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Awful script ruins a clever idea

Author: metevault
10 January 2004

As I sat in front of the TV watching this movie, I thought, "Oh, what Alfred Hitchcock, or even Brian DePalma, could have done with this!" Chances are, you will too. It does start out intrigueing. A British park ranger living in Los Angeles (Collin Firth) marries a pretty, demure brunette woman (Lisa Zane) whom he met in a park only a short time ago. Then, one day she dissappears. The police are unable to find any documentation that she ever existed, and Firth conducts his own search. So far, so good. Just as he's about to give up, he turns to his womanizing best friend (Billy Zane), and they stumble onto her former life in L.A.'s sordid underground of drugs, nightclubs, and ametuer filmmaking, and then to her history of mental instability. At that point, Firth's life is in danger, and the film falls apart. None of the characters from Lisa Zane's past are remotely interesting. The film moves slowly, and there's very little action. There is a subplot regarding missing drug money, but it's just a throwaway. No chases, no cliffhanging sequences, and no suspense. Just some dull beatings and a lot of chat by boring characters. One thing worth noting, Lisa Zane and Billy Zane are brother and sister, but they never appear in a scene together. By the end of the movie, you're torn between wondering what might have been and trying to stay awake.

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Looney lady leaves unlucky lover in lurch

Author: helpless_dancer from Broken Bow, Oklahoma
27 June 2002

The bud of love bloomed when boy met girl. A whirlwind romance and quickie nuptials are displayed in a series of flashbacks after a mysterious woman [read: crazy] leaves her hubby during the honeymoon. He goes bonkers and spends his days tracing his disappeared darling. This leads him into a web of S&M film makers, lunatic drug dealers, and a very large surprise concerning his wonderful wife. Run of the mill thriller which seems to bog down more than cause one to quiver with emotional excitement.

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If you enjoy seeing Colin Firth in a lead role, you will enjoy this flick...

Author: allurepet ( from Cleveland, OH
15 January 2000

If you are a tried-and-true fan of Colin Firth, you will enjoy this movie as he is in every frame...who wouldn't want to watch Colin Firth fall in love...Made in 1991, it shows how much Colin has grown in his acting skills since this movie...Lisa Zane is believable in her role, and Billy Zane is there...not much more to say about him...the script lacks depth and credibility...i rate this movie a C.

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Great premise is poorly executed

Author: highwaytourist from United States
28 January 2007

It's interesting at first. A naive park ranger (Colin Firth) marries a pretty, mysterious woman (Lisa Zane) he's only known for a short time. They seem to be happy, then she disappears without warning. He searches for her and, after a few dead ends, stumbles upon some of her abused childhood and sleazy recent past, which may include criminal activity. And then, it seems the filmmakers didn't know what to do with the story. The beginning, while not as suspenseful as it sounds, is at least watchable. Then it ceases to be interesting or even make much sense. And the ending is so lame, so dull, and so devoid of any excitement or intelligence, you'll think the screenwriters didn't know what to do with it and got bored trying. What a sorry waste of a good idea!

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A must see for Firth fans..

Author: Kim Webb from Alexandria, Virginia
6 January 2002

Granted I'm a Colin Firth fan but I really enjoyed this movie. It has an interesting plot with unsuspecting twists and turns that keep the viewer focused until the end. Even the reviewer that said it was bad watched it all the way through.

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Colin fans only....

Author: Cali-lily from United States
9 September 2005

This movie is intriguing only because Colin Firth is in it. It is one of his earlier films so he still has a baby fat face, but he also has that charming, not a total waste of time. He is the only reason I stuck it out.

Movie has thin plot that probably could have been a good, had the characters not been so superficial. Colin has all his usual passion, but seems out of place with the surrounding "ghosts" pretending to be actors. Really was let down by extent of the emptiness of the acting. The plot was too easy...first there are really bad men, then the bad men don't want to be bothered with the physicality's of killing someone. So they leave...what's with that? They are hit men without bullets, basically.

And I am so used to seeing Billy Zane as a really bad man that he seemed secondary if not less. Kinda spacey, and not really in the part of the film that he would have been best at, the supposed brutal sub-ending. I say sub-ending because the ending-ending was even more disappointing....turned into some warped fairy tale.

All in all, waste of time and space. Sorry Colin.

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Colin Firth shines in otherwise badly-done movie

Author: msroz from United States
9 November 2016

"Femme Fatale" (1991) is yet another neo-noir in the long list amassed by critic John Grant. Lately, I've been looking at some of the more obscure ones. There will be the occasional jewel among them, but mostly their obscurity and low ratings are deserved, this movie included. This film has a very good performance by Colin Firth, clearly worth seeing by his fans. He carries his part exceedingly well. He's kind of a bewildered soul who hasn't found a true love, but then falls hard for Lisa Zane. They marry and repair to his hideaway job as a forest ranger. Almost immediately she leaves him. He wakes up and finds her ring and a note saying "I don't know who you are". This is a good premise for a story, as he makes every effort not only to find her but to understand her. She's clearly more complex than he thought, for she seemed 100% in love with him and committed to their marriage.

Unfortunately, the film then tends to meander and lose dramatic tension. It's not without interest. It's not a bomb. We stay with it. However, the writing and direction fail to create the sought after jewel or even much of a semblance thereof. In the old Hollywood days, b-movies were better done relative to b-movies like this one. The established production teams of the studios saw to that and the producers seemed to have known how to stem the bombs and get decent second features. Nowadays, there's a lot of product but a lot more junky stuff too. This one tries. It makes an attempt. Firth's presence helps. But in the final analysis, in terms of a good story, dramatically told and engaging, this effort falls flat.

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One word ....... awful !

Author: merklekranz from United States
18 March 2012

Don't even think of being tempted to watch this because of the intriguing premise of a disappeared bride. This is no "Breakdown" or "The Vanishing". What it is, is a total waste of time. Beyond the initial idea, the script seemed made up as it went along. The characters are unlikable, the premise preposterous, and the entire movie is pointless. This is like trying to make sense out of a jigsaw puzzle with quite a few missing pieces. Unfortunately I stayed with it, hoping to find at least one redeeming quality that would justify my patience. None could be found, and you have been warned not to make the same mistake. - MERK

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a very useless movie

Author: milla4ever from Amsterdam, the Netherlands
28 December 1999

I accidentally stumbled upon this 'movie' while zapping over my 60 dutch channels. Well, because it was very late and there wasn't anything else on, I continued to watch this low-budget picture. I like to torture myself from time to time. Colin Firth is a dumb newlywed whose bride runs away on their honeymoon. So, guess what, he starts to look for her. But his wife is a loony. Lisa Zane doesn't play her character with any mystery. You only get irritated by her. Oh yes, her brother Billy plays Firth's best friend and what an acting achievement that was. I urge you to go to dentist rather than to see this movie. Lisa Zane can't save it with her looks alone.

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