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When Eddie is being chased from the alley he jumps out into the main road in front of a 1969 Firebird when the film is set in 1965.
In a concert scene dated 1972, Duck appears onstage playing a keytar (a portable combination of a keyboard and guitar). The keytar was first commercially introduced in 1980.
When Duck is eating Kentucky Fried Chicken in the hallway of the hotel, the logo on the bucket of Colonel Sanders is clearly one that did not exist until the 1980's.
On the opening number, "I Love Joey", it's obvious that the horns are synthesized, very unlikely in 1965.
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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the theater scene where Eddie asks if a heart is a house for love, when he says "Stand Up", the audio is about a half-second faster than the visual motion.
During the talent show, as Choir Boy is returning to the stage (after being booed off), both JT and Duck stop singing and momentarily turn to him. Although their lips have clearly stopped moving, the song continues (it wasn't Dresser and Eddie doing the chorus, since Dresser is singing bass and Eddie is doing lead).
When Duck begins to play the piano at the talent show, the change of pace in the piano playing begins in the midst of Duck shoving the house player aside.
When JT and Flash are singing "Just in Case"; both of their mouths are moving when they recite the lyrics "... come back to me." Except only Flash's voice is actually heard.
When Duck and his sister are singing "We Haven't Finished Yet", she sings "We can't let go", but her mouth doesn't follow the "Oh no, no" on the track.

Character error 

As the group starts singing the acapella version "A Heart is a house for love", Leon (JT) starts off snapping his fingers on the wrong beat.


During the talent show concert Eddie's tie magically moves up and down when he goes from on the stage to jumping off the stage. It moves again as he begins to ask "Is there a heart in the house tonight?"
Towards the End of Flash and the Ebony Sparks performance, the background singer on the left goes from being Shirtless to unbuttoning the shirt to open shirt and back again. He's pretty quick!

Factual errors 

In the restaurant scene when Duck asked the girl her phone number she said 555-.... In the 1960s phone numbers had five numbers preceded by two letters.

Revealing mistakes 

When Eddie's dad is telling him he will not amount to anything you can see that his moustache is falling off of his face.

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