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Surprisingly amazing.

Author: haydenmunch from United Kingdom
1 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this movie for a quid at a cheap book shop a year or so ago, purely because of Feldman as his other films from the 80's were glorious- and I was utterly shocked at just how good this film was.

Something about it made it a step beyond the other appaulingly low budgeted redneck thrillers. There was no pretence of horror or anything along those lines- it was all very easy to follow, and the setting was well chosen as in any other place it would've failed to impress so much of an image. Must be all those trees.

Anyway, since when has there ever been another film about scouts, lead by Feldman, saving the day? Or for that matter- any film about scouts.

The plots all tied together nicely, and him-off-Scrubs seems to be permanently, well type-cast as 'the mean guy who it goes wrong for every darn time'.

The one thing I'd change, is the dodgy yet mysterious- and possibly English- guy-in-shades, who's hired by the bad guys to rectify the situation and recover their stolen weaponry. It's not always necessary to have some bad-ass cool guy to make a film decent; Feldman filled that role anyway. I found the little boy who got shot more bad ass.

If you can find it anywhere, it's definitely worth a go. You'll be surprised at how good it is.

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Excellent B movie

Author: ( from Kimberling City, MO.
2 May 2001

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I first saw it when I was eleven years old. I was a boy scout then and I really thought it was cool. I'm twenty now and I still like to watch it. Corey Feldman is cool in it and I love the atmosphere the movie gives off. It is very violent, but it in an inventive way. The skills that the kids use to reek revenge are very neat and creative. Patrick Swayze's brother is in this one and he is downright awful. Aside from that, the movie is ver good. I love the gunfights and there is a very dark tone. It's very reminiscent to Red Dawn. It's VERY unrealistic but a LOT of fun. Check it out and watch it one night with a few beers and you'll have a blast.

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Well put together & enjoyable!

Author: Prolox from Canada
25 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of boy scouts discover some stolen weapons in an old shack in the woods, taking them out of the shack, the boys incur the wrath of the bad guys who stole them & using a map that one of the scouts lost, massacres an entire camp of kids & their leaders, while the five remaining scouts try to avoid being shot at by the criminals who chase them through out the woods, teaming up with a young girl who lost her family to the same group, the good guys get tired of running & being afraid & decide to take their revenge against the enemies. EDGE OF HONOR, was a film I've heard about many years ago & heard a lot of good things about it, however it was unavailable in the small town I live in, that is until LION'S GATE recently re-distributed the movie & I got a chance to see it & I must say it was worth it's hype, it has a decent amount of action & suspense & some really talented actors on hand, including SCOTT REEVES (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 8) MEREDETH SALENGER & COREY FELDMAN (Re-teamed together for the first time since DREAM A LITTLE DREAM) & DON SWAYZE who plays the most ruthless of the bad guys. The direction was well handled & the atmosphere was great. Definitely worth a look for action/suspense fans!

***1/2 stars

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Corey Feldman rules in this great action movie.

Author: monkey-man from Australia
14 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Edge of Honor (1991).

This movie is about how some boy scouts find some weapons in a house in the forest.And they take them out side so they can take them to the cops to be hero's.But they decided to hide them outside the house and come back and get them at night.And the bad guys that owned the weapons came to the house to get them but they are gone and they do not know who took them.But the bad guys find a map on the floor of the house that one of the scouts dropped and the scouts camp is marked on the map.So the bad guys went to the camp to find out where there weapons are and then they start to kill the scouts and the scouts leaders.And some scouts manage to escape including the scouts who hid the weapons.Now the scouts have to escape the bad guys by trying to find there way out of the forest and get help.

Before i rented this movie i thought that this movie would be OK but it turned out to be a fun,action packed,never boring movie and i really enjoyed watching it so much.I am not sure if this movie is out on DVD yet but i think that it would come out on DVD soon enough.And i am going to bye it if see it on DVD and you should bye this movie it would make a great addition to your DVD collection.

Over all this movie is really good and Corey Feldman is so great in this movie and if u liked him in this movie you should watch him in this movie The Goonies (1985).My rating for this movie is 7 out of 10.

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Neat little time waster.

Author: filmbuff-36 from Houston, TX
26 May 1999

Interesting action film for teenagers, about a group of campers who stumble onto a gun-running operation in the woods. The people in charge of the smuggling find out that the kids know about them, and then hunt them through the forest to kill them. The bad guys are all zombie-like psychopaths straight out of a John Carpenter movie, with no scruples against shooting innocent children. Taut little thriller, with overtones of Walter Hill's own 80's "survival in the wilderness" flick "Southern Comfort". A true guilty pleasure movie for sure, but you will be strangely drawn to root for the teenagers during the final action scene where they reek violent revenge on their pursuers. I watched this film along time ago, but I still remember it because it was a good movie considering what it was about.

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One of the better hunted in the woods films ..........

Author: merklekranz from United States
13 October 2013

While "Edge of Honor" certainly is no "Deliverance", it is one of the better hunted in the woods films. I would put this on a par with something like "Hunter's Blood". The movie benefits from Don Swaze playing an excellent villain. The plot is simple and easy to follow, with the Scouts trying to survive using their survival skills. Although the climax is somewhat of a stretch, what precedes it is totally acceptable outdoor entertainment. The photography in "Edge of Honor" is another huge plus. Seek this one out if you are a fan of this type. You will not be disappointed. ..........................................- MERK

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Its well-written, serious-intentioned, and competently-directed.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
31 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of teenaged Boy Scouts exploring the Washington State wilderness come upon an abandoned shack. The boys, led by Butler (Feldman) discover some heavy-duty weaponry in the shack, namely rocket launchers and bazookas stolen from the U.S. government. Now that the scouts know about the weapons, they come under attack by a team of gun totin' rednecks led by the emotionless Ritchie (Swayze). But as the movie itself notes at one point, the boys are the small fish, the rednecks are the middle fish, and the big fish is the Shakespeare-quoting Blade (Neame). Now surrounded by baddies on all sides, the scouts end up teaming up with a local girl who shares their cause, Alex (Salenger), and they all use whatever booby trap-making knowledge they have to outwit and defend themselves against the onslaught of people that want their heads. Will they get their merit badge in REVENGE? Find out today! When most people think of Corey Feldman, they don't often think of Edge of Honor. They probably just assume that he's off somewhere, doing a Michael Jackson-like dance. That's a shame and an oversight, because this movie is among his best work. Viewers that get a chance to see Edge of Honor will likely be pleasantly surprised at how engaging and watchable the movie is. We're not really sure why someone would be surprised, except for the fact that video stores were filled with wilderness slogs at the time like Endangered (1994), and patrons had no reason to believe, at first, that this was any different. But it has a lot of fun, interesting touches that make it worthwhile. And the glasses-wearing Corey gets to do his best Jack Nicholson/Christian Slater/William Devane-like drawl. So you can't say he does the same thing in every movie. He wouldn't be this good again until A Dangerous Place (1995).

That's not to say all wilderness movies are slogs, there are definite winners such as this one and Hunter's Blood (1986), and though Edge of Honor seems to be leaning towards the younger end of the R-rated demographic, its well-written, serious-intentioned, and competently-directed overall feel isn't insulting to audiences of any age. Bringing Don Swayze on board as the amoral backwoods murderer is always a good move, and this movie is among Don's best that we've seen, up there with Driving Force (1989), where he plays a similar character. Heck, he plays this character most of the time. It must be something in the bone structure of his face that make casting directors angling for a countrified killer to go, "Oh, get Don Swayze!" Besides Corey and Don, who are the faces we're most familiar with, the rest of the cast is very good as well, and we were also familiar with Christopher Neame from his appearances as similar baddies to this one in Diplomatic Immunity (1991) and Irresistible Force (1993) - as well as appearances in Street Knight (1993) and Hellbound (1994). So he pops up more than we realized. But all told, Edge of Honor is like a DTV counterpart to Red Dawn (1984) - and a pleasant romp in the woods at that. The Academy VHS is worth picking up if you can find it.

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Salenger: Emotional vigilante

Author: Phil-249 from Marly, Switzerland
5 October 1999

This time it's scouts/kids vs. gun-runners/killers. The plot is exchangeable, the faces are exchangeable, the fights are exchangeable.

Nothing new here or so it seems... But there's something very odd and it's got to do with the character played by Meredith Salenger who seeks revenge on the crooks who've killed her family right before her eyes. Salenger's traumatic conversion from happy and likeable country girl into gun-tooting, vengeful vigilante doesn't help the whole movie (which rapidly goes downhill afterwards) but it remains a very impressive sequence. >

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