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When Morrison is on a window ledge in 1971, a billboard advertising Another 48 Hrs. is visible.
At the bar, Jim drinks Miller Genuine Draft, which was not available until the late 1980s.
Shortly after the band rehearses "Break On Through", the guitarist starts to play the beginning of "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. The song was released in 1975.
In the film school project scene, Jim Morrison reads the 1982 Viking/Penguin edition of "The Portable Nietzsche".
The home movie camera used by the Doors is a super-8 sound model manufactured in the late 1970s.
In the studio, right before a 1969 concert, the Doors' manager tells Jim "I am not going to go through this again with you, and lose you at the bottom of a bottle of Southern Comfort like Janis [Joplin]." The next scene takes place in spring 1970. Janis Joplin died October 4th, 1970.
Morrison wears a pair of Ray-Bans that were introduced in the 1980s.
Backstage during The Ed Sullivan Show, the band watches the infamous 12th Street Riots in Detroit unfold on TV. The riots took place July 23-28, 1967, and the band appeared on the show on September 17th, 1967.
When the band first rehearses in Venice in 1965, the microphones are Shure SM58s, introduced in 1966.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

"The End" is performed using two small organs, but the recording in the film uses a Hammond B-3 organ.
When the band plays "The End" at Whiskey-A-Go-Go, the drums are not in time.
At the Miami concert, Jim Morrison has a boom stand for his microphone. After a cut to an audience shot, the camera goes back to Morrison, with no microphone stand. After another audience shot, the camera returns to Morisson, and the microphone stand is back.

Character error 

The London Fog scene takes place in 1966. When the manager asks Jim's age, Jim claims to be 21. If the scene took place in 1966, he would be 22 (before December 8) or 23.


When Jim chases Patricia Kennealy in her apartment, he wears a covering from the waist down. When they both fall on the bed and make love, the covering is gone.

Crew or equipment visible 

As Morrison follows Pam along the boardwalk, a large group of crew members and a boom mic pole are reflected in a shop window.
During the San Francisco concert sequence, the shadow of the cameraman is clearly visible on Jim's shirt.
During the cemetery sequence in Paris, the Steadicam operator's feet are reflected in the grave of Marcel Proust.

Factual errors 

In the film, the New Haven concert is a sold-out show, in a beautiful theater with a balcony. In real life, the show was at the New Haven Arena, a broken-down hockey rink with no balcony. It was also half-empty.
In the film, a female photographer sexily encourages Morrison to take his shirt off, resulting in the iconic "Young Lion" photo first seen in the Village Voice, and later used as the cover photo for the Doors 1985 "Best Of" album. The photographer was actually a man, Joel Brodsky.
Morrison was arrested on stage in New Haven in December 1967, not 1968.
Before Morrison is arrested on stage, the woman he is with says he attended the University of Florida. Jim Morrison attended Florida State University.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

As with most biopics, some of the events did not occur exactly as they are portrayed in the film, or may have happened at a different time. Some did not take place at all and are included purely for dramatic purposes.
Morrison says "Well we're a sullen group, Ed" without moving his lips. This was done deliberately to allow the audience into Jim Morrison's thoughts for just a moment. He could not say "Well, we're a sullen group, Ed!" directly to Ed Sullivan without being thrown out immediately. Instead, we are allowed to hear him think it, which leads us to the mischief Morrison got up to live on air. Another example of deliberate audio/visual mismatch is when Jim is approached by a groupie at Andy Warhol's party. Replying to "Hey Jim, remember San Francisco?", Jim says "Uh no, not really", without moving his lips. We are allowed to hear him think in his drug addled state.

Revealing mistakes 

During the Magazine photo shoot, Jim begins to wander around the studio with the photographer following him, still taking pictures. A flash continues to go off, yet there is no flash on the camera, they are still on the stands on the set.
At the UCLA film school, one student stands up to leave. The film shines on his back, but the film shown on the screen is unchanged.
Val Kilmer's beard begins peeling off the right side of his face while singing Five to One. It's clearly visible on the closeup shot.

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