Flirting (1991) Poster


Plot Keywords

school teacher
bullying african
boarding school sequel
second part world war two veteran
reading someone else's mail racial slur
gay slur looking in a window
looking out a window one word title
lying on bed lie
climbing through window telephone call
telephone opening a door
night redhead girl
blonde telling someone to shut up
girl with glasses saying thank you
apology kissing
hand job kiss
school assembly year 1965
uniform school uniform
orgasm erection
fondling loss of virginity
chalk motel sex
motel interracial couple
white male black female relationship whistle
whipping watching tv
vomit voice over narration
underwear uganda
ugandan tv news
trenchcoat theatre production
theatre audience teenage girl
teenage boy teamwork
stuttering stretcher
st. albans song
snail singing
singer sex
sieg heil screaming
schoolgirl school spirit
sadist sadism
rural setting rugby
rowboat rooftop
rock 'n' roll reference to ursula andress
reference to twiggy reference to the myth of sisyphus
reference to sonny liston reference to jean paul sartre
reference to cassius clay reference to albert camus
reference to agatha christie race relations
pride poetry
poem play within a film
pipe smoking pipe cleaner
photograph paris france
orchestra nurse
nudity nightmare
nazi mother daughter relationship
model airplane minister
microscope mau mau
mating ritual male frontal nudity
makeup lipstick
letter lake
kenya infirmary
hymn homosexual
headmistress hand on knee
hallucination girls' boarding school
gestapo gay
friend friendship
football flying
flirting flashlight
flash camera film clip
fight father daughter relationship
fake vomit dream
drawing dormitory
debate dancing
dance dancer
costume class
classroom cigarette smoking
church cat
candy camera
bully bruise
bravery boys' boarding school
boxing boxing knockout
banana africa
adolescence 1960s
undressing shower
bed bare breasts
female nudity caning
spanking schoolboy
punishment public nudity
party male rear nudity
male nudity male bonding
corporal punishment beating
bare butt shower room
teen romance teenager
teen angst self discovery
interracial romance first love
diplomat cross cultural relations
coming of age boxer
australia affection
interracial relationship love
independent film title spoken by character

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