are easily outsmarted by the clever Japanese. The good thing is that in the end Godzilla and king Ghidorah nearly destroyed the both Japan and it's ridiculous enemies in one (actually two) spectacular combats. But till this battle royale, the film was really dull and pathetic.

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Pretty and colourful!

Author: Jenova Synthesis
21 February 1999

This is another cool one of the newer films. It has the campiness back and plus the return of King Gidora! Personally, I think this one might be a parody of American sci-fi movies, which don't live up to expectations of foreign ones.

Oh yeah, not to mention that Gidora is gonna appear in the 3rd "Mothra" movie!

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

One of the most overrated of the Godzilla franchise

Author: Zackery Burgess from United States
29 August 2011

I'm sorry, but people give this film to much credit. While its not the best or the worst, its okay. For me I don't see why. For me this is another way for Japan of saying we are still angry about World War II since the Americans are bad actors and seem stupid (The reference to Steven Spielberg and Terminator was just pointless) And the aliens from the future are Caucasian who want to destroy Japan. And I've seen both the English and Japanese versions and the English version is just bad.

Now despite my complaints I have good things to say about the movie. Such as the fight scenes between Godzilla vs King Ghidorah are just awesome. But to be honest I like the original King Ghidorah better than the Heisei version. And the music is just great. I know in all my reviews of Japanese monster movies I always compliment Akira Ifukube for his music and here its great as ever. I actually like Mecha-King Ghidorah in this. It was awesome and it did something new with King Ghidorah. Overall this movie wasn't bad, but I think this movie is overrated with Godzilla fans.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The most terrible film in a lackluster series

Author: Emideon from Los Angeles, U.S.A.
20 April 2008

I cant understand at all why so many Godzilla fans think this is excellent, one of the best Godzilla films ever in fact. This film is horrible and one of the very few Gojira films I cant stand to watch again (the other being G. vs Megalon).

The plot is too campy to be in the Heisei series, a series that attempted to turn the aging Godzilla franchise into bonafide action films, revolving around ideas that seemed more in place in 1974 than 1991. It just sounded ridiculous, especially with some of the subject matter, take for example the WW2 scene, with the Japanese soldiers praising a dying Godzillasaurus, a mournful and serious tone, take the exuberant former commander turn capitalist and his death, serious seens in a film its fans somehow denote as played for laughs, as a goofy romp with guilty illogical fun, if so than this is easily one of the most tasteless films I've seen, however I think its more likely it was only talent the filmmakers lacked and this was a case of a straight faced action movie gone bad. It was made ever worse by the fact that the special effects are terrible beyond compare, from the jet packs to the android, to the hokey sound effects emitted from everything, its impossible to take anything seriously, and yet the film expects you to, there's no nudges to the camera.

Like nearly all Godzilla films there's a pointless romance, and this is no exception, though something can be said about the fact that this one is especially pointless since and inexplicable. There is literally no reason at all presented for the romance, it just happens and there lives make 360 degree commitments for it. Aside from this the other terrible aspect of this film is dialogue, both the Japanese and English is horrible, clunky and possibly the inspiration for Battlefield Earth.

The Tristar DVD compounds the problems, making everything look grainy, blurred, dim and just plain ugly, the same was for the sound. I first saw the Japanese Region 2 version and the differences are night and day, with the original vibrant colors and texture, the noteworthy score, the fight scenes especially, are actually watchable.

In my opinion, the Heisei series is a disappointment, with the exception of Godzilla 1984 (Japanese version) there is little to praise here, and Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is case in point of this failure. It doesn't even come close to deserving the reputation and fans it gets.

2 out of 10

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Kaiju Report Card: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Author: Hank Venetta ( from Monster Island
1 November 2003

Tokyo Report Card on: GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH Note: This is for the original Japanese version

Plot: D Comments: A very confusing and far-fetched plot... even for a sci-fi movie!

Acting: C Comments: Though the Japanese acting was good, the Americans acted very poorly in the film with laughable results.

Music: B Comments: The music in this film is great! The only reason it dropped down to a B is becuase the same tunes were played repeatedly too much.

Minatures: A Comments: Very detailed and realistic!

Special Effects: B Comments: Fairly good, just some of Godzilla and King Ghidorah's energy beams looked a little cartoonish like in the late 70s G-films. i'm surprised they have not improved much since then.

Monster Battle Techniques: C Comments: Too many energy beams attacks, not enough physical "tooth and claw" attacks like in the older films.

Monster designs: B Comments: The new King ghidorah looked great! However, the Dorats looked extremely fake and plastic.

Monster Movements: D Comments: Godzilla moved too slow and lazily and King Ghidorah's wings flapped very little when flying, making it look like he just floats in the air!

TOTAL GRADE: C- Comments: Definately one of the worst G-films of all time... mainly due to its plot holes and hard to follow story.

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0 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Won't You Buy Him, Take Him Home And Try Him, Magilla Godzilla For Sale

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
8 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To this day when you speak of the Japanese cinema, most folks won't talk about Rashomon, or the Seven Ronin, or Ran. To the masses the Japanese cinema means all those monsters we've grown to love destroying those Japanese cities over and over again, lots of times in battles with each other. The first and greatest of these is Godzilla who's come back a dozen times or more and in a few films faced the three headed hydra like monster from outer space, Ghidrah.

Oddly enough in keeping with the times, the special effects got slightly better. But part of the charm of those old films was seeing those paper mache city sets destroyed, they looked so phony, maybe three steps above Ed Wood.

Some visitors from the future have time traveled to Japan to urge that Godzilla be destroyed from when he was first discovered. And in fact he was first discovered as a surviving dinosaur during World War II when he protected the Japanese garrison on a Pacific island from those American troops. But later on with atomic testing on Bikini, Godzilla the friendly dinosaur just like Barney became the mean machine we've grown to know in the cinema.

Of course you eliminate Godzilla than you give Ghidrah a clear field to wreck Japan so it does not become the economic colossus it was by 1991 when the film came out. More I won't say, but we all know Japan is doing reasonably well as 2010.

Like all the other Japanese monster films, just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

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