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ignorant fools

Author: decoda_roller from neverland...i wish
11 January 2005

why is that everyone seems to discard a notably great film from the 90's. It can never seem to stand up to everybody's high standards of what a good film should be. What happened to just enjoying a film and being moved and captivated by it and in some cases being inspired by it instead of being so damn critical.I am not saying that this is the best film in the world but its on my favorite's list and justifiably so. I'm sure if you've seen it you enjoyed it, the humor of sue Ellen's boss (rose), The innocent romance between sue Ellen and Bryan, the coming of age and stepping up to your responsibilities from Kenny.....a recipe for success.You could even be blind and love it.....i am not blind and i could see its potential.But alas as long as the scornful eyes of others tarnish a perfectly good/great comedy then i say "i pity you fools"...your loss and more fun for me.

SERIOUSLY YOU LOVE AND YOUR IN DENIAL........I KNOW YOU ARE....." yeah she like 200 years old"....did you hear clip from spinal tap when she gets the petty cash?

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5 kids alone for summer!

Author: MCFmeatball from Wisconsin
26 August 2002

The best late 1980s/early 1990s movie ever!!! Just look at the clothes, the makeup, the music, the hair! Good stuff. Definitely a good movie for a date or movie nite with friends. The only bad part about older movies is the coloring, but the plot on this one is awesome.

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6 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Five children take over their house after their mom goes on vacation. Great

Author: Sk8rGuy5141 from United States
19 December 2004

This movie is the best! Thanks HBO for putting it on today! I had a lot of fun watching it with my family. I think everyone should take a chance to see this movie. It's funny and it teaches you to be responsible (like when they get their act together and clean their house). Christina Appelgate played a great character in this movie. She was perfect for it. It also shows how easy someone can get away with something for a least a while like Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate). I'm an 80's early 90's fan so this movie great from my perspective. It's weird because just the other day, I looked this movie up online after not remembering about since i was about six. I found it and I was like o cool that's what it's called. Then, two days later (today) it comes on HBO? Now isn't that a little ironic? After not seeing it since I was six, i see it today and two days after remembering it. What are the odds of that? Well, that's cool that it happened that way because I like this movie a lot. So, thanks HBO for putting this movie on today and I think everyone should get a chance to see this movie. Bye.

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Tough to hate

Author: Sandcooler from Belgium
17 April 2010

You can't really have anything against this movie, because it's just incredibly harmless fun. The moral lessons that glue this movie together are taken straight from after-school specials, but they are delivered in such a delightful way that they almost become bearable. Almost. The humour is very creative and there are a lot of laughs, then again some of the best jokes are probably unintentional ones. I especially love the scene in which it turns out Sue Ellen has a knack for designing fashion, to which they show us the absolute most hideous clothes ever made in this universe. Ah, the early 90s, how I love thee and all thy weirdness. The cast does very well, kind of a shame none of them ever made it to the A-list. Christina Applegate might just be the most underrated actress in Hollywood, but oh well. Generally I'm not too fond of these movies with an oh-so-important message, but I gladly make an exception for this one.

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Very inspiring movie

Author: PeterRoeder from Lyngby, Denmark
10 March 2008

I thought this was a very funny teenage-family movies in the 80s style although it was finished in 1991. Perhaps the title is a bit stupid and difficult to remember. Christina Applegate is really beautiful and all things considered I thought this movie gave a good picture of how it is like to make it on your own without the support of grownups. Something I am still trying to do at the age of almost 32, ha ha. Sue Ellen's boyfriend is almost Holden Caulfieldian in his outlook on life and all in all this movie is a great view into a time before the home computer got customary, internet, cell phones and so forth. Moreover, the old lady who plays the babysitter is really funny :-)

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Pulse enough for repeated viewings

Author: Ann_Bowman_Invents from 90210, USA
5 May 2003

Christina Applegate wasn't given much material to help her shine on Married with Children. But finally somebody in Hollywood loved her and gave her the opportunity to play Swell Crandell in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. This film is an absolutely joy. True summertime fun that the whole family can enjoy. Sometimes it can be argued that the plot is a little trivial and routine. But, that is where it's charm lies.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead is like a longer television show, only constantly kept interesting. Excellent soundtrack too! The characters aren't completely annoying, the tacky fashion of the times is humorous, and the snappy writing along with the concise performances keeps things short and extra sweet. This film simply overflows with genuine sweetness.

8/10 or 3/4

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Terrible directing and overall a mess

Author: dellaroccokc from United States
1 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (AKA The Secret to My Success 2: Electric Boogaloo) is one of the most shameless wannabee ripoffs I've seen. You can tell from the image that this movie has on IMDb. The pull quote from the top of the image reads "Its Home Alone Times Five"...Whoever wrote that should be stripped of the right to free speech. It wants you to think that this movie has something to do with a bunch of kids and the fact that they have to deal with being "home alone". But it doesn't. There's 5 kids and the movie only deals with 2 of them. I say that because they're the only ones who have an arc. One of them plays baseball, one of them had a girlfriend at 11 years old but then didn't for reasons we don't know or care, and one of them fell off a roof. Wacky.

So it begins with a quick intro to the two main characters, the oldest sister and brother. The brother is a stoner, and the sister...seems to be just a normal girl with normal problems one would have at her age.

RANT ABOUT THE MOM: just about the worst person in the world. Seriously? You leave your 5 kids alone for 2 months? This is a premise no one can identify with. Because...WTF. She asked the babysitter if she knows there are 5 kids 1 minute before she leaves...

So I'm going to skip over the babysitter part. Because its not important. The movie's title is about her dying, and its not the least bit important. There's no drama from this situation. You figure it can be almost like Weekend At Beernies, where they have to play like she's still alive to people. Like a relative comes by to check on them or whatever and they have to make it seem like she's there. But no, there's two scenes on the phone where the mom's asks where she is and they're just like "uhhhhhhhh shes gone".

OK, so Kelly Bundy needs a job now to pay for food. Which is the only thing the movie shows as a need when the mom is away. Apparently the big house they live in is devoid of food when the mom leaves for 2 months. You figure this could be an amount that a fast food job could handle. But Kelly says F that I'm too good for this ish.

So then she try's to get a high class job at a And she gets one under false pretense. But there's some mean lady trying to bring her down. This is pretty much the stakes of this movie, and why this movie fails. If she gets exposed, there is no bad thing that would happen. She would just lose her job, and her mom would come back a few days later and life would go back to normal. You could say that she was embezzling money and she would have gotten in trouble for that, but it's like 3 grand...maybe probation...not something a movie should be based around.

Blah blah, the other kids make appearances here and there...blah blah, the stoner wonders if this life of "Rock and Roll!!!" is whats best...blah blah wait, is that David Duchovny? What is he doing here? He could have been written out and the movie would have preformed exactly the same.

I guess I should just end this thing now. So Veronica Corningstone is going to save the company with her fashion sense. It has never been established that she has a superior fashion ability. She just grabs some clothes, and off she goes. You could have made this make sense in 30 seconds with a scene earlier in the movie with her displaying some sort of fashion opinion at a high end clothes store or something. Showing she has some sort of untapped potential at this. But nah.

She for some reason decides to hold a fashion show at her house. You can debate that it was to save money which she didn't have, but that party looked like it cost a s-ton. This was a perfect opportunity to give all the kids a quick arc to show that they can do chores now. At the party everything goes fine til the boyfriend shows up. I didn't mention him before because he's not really important (they could have made him important but there is a 30 minute stretch where he's not mentioned or appears). He sees a house with 50 cars parked in front, doesn't recognize the signs that this might not be the best time to confess his love over a loudspeaker, and messes everything up. Doesn't matter because the Mom shows up and everything's exposed. Which results in nothing. Nothing at all...

Listen, the point is that this movie has no purpose. It is two movies rolled into one, resulting in nothing. You can do a movie about a dead babysitter, and the crazy mishaps resulting in that, or you can do a movie about a girl trying to fake her way into high society...which is what they did. The problem is that we don't have any background or connection with this main character and the danger she's taking in lying about this job she's in. She's just doing it to make some food money. And she'll be OK in a couple of days when mommy gets home.

And this is the director's fault. Somewhere he should have put more meaning in the characters. Giving them more of a reason to be better, or establishing that they are crappy to begin with. The older brother was this, but was done with the subtlety of a wrecking ball. Its your job to give this movie purpose and drive, and it pretty much lacks it all.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

don't tell anyone you watched this movie

Author: disdressed12 from Canada
18 November 2007

it isn't good.i didn't find it funny at all.i did find it boring and stupid,though,so i guess that's something.not something good,but still something.i couldn't finish the whole movie,i was so the 45 minutes i watched,i never laughed once.i figured if the movie wasn't good by then,it wasn't gonna get any better.the premise is an interesting one,but the execution falls flatter than than a pancake.somewhere between page and scree it falls apart.the average rating here is 5.3/10 and i would have to disagree with that rating.for me,Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead into the awful category with a 3/10.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

How to get a great job with no reference checks.

Author: tamimarie228 from Iowa
3 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A mom runs off and leaves her teenagers with a babysitter. I didn't have a babysitter when I was seventeen. It seems really stupid to leave two teenagers with a babysitter who has no money. Then the babysitter dies and Sue Ellen has to get a job. Sue Ellen could have called the police when the babysitter died or at least called her mother. So Sue Ellen writes up a fake resume and gets a job in two seconds. The boss doesn't even check if she went to college and that is what really makes me hate this movie. Also, there is a lot of sexual harassment in it. Then there is a fashion show in the back yard. This movie is so far from reality that it makes me sick. I hate the teenagers attitudes and especially the receptionist attitude. No wonder the babysitter died, she didn't want to be in the movie either.

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0 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

She doesn't look dead.....

Author: FlashCallahan from Leicester, United Kingdom
1 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mrs Crandall goes on an extended holiday to Australia for the summer. Her children are first delighted but then find that Mom has hired the babysitter from hell to stay with them.

When the sitter dies from a cardiac arrest, they deposit the body at a mortuary only to discover all their summer expense money was in her purse.

The kids must find a way to survive the summer without mom or her money. This means actual work.......

What could have been a macabre twist on the teen comedy blow out of the late eighties/early nineties,just reverts back to your atypical, nuts and bolts comedy at the beginning of the second act.

From the one sheet to the plot summary, I was expecting a farcical comedy about the youngsters trying to keep the death of their sitter secret, whilst trying to hide the fact from neighbours, friends etc...

And while this is true to some extent, the main focus is Applegate lying her way to the top and letting her pseudo career taking over her teen life. A sort of Taking Care Of Business meets Vice Versa type combination.

And for that part of the narrative, it works for the majority, but it's just too predictable, too safe, and too cute to live up to its brilliant title.

The cast are fine, the family are the same carbon copy family you find in every movie of this type, and features the same 'villains' who are trying to bring the main character down for their benefits you'd again find in this sub-genre.

So the film carries a feeling of déjà Vu which is a little disheartening.

So all in all, it's just another atypical teen comedy, with a couple of laughs.

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