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Hilary: Because I love you. And if you come back with me to the hospital and fight for us. Fight for us, I will never leave you Victor. But you have to fight. And if you get well, when you get well, I'll be there with you. And if you die, I will hold your hand. I'll hold your hand and the last thing you will ever see will be me because I love you.

[Serving Victor his dinner]

Hilary 'Hil: Dinner.

Victor 'Vic: Thanks.

Hilary 'Hil: Eggs.

Victor 'Vic: Thank you.

Hilary 'Hil: That's all this redhead could find. There's no real food in the house. Unless you want a Twinkie omelet.

Victor 'Vic: Ha! Twinkie omelet.

Malachi: And may I assume from the intense odor of mayonnaise you'll be dining in tonight?

Victor Geddes: Uh, actually, no, we're going out, right, honey?

Hilary O'Neil: Sure.

Victor Geddes: We're going out.

Victor Geddes: [to Hilary] Call me insane, but I'd venture a guess that Gordon would like to warm you up in any way possible.

Victor Geddes: My mother said, "You don't have to like everything, but you have to try everything."

Hilary O'Neil: Oh, my mother always said, "Pass the Velveeta."

Hilary O'Neil: What is it?

Victor Geddes: Raw cow... dead.

Hilary O'Neil: What if I throw up?

Victor Geddes: Then I'll take care of you.

Hilary O'Neil: I told Estelle you have a terminal disease.

Victor Geddes: What?

Hilary O'Neil: Assholeitis.

Shauna: So how much is he paying you?

Hilary 'Hil: 400 big ones.

Shauna: Fuck me!... Not you.

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