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Alternate Versions

Released with 44 sec of censorship cuts in Sweden.
When originally shown in theaters the final sequence was shown in 3-D. When released to VHS the finale was shown in standard format. The only way to view the 3-D sequence prior to DVD was the laserdisc version which showed the entire film in standard format; the final chapter of the disc (after the movie) was the 3-D version of the finale.
The original UK rental VHS contained the 3D sequence and included 3D glasses. These glasses, similar to the ones handed out in cinemas, contained adverts for House Party 2.
The UK cinema version was cut by 6 secs by the BBFC to remove all footage of throwing stars, and video releases featured the same print. The cuts were waived for the 2001 DVD release.
The newly-updated DVD version gives the viewer the choice to watch parts of the movie in 3-D or standard.
Television versions often have alternate takes of profanity-laced scenes, such as the "Free me, you idiot, i'm your f**king memory!" scene. Also, in the original version, the map that Carlos is lost in is supposed to read "You're F**ked". Instead, the TV version has the map saying "You're Screwed".
There is a workprint version floating around which contains about 20 minutes of cut footage and dialogue.
The version that aired on UPN actually had all the violent scenes in full, (only the language was edited). However, the TV version also had a few scenes and extensions of scenes not included in the theatrical and home video releases. These include: Maggie having a talk with her mother after having a nightmare before leaving for the youth shelter, a little bit more footage in the beginning of the scene with Tracy and Maggie are in the van after John was killed, a few extra shots of the desolate "Springwood Fair"

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