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Nic Cage and John Travolta Time Travelers? Yes, Yes They Are

In the grand tradition of the grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary that sold for $28,000 dollars, we present to you today another strange case from the mixed-up files called eBay …

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, the acting foes who once battled each other for supremacy in "Face/Off" and who may well square off again in "Expendables 2," have already made a very pre-mature reteaming … in the past. According to Gawker, a man selling a Civil War-era photograph of a fella named Jack Mord is really a time-hopping Nic Cage, and damned if there isn't a resemblance. That cowlick and mustache ain't foolin' nobody.

Now, thanks to an old ambrotype, it seems another big-time national treasure has been outed as a time-travelologist: Mr. John Travolta. While the old-timey Cage photo is selling for a cool million on eBay, the 1850 Travolta is a steal at $50,000.

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