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Judge this movie as Full Impact, NOT American Streetfighter 2!

Author: temporarypeace from United States
12 February 2006

Horrible movie, but quite funny too! Lots of crummy fights, stupid dialog, topless chicks, and a boring story too! It's another one of those so-bad-its-good films, which I always love. But after reading some of the comments on here, I should explain something.

I first watched this film dubbed as American Streetfighter 2 like most of you seemed to have. It was the bonus movie on the other side of the DVD of the first American Streetfighter film. Well if you watch American Streetfighter 2, you'll not only notice it's horribly edited, but it seems to be missing numerous scenes, makes little sense, and has nothing to do with the first film. This is because this is actually the movie "Full Impact" ripped apart with crappy added flashback scenes from the first movie, and called American Streetfighter 2. The problem is that Full Impact was never meant to be a sequel to American Streetfighter. Sure it has some of the same cast, but they're completely different characters and this is a totally new story. Why they did this is beyond me...maybe the thought the movie would do better labeled as a sequel?

Do yourself a favor, go out and buy the actual DVD labeled Full Impact. It's the complete movie with all the correct scenes in place, and without those horrible pointless flashback scenes from American Streetfigher 1. Not to mention the picture quality is much improved. So if you've only seen this as American Streetfighter 2, don't judge this movie yet. See Full Impact, then you'll see the complete film that actually makes sense!

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Horrendously bad, obscenely unintentionally hilarious

Author: Dan Belcher from Kentucky
4 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Pretty boy tough guy with an accent and blonde hair Gary Daniels stars as Jared Taskin, a former cop who had a nervous breakdown and had to start seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Weise. In the meantime after losing his job, Jared Taskin has become a bounty hunter, which is displayed in the hilariously terrible first scene of the movie. A drug smuggler is trying to make a boy into his coke mule, but Taskin stops him through a poorly choreographed fight scene that includes some absolutely horrendous acting, particularly from the boy. After the fighting is over, the scene abruptly cuts to a sleazy motel room where a man known as Death Touch kills a hooker after having sex with her in an excuse to show nudity.

Old friend and fellow cop Bill Arkaday is played by Kent Ducanon who was in two previous Gary Daniels movies as different characters, adding to the "been there, done that" feel. Early in the film, Bill informs Taskin that his wife just left him, and he starts to violently attack a punching bag in anger. Sadly, this is the least wooden acting he shows the entire film. While talking to Taskin about the Death Touch case, Bill says he also cares about Amanda, though we never really find out exactly who Amanda is from what I can tell. We also learn here they suspect a man named Louis to be the Death Touch killer.

Death Touch later has sex with another prostitute, Jessie, but when he starts to hurt her (well, she is apparently supposed to be in pain even though she is smiling), the hotel manager comes running and Death Touch attacks him. Next, after a totally random fight scene, Taskin runs off to meet up with Bill who is going to Louis' restaurant and its self-proclaimed "Eat Now, Get Hungry An Hour Later Arena." Bill and Taskin go in and pick a fight with Louis' goons. Bill and Taskin dispose of Louis' goons in the parking lot outside before arresting Louis.

Taskin takes Bill to his house and reminisces about old times, trading terrible dialogue back and forth before a random scene where Taskin goes into his old house and starts suffering from flashbacks. Lee walks in and surprises Taskin, talking about how he needs to move on. We also learn here that he has a son he has not seen in some time. Taskin and Lee have sex on the floor while in an abrupt cut, Bill talks on the phone with the police chief about Jessie not being able to ID Louis in a lineup. This leads into yet another abrupt cut to Taskin talking with Dr. Weise—he wants her to help him look through some files. Meanwhile, Death Touch calls the police chief and warns him to stop the investigation or he will keep killing. Yet another prolonged sex scene that feels like bad soft core porn leads to another prostitute being killed. However, it looks to me like this is the same actress that played the first murdered prostitute in the movie! Taskin and Dr. Weise go talk to a former-cop-turned-security-guard about the original Death Touch case. The security guard gives them all the notes he has on the case. When the power gets cut suddenly, Taskin walks gets into a fight with several men wearing ski masks. Taskin tells Bill he found out it was "Jenks all along" and tells him the police report was changed. Bill wants to get ballistics involved, but Taskin wants to go fight Jenks. Bill tells Taskin to stop, but he refuses, leading to a fight between the two. Taskin knocks Bill out and walks away.

We are taken to the same exact boxing ring used in American Streetfighter where two women are fighting. Jenks is in the arena looking for some cash when Taskin rushes in and starts a fight with Jenks. Jenks insists he didn't kill anyone—the forged records were a payoff.

Taskin goes into Bill's house and snoops through the basement, finding a wig and the remains of someone's body in his basement. In the meantime, Bill drives over to Lee's house after snorting some cocaine for no apparent reason. Taskin walks in and Bill pulls a gun while the woman screams "Jared, it's happening again!" Taskin knocks the gun out of Bill's hand and chases him out of the house and down the street.

In an example of terrible special effects, Taskin and Bill hijack a car while fighting, but crash into a stack of cardboard boxes (hiding a ramp). The car jumps onto two wheels at low speed before spinning to a stop. The car apparently hit something and the fuel tank ruptured, spilling fuel all over the ground next to the car. Taskin forces Bill to the ground and rolls him around in the puddle of gasoline before Bill makes a run for a building.

They fight their way through the building up to the roof. Finally, after a long fight, Taskin grabs Bill, turns him around, and lights his jacket on fire (much like Kent Ducanon did to another character in American Streetfighter!). Bill stumbles around and wanders to the edge of the roof before falling off and landing hard on the pavement (much like another character in American Streetfighter!).

All in all, this is the single most unintentionally funny movie I have ever had the fortune/misfortune of finding in the bargain bin. Bad camera-work and sounds that apparently were all overdubbed in a sound studio after the fact for no apparent reason accent the terrible acting, swiss-cheese plot, and general terrible feel of this movie.

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This film has nothing to do with the part #1

Author: William ( from Seattle, Washington
26 March 1999

Unlike the first film, Daniels play a cop who is trying to track down a killer who is haunting him for two years. He is on the edge and so is the film for it has a miserable sound quality and photography! The film shows flashback of the first film, even though Daniels is playing a different character, and some of the cast from the first film is playing different role. The film also runs like a unfinished film, and looks like it was patch together to cash in on Daniels recent fame on home video and overseas market.

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So bad it's great.

Author: bebopdude88 from United States
28 December 2005

Oh man, this movie is just so bad it's good. I bought this movie at f.y.e for a dollar, and it was worth it. It's a beat em' up action with a strange amount of porn, and just over the top kungfu. During the movie, it often seems like the actors mouths don't match to what their actually saying, (if you can call them actors) even know the movie is American. Sometimes I think this movie consists only of stunt doubles. The lead actor seems like he could be Fabio double, and the main 'bad guy' could easily be a Patrick Stuart look alike. All in all, I recommend this movie to anyone with a good sense of humor, a love for kungfu action, and a dollar in their pocket, go buy this movie!

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Author: magilvilla from Robinson, IL
14 November 1999

This movie is worthless. You can tell it is a unfinished movie. So they added lots of nudity and flashbacks from American Streetfighter 1 to make it a full length movie. But even with all the added on stuff, it still only runs 72 minutes long. It has nothing to do with the original American Streetfighter, which was a good movie. Not even hardcore Gary Daniels fans should waste their time.

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A mixed bag.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
13 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jared Taskin (Daniels) is an ex-cop, now bounty hunter. Due to a trauma in his past, he is currently in therapy, with a Dr. Weise (Bennett). When a serial killer known as "The Death Touch" starts rampaging around L.A., Taskin reconnects with some of his old cronies on the police force to help bring the baddie down. This includes former partner William Arkaday (Ducanon), and the two men, one representing the police, and the other representing the more "outside the law" angle, go in search of the notoriously hard to catch Death Toucher. Will they do it? We really hope that this movie is someone's first experience with Gary Daniels. While it's pretty unrepresentative of the rest of his career, when you first put on Full Impact and see a montage of a luxuriantly-haired meathead flexing for the camera, it's inevitable that the viewer will think one thing and one thing only: Awesome. Before you watch Full Impact, you just have to brace yourself for rampant silliness. That's all there is to it. Most of the movie is pretty funny, but it's so brain-numbingly dumb, the brief 82 minute running time seems longer. Every few minutes, whether it makes sense or not, there is some sort of fight. That seems like it would be a good thing, but after a while the dumbness becomes fairly overwhelming.

While the movie seems to have been shot in America, the dubbing is laughably atrocious. At least Daniels seems to have dubbed his own voice. The guy who dubbed his bald partner (the fact that Daniels, with his lovely blonde locks is teamed with a bald man has to be some kind of irony...doesn't it?) either has a 30 cigar a day habit or is gargling with razor blades. Other characters on screen also make fun of Daniels' hair. On top of that, he's even called a "Limey Chuck Norris" at one point. Which is interesting, due to the parallels, plotwise, between this movie and A Force of One (1979). They should have called this movie "Taskin Force". Maybe a third movie (after American Streetfighter - where Daniels and everyone else played different characters - though other elements remain the same, the two movies remain unconnected, despite what it may seem like) could be made where Jared Taskin is a member of the Taskin Force and he leads a gang of people to fight the baddies. Well, we can always dream. At least Taskin has a novel way of eating breakfast cereal. So it's not a total loss.

Gerald Okamura has a dialogue-less role as a Punchfighter in the one scene of Punchfighting in this movie. The scene is utterly pointless, but at least it features a shirtless Okamura grappling with his opponent. So it's not a total loss. Ron Hall makes an appearance as one of Taskin's opponents, and an American treasure named Sonny Lee plays Bruce Valentaine (no, we didn't spell that wrong, that's how the man chooses - yes, CHOOSES, to spell his name. We assume.) - a man unafraid to take on Taskin in the ring. It must be his American flag Zubaz that give him the confidence he needs. I certainly know that it works for me. Though aren't there laws about desecrating the American flag? Ah, we kid Sonny/Bruce. We kid because we love.

If only Full Impact was shot, written, edited, acted, choreographed, lit and dubbed better, it would be just...better. As it stands now, it's a highly ridiculous moment in the career of Gary Daniels. Your tolerance for utter stupidity will determine how much you love or hate Full Impact. For us it was a mixed bag.

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One of the better reminders of the possibility of being a good, original action movie

Author: rocketman777 from Mckinney, TX
21 January 2005

I can sum up this movie in two words: crea tivity. Never before have I seen this kind of style of movie be pulled off so well. Gary Daniels is definitely the next BIG action star. I think that, if this movie were a presidential candidate, it would be the guy that everyone bashes because they don't understand his policy. But you look into the real heart and soul of this film, you will see that originality is more than an understatement.

The storyline and plot, coupled with the awesome photography and sound, just scream film noir. You can tell they were definitely going for those old-school Japanese flicks, much like Tarantino has borrowed ideas from as well. If only this movie would have come out sooner, it wouldn't have had its thunder stolen by the "new wave" of action, pioneered by the Matrix in 1999. This is a prime example of true film-making and action, back in a world where action movies actually had good stories and acting.

10/10. Gary Daniels is a deity.

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Awful movie!!!

Author: rikard-peterson from Sweden
1 November 2003

My friend went out to the moviestore to rent a video tape. We wanted to see a fighting movie whit Juan-Claude van Damme. On the front of the moviebox was a picture of van Damme.

BUT THE MOVIE SUXS! He wasn´t in it! The movie was awful! My friend went out and drive moped cuz he was so bored!

So don´t see it!

/Gang in Sweden, BURN!

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