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Ernest P. fights off "booger-lipped" bad guys. . .
Iammymothersdaughter220 September 2001
O.K. so this movie probably wasn't nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay. Or best of anything else for that matter. And the film is what most folks would term "stupid" humor. So I like "stupid" humor, so sue me. Jim Varney's creation of characters like Ernest and the myriad others he pulled out of seeming thin air, in my opinion speak volumes of his talent and creativity. Sometimes it's enough just to be entertained with belly laughs and not stop and analyze every single line of dialog. If you're the intellectual type, don't bother with this movie, it'll go way over your head, or under your radar screen one. But if you're an otherwise intelligent and reasonably good humored person, and especially if you're looking for something that is decidedly NOT a gut-yanking, eyeball popping, gorey screamfest to watch with your kids on Halloween, this is a fun and easy on the brain flick.
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When Halloween was fun and Ernest made us scared stupid
Kristine29 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
One of the movies I remember watching like crazy when I was a kid during Halloween was Ernest Scared Stupid. It was always on TV and one of those harmless kid's movies that they could watch with a fun scare and was pretty safe for the family. I always loved this movie, even though I liked the more intense films like Jaws and The Exorcist, Ernest Scared Stupid was something special to me. I think because I always liked the mix of horror and comedy. Jim Varney went from doing Mello Yello commercials to creating Ernest, one of the silliest but funniest characters of all time. He saved Christmas, went to prison and now he's being scared stupid. Now does the film still hold up after all these years? I think so, it's a reminder of a time when Halloween was fun and about the scares.

Ernest works as a sanitation engineer for the town and is close friends with Elizabeth and her two friends Joey, and Kenny. After their haunted clubhouse is ruined by the Mayor's two sons who are bullying them, Ernest promises to find them a better place to build one shortly before he is ordered to clear the land of Old Lady Hackmore but he is frightened off by her, and when running through her lands he comes across a gigantic tree, which he and the kids decide to turn into a gigantic tree house. Ernest accidentally incites the incantation to summon the troll. The troll now wants the children so he can bring back his other evil troll friends. But Ernest and the kids are on top of it trying to stop him before he can do this and save the town.

Ernest Scared Stupid is a harmless film that I don't know why, but people gave this movie the harshest rating. Is it because we grew up? When did we stop forgetting what it's like to be a kid? Especially during Halloween where we wore that horrible Walgreens make up, itchy costume, went trick-or-treating, coming home to get rid of the corn candy in the bag only to get to the good stuff like Snickers and Hershey bars. That's what Ernest Scared Stupid meant to me, reminding me of the good times. The acting may be bad, but it's a kid's movie for goodness sake. The kid actors do as average of a job as most actors. Ernest was hilarious though, I just love when he reunites with Rimshot at the end and is taken down by his kisses. I thought the costumes/impressions by Jim were great and just a fun laugh. This may be a silly movie, but I think people just need to let go. After all, when it comes down to it, every holiday takes us back to the time when we were kids with all those good memories.

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Woa! Woa! Keep it real!!
Jack the Ripper188815 January 2003
I saw this movie on TV a couple years ago, but I didn't get to see the whole thing because I had to go to that one place in the world that is most pointless and very stupid----yes, school. But, when I saw it at the video store a few days ago, I bought it. And this movie is seriously one of the best comedies that are "so stupid, they're funny".

The late Jim Varney stars as Ernest as he tries to stop an evil Troll from killing all of town's children. The movie begins with a montage of classic horror film clips, some of which I recognized to be FRANKENSTEIN and the 1922 classic NOSFERATU. There are some scenes that might not be suitable for children, but otherwise this hilariously funny romp is surely a movie that everyone should watch. This film is a must-see for anyone who loves stupidly funny comedies!

Sleep tight....ERNEST SCARED STUPID gets 4/5.
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More Innocent Than It Is Stupid
ccthemovieman-129 August 2007
This was the first "Ernest" movie, I think, that I watched and I was surprised that it wasn't as stupid as I thought it was or the title convinced me it would be. It really wasn't "stupid" until the last 20 minutes, but a lot of movies get really dumb in the last half hour.

For most of the movie, it was nice, lighthearted fun that - cliché aside - is fun for the "whole family." There is nary a bad one word in this movie and it's old-fashioned slapstick fun and about as innocent as it gets.

Having said that, I realize a lot of people would still consider the movie as a dumb one but I always liked Jim Varney and laughed at the most of the stuff he did, beginning with those famous TV commercials of his.

In the last 30 years, how many comedies do you see without a tons of sex and profanity? Almost give "Ernest" some slack.
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pure ernest
antimarcc13 March 2002
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that the Ernest films aren't exactly Oscar-caliber movies... okay, they aren't even good movies by most peoples standards. BUT, the Ernest P. Worrell movies sure are fun, something that you can just let go and laugh at.

Ernest Scared Stupid is my favorite of these movies. It may be just because I used to watch it all the time when I was like 12 years old, but either way, I still like it. Right from the credits you can tell it is going to be hilarious. The troll makeup and costumes are very well done for an Ernest movie, and it keeps you entertained all the way through. I'm 20 years old and I can still watch this one until the very end. The real question is, when is somebody going to get off of their ass and put the late, great Jim Varney's entire Ernest collection out on DVD?

We're waiting... I know I'm not alone here... right?
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Ernest is the godfather of comedy....or something like that
Beck9724 October 1999
Ernest Scared Stupid is by far the best Ernest movie yet. Our lovable bumbling idiot has to save the day this time from a bunch of trolls. Sounds like a cheap horror flick plot, but once you factor in Ernest......its non stop side splitting Ernest P. Worrell action. I mean, it even has his faithful dog Rimshot in it. You can't go wrong with that.
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Best Ernest movie. Know what I mean?
dootuss4 October 2002
This is hands down the BEST "Ernest" film ever! In the movie lovable, idiot Ernest P. Worrell accidently wakes up a troll who begins to abduct kids, and turn them into wooden dolls for his evil plan. Of course in this kind of case, our lovable dimwit has to stop the evil troll, and get him back to where he belongs! Of course, in the process, there will be loads of mayhem, and shear laugh riot scenes as well.

As I said before, this was the best "Ernest" film ever made (It even beat out "Ernest Goes To Jail" which is my 2nd favorite "Ernest" film.). What was really cool about this installment was how it had a horror movie look in a way, but made it in an "Ernest" kind of way. Scary, and Hilarious at the same time!!!

This film gets a perfect 10!!
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Horror Film for Kids with Plenty of Laughter
rebeljenn16 November 2005
'Ernest Scared Stupid' is a job well done for Ernest. This film combines the slapstick and subtle humor typical of any Ernest film, and it brings in the element of horror. The film is downright frightening for children, but it is not THAT frightening because of the reassurance that it is only a film. It's just made for children, after all.

In this film, a troll breaks free from a curse and starts capturing children and turning them into dolls. It is up to Ernest to save the day and bring Halloween back -- without frightening trolls. I was amazed at how entertaining this film was; I saw it when I was about 11, and it was my first proper 'movie' I saw at the cinema, not counting classic Disney animated films.

Halloween is mainly a children's affair anyway, and it is good to see that Ernest was able to bring it to the children: a little bit of laughter, a little bit of horror, and some child actors in important parts. It's what every child hopes for in a Halloween film.
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totally lovable, no matter how dumb it is
Lee Eisenberg17 January 2007
The Ernest movies were ridiculous, pointless, and quite frankly, a distraction from anything realistic; and yet they were so lovable. Maybe it's just knowing that Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) will always try his hardest to do something honest and benevolent, but always end up doing the most idiotic and embarrassing thing possible; think of him as Gilligan's successor. In "Ernest Scared Stupid", he accidentally awakens an evil troll who proceeds to go around kidnapping children with the aim of becoming indestructible.

Yes, it's total escapism, but the good kind. The perfect movie to watch with a bud. You gotta admit that some of the stuff here makes you laugh just because of its unpredictability. "Miak" is probably the best example.

Anyway, it's pretty fun. Also starring Eartha Kitt (happy birthday, Eartha!).
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