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"Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead"- 8/10. Christina Applegate brings humor to this classic 80's style movie.
movies2u16 January 2004
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (1991)

This is one of the best and the last 80's style comedies along the lines of "Uncle Buck". Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) is the oldest of 3 brothers- Kenny (Keith Coogan), Walter (Robert Gorman), Zach (Christopher Pettiet) , and 1 sister- Melissa (Danielle Harris). Excited about her mom leaving for Australia on vacation, Sue Ellen is expecting to have a great summer- that is until she discovers she is going to be "babysat" by the evil Mrs. Sturak- a mean, grumpy old hag who gives you book reports instead of letting you watch television in the evening. Then, Mrs. Sturak dies- leaving Sue Ellen and her four siblings to survive the summer, prompting her to get a job to support her brothers and sister, put food on the table, and learn the true meaning of responsibility. This movie has some laughs and is pretty fun and entertaining. A good family comedy. 8/10.
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Really stupid but I LOVED it!
preppy-31 November 1999
OK the premise is dumb--A mom is going on vacation to Australia for two months. She has five children and leaves them with a tyrannical babysitter. The babysitter dies (of natural causes) within the first 15 minutes and the kids basically have to live alone all summer...but need money for food. The oldest one is 17 year old Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate)and she easily gets an executive position (just like real life, right?) at a fashion agency and, naturally, is incredible at her job. And her brothers and sisters learn values from her example...

Sounds horrible, but it's well-acted (especially Applegate and a drop dead gorgeous Joanna Cassidy), it moves quickly, is very funny, has a great soundtrack of new AND old songs and I enjoyed every minute of it! Not a great movie by any means, but if you can turn off your brain for 2 hours, you'll really enjoy it!
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Nostalgia at its best
tub8338828 October 2013
I remember watching this film when I was about ten and I loved it. I remember being motivated to see it in the first place because Married with children reigned supreme in our house and I loved Christina Applegate. In this movie she didn't disappoint either, as she was not only good in it, but played a character wildly different from mean, dim witted Kelly Bundy. Instead she played Sue Ellen Krandle a decent ,level headed, but restless young woman who is uncertain about her future. Sue Ellen has a contentious relationship with her siblings and mother,but she also is willing to strive for their approval and respect. In other words she is a regular seventeen year old. More mature than her siblings but not quite ready to take up the mantle of an adult. When her mother goes to Austraila, Sue Ellen thinks that she is going to have a care free summer of fun in the sun, when a woman comes to the door and her mother introduces... the babysitter. When mom leaves the seemingly sweet grandma like gem, reveals a nastily terrifying tyrant underneath, and Sue Ellen and her siblings try and keep cool heads. The old be careful what you wish for scenario surfaces when the baby sitter sees Sue Ellens punk brother's bedroom and is literally shocked to death. Sue Ellen finds the woman's corpse and to make a long story short her and her siblings are left for two months with out money or adult supervision. This movie is not perfect from a technical standpoint. It a predicable cheesy fantasy full of scenarios that in real life would be incrediblbly dark. However, for some reason, the acting, the engrossing action pact scenes and the love you have for the respectful a, fresh and resourceful sue Ellen and hate you have for the bad characters emotionally engross you. This movie couldn't hold up today, but for its time, and because the memories it brings I will always love it.
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Fun from the word GO!
chloe-webb-0114 July 2012
How could you NOT like this movie! I am watching it right now, and it has inspired me to write a review, and hopefully give it more recognition and more importantly, a higher rating!!!! Kids home alone with no parents, free to do whatever, but also trying to maintain living! Each character has their own stereotype- Walter the youngest: a handful, Melissa: the disobedient tomboy, Kenny: the headbanging rocker drop-out, Zachary: the calm, but sneaky love struck teen and Sue-Ellen: the responsible, yet hip mother of her siblings. This movie is full of much excitement and a great plot. You cannot go past this underrated classic!
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A fun and vibrant film.
maz underscore25 February 2007
I remember watching this film when I was growing up, I loved it then and I still love it.

Despite the fact it's obviously predictable, it's a fun film that's well acted and directed and has a great soundtrack.

Christina Applegate is quite impressive as Sue-Ellen, as is the rest of the cast.

Most of the characters are quite black and white with the obvious "baddies" getting their comeuppance towards the end of the film. Predictable films howeverm, aren't always bad. Especially if they are well acted and the characters are interesting. The only character that was meant to be nice that I found utterly annoying, was Josh Charles as Sue-Ellen's sugary sweet suitor, Bryan. His acting was great don't get me wrong, but I think it's safe to say Bryan wouldn't be MY type!

If anything else, this fun film is easy to watch and will remind most people in their mid 20's of their adolescents.
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Harmless entertainment
viv-151 July 2005
You know... I've seen this a couple of times and I'd see it again. It made me laugh. It was charming. It was a harmless flick; no psyches were harmed in the making thereof. Granted, no real thought needs to be put into watching it. But it was fun, and I enjoyed it.

Christina Applegate especially impressed me, which is noteworthy as -- at the time -- I really disliked her as a result of really disliking "Married With Children." She was not only good in her role but, I have to say, pretty much won me over.

I can't say that the film made me wish I had siblings or a dead babysitter, but it did entertain me, and it made me smile to remember it watching this review, which has got to be worth something.
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What I have to say about my favorite movie ever..."Can't you call Lizard or Hellhound?"
Marc Reiss12 November 2004
Being one of those people that isn't heavily into the whole cinema "thing," I have my classic favorites and I stick to them. But this one outshines them all. When asked 'what is your favorite movie?' at times I am hesitant to disclose DTMTBD as my number one. First, it must be clear that this is obviously not necessarily a "good" movie, in the eyes of the Academy or critics, but it's not supposed to be. That's the beauty of it, and that's why Christina Applegate is an actress!

There are so many quotes that I would like to add to my "comments," but as most of you have probably seen it, you don't likely need a commentary; so instead I'll just get back to the QED Report so Swell can have it to New York by this afternoon.

It's too bad she and young Brian are married now -- I used to watch the grunion run with him. We'll see.
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Better than the 5/10 rating it has here.
tholts7 December 2004
Just saw it again; the cast carries a silly plot, in much the same way as a '40s screwball comedy but with an 80s/90s sensibility and awareness. Applegate and Coogan are really outstanding here, and the supporting cast is smart enough to either support or stay out of the way, as necessary. It's pure humor with no big message, which apparently was a virtue 60 years ago but is unforgivable now. I'd best describe the humor as, "Hilarity ensues as fish out of water learn to breathe air."

I'd give it a very solid 6.8 out of 10, worth a rental or a Netflix hit, but not a $20 purchase.

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Amusing film from a more innocent age.
jpt2711 November 2004
What is a great film? Something that is truly timeless, or something which is a classic of its genre? Obviously, no-one's pretending "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" is a great film (no great film has a title of more than three words. Think about it) but nonetheless, one does get to see how a film handles its composition of several genres rather than one. It's the best strategy towards greatness, and I hope to see this attempted more frequently.

"Don't Tell Mom..." is at an interesting cultural crossroads. It's basically the last of the Eighties high-concept comedies: the same broad category as films like Big and Crocodile Dundee, where the whole film comes from the pitch. However, we get to see shades of Wayne's World-esquire Generation X teen movie, especially in the character of Rob, and unfortunately the short-lived genre of 'kids acting in grown-up situations and delivering ever-so-amusing grownup lines.' John Hughes was the master of this style of film-making, and there's definitely shades of his work in here, most noticeably the setting of a film largely within a family house.

First of all - the pitch. Kids left at home for summer with babysitter. Babysitter dies and kids must fend for themselves with as few people let in on the secret as possible. From this moment on, the film was always going to go about the format of throwing its naive, brattish teenagers in the real world at the deep end and extracting as much amusement as possible from their sinking-or-swimming.

The screenplay starts to thin at this point. Of the five kids in the house, only two are feasibly old enough to work, or indeed to learn any sort of life lesson throughout this experience. The plot then follows Sue Ellen as she stumbles her way into a job and up the corporate ladder (the script is devoid of jokes at this point, but I kept watching because Christina Applegate is a surprisingly good actress.) Everything from this point is a misjudgment - it's virtually scrawled across the screen that Sue Ellen is getting some life lessons and becoming a young adult. The film could have done without the 'boyfriend' storyline though - it's without doubt the saggiest part of the film.

More interesting is the Kenny storyline. Younger brother Kenny goes from being a hopeless layabout stoner with no inkling to as what he wants to do in life to a man with a plan. Lack of screen time prohibits us from truly understanding why, but we do get an insight into the film's message - the real world is about sacrifice. Kenny must throw away his carefree existence if he wants to become a man.

Sure, this film has faults like pearls on a string - the annoying smaller children who eat up screen time and contribute nothing but an unbearable cuteness (and they're not even that cute: they steal money from their mom's purse - twice.) Sue Ellen's corporate life is shown as patronizingly simple, but that's a fault of all movies in general, you can't have clever successful people as the heroes because the audience feels intimidated. The other major fault I'm going to point out is the chronic lack of laughs. About the biggest giggle was David Duchovny's horrendous yellow shirt. But "Don't Tell Mom," much like its characters, has an innocent, naive charm about it, and if you can put aside your critical mauling instinct, it won't be the worst two hours of your celluloid life.

Keep your eyes peeled for a throwaway reference to Big.
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Much better than is to be expected
mrsastor1 June 2007
I loved this movie, I found it very entertaining and would recommend it.

I'm often surprised at the points people get hung up on in reviewing movies. They are, after all, FICTION. The main "controversy" surrounding this plot seems to be Sue Ellen's job. I have done office work for over 25 years and yes, it is entirely possible that Sue Ellen could have landed that position without too much trouble. Maybe not inside of five minutes at the first firm she walked into, but using a faked resume, as she was, she could have obtained a pretty soft office job without too much trouble. Some firms I've worked for would verify your more recent work experience, but many others never verify anything on a resume, and I've never once in all my years known of anyone to verify the education one claimed to have. Indeed, I've often kicked myself that I could have claimed to have some precious, worthless high dollar degree and no one would have questioned it.

Beyond this, the movie is awfully good for this genre of film. We see the children unexpectedly learning valuable life lessons and it changing them into better people. It's really a rather wholesome movie considering the time period and target audience. I've let my nephews, nieces, and grandchildren watch in my home, there is nothing more objectionable than the very occasional swear word in it.

One of my favorite movies from an otherwise dry period in Hollywood, highly recommended.
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Great Movie (Possible spoilers)
abbylee5192 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie, even now, 10 years later, I think it's great.

The movie starts with the main character, Sue Ellen crowing to her friends about how she's going to be on her own this summer, because her mother is going on a 2 month vacation, but to her surprise, the mother does not trust her 17 year old daughter to be in charge for 2 months, and hires a babysitter, who turns out to be an evil 80 year old nazi, and the kids immediately despise her.

Lucky for them, she dies fairly soon, and they pretty much drag her body to a funeral home, ring the doorbell and run. No, that's not incredibly plausible. But good lord, it's a kids comedy. There's going to be some stretches in there.

Anyway, so the kids are broke, and Sue Ellen decides to get a job. She gets a job at a fast food restaurant, but decides she needs a more mature job, so she makes up a fake resume, and applies for a receptionist job (which for a 17 year old, isn't such a stretch), however, before she can apply for it she bonds with one of the big wigs at the company, and this big wig makes her an assistant. Some people commenting here forgot that 1. She was NOT an executive, she was an assistant, and 2. She didn't do that great of a job, they never actually showed her working. She was hired and kept on because her boss adored her, not because she was some sort of secretarial prodigy.

This movie obviously could never happen, but hello, could Home Alone actually happen either? I can't believe people take these comedies and complain about how unrealistic it was. This movie's objective was to entertain, not make any sort of political statement.

Anyway, it was fun, it had a cute ending, and I thought Christina Applegate did a swell job acting in this one.
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1 crappy film, 2 great premises
Mike Kiker3 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This really should've been 2 movies. There are 2 great premises here that are almost completely unrelated that are just squashed together into 1 not-so-good film. We have the hilarious slapstick comedy of covering up the death of an elderly babysitter, and a woman trying to find a way to save the company she works for (which is a movie that I personally wouldn't have cared for, but probably would've made a great chick flick), both of which could've easily carried themselves over an hour and a half each.

Instead, all we get is a half-hour of comedy and an hour of boring Yuppie-ville Corporate America, with the plot of the first half-hour poking it's head every so often, mercilessly trying to remind us that we're supposed to be watching a comedy. But just as quickly as those every-so-often's come up, they disappear back into the void.

And they should've done away with the 'no money, gotta get a job' plot device, as that was pretty much what killed the rest of this film. They could've developed a lot more comedy just out of them say... having a party and trashing the house, or relatives come looking for the babysitter, or mother comes home early, or from the fact that they should've just called an ambulance in the first place seeing as how the babysitter really did die of natural causes and they wouldn't have been in any trouble anyway, or any number of possible plot devices that could've been so much funnier than Christina Applegate parading around in Yuppie-land. And as for that part of the film being it's own movie, this section has a lot more detail than the first half. Just add a bit more character development to the supporting cast, and bam, you got that film.

The acting is overall fairly decent though. Christina Applegate is definitely convincing as both the valley girl and the yuppie. Keith Coogan as Kenny and the hilarious pranks that him and his gang pull are sadly underused in my opinion, although his transformation from stoner slacker to Julia Child-obsessed chef throughout the film is one of the best parts of the film. Josh Charles (whom everybody would remember as anchor Dan Rydell from the show Sports Night) as the boyfriend Bryan does a fairly decent job here as well.

Eda Reiss Merin as the elderly babysitter had me scared stiff. The actress also was sadly underused before the character's untimely death. I mean, come on. The title of the movie is based on this character. Had that been it's own movie (forsaking the Corporate America bit, as I suggested earlier), they could've developed the character a lot more. Maybe have her dole out some worse embarrassments and harsher punishments to the children before her death.

Most of the actors in the latter part of the film were pretty stiff. The actress who played Carolyn should've been replaced, as it seemed that she read her lines like a wannabe actress in a poorly written commercial. I was however surprised to see David Duchovny (long before his triumphs on The X-Files & Californication) with the worst hair cut the 80's had to offer, and stiff as a board in the acting department.

So basically that's it. 2 good premises, but one overall lousy film.
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"What are we going to tell them? Liza Minnelli stole our Buick!"
jjnxn-114 May 2013
Okay right from the top this is not great art but with that title were you really expecting it to be? If you want that go watch a three hour Ingmar Bergman film but if you want a breezy, silly comedy with good performances and a snappy pace than this is for you.

The whole setup is preposterous but so are many 80 & 90's comedies, Adventures in Babysitting, Home Alone etc, but once this one gets past its bumpy intro scenes it actually becomes a more focused story of a young girl finding her way through unexpected responsibilities.

It helps a great deal that the cast headed by two very good actresses. Christina Applegate as Sue Ellen the young teen who finds out she is more resourceful than she realized and the marvelous Joanna Cassidy as Rose, her new boss. Keith Coogan is also a lot of fun as stoner brother Kenny who belatedly grows up.

Besides the good performances the film is filled with some amusing quotes, enjoyable situations and a flashback to 90's fashion. A pleasant diversion but again don't expect anything high toned and you'll enjoy the ride.
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A No-Brainier Comedy
Rainey Dawn28 June 2014
This is a funny no-brainier comedy with a group of kids about as dorky as the cast from "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", not quite as stylish as clan from "The Breakfast Club" and not as cool as the gang from "Grease". But this group does have a way of making you laugh in-spite the fact the babysitter is dead.

While you are grabbing a bit of fast food on the way home be sure to pick up this movie too. It is a good watch if you are wanting to see a stupid but funny teenage packed comedy flick.

This movie may make a good double-flick night with "Weekend at Bernie's" or "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

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A Forgotten Comedy Classic From 1991
FloatingOpera715 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (1991): Christina Applegate, Joanna Cassidy, John Getz, Keith Coogan, Josh Charles, Concetta Tomei, David Duchovny, Kimmy Robertson, Jayne Brook, Eda Reiss Merin, Robert Hy Goman, Christopher Pettiet, Chris Claridge, Danielle Harris, Jeff Bollow, Alejandro Quezada, Michael Kopelow, Wendy Brainard, Sarah Buxton, Laurie Morrison, Kawena Charlot, Deborah Tucker, Sydney Lassick, Michelle Mais, Oscar Jordan, Marc Epstein, Frank Dent, Steve Ruggles, Kristen Corbett, Carl Tramon, Ethan Wilson, Logan Duncan, Robert F. Newmeyer....Director Stephen Herek, Screnplay Neil Landau, Tara Ison.

Comedy on film was much better 16-20 years ago, as with this 1991 film from Director Stephen Herek. "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" was successful at the box office and before long it was not only on VHS but even on television (Fox 11 aired this film owing to the fact its star Christina Applegate was a cast member in their hit show "Married With Children".) Applegate portrays Sue Ellen Crandell, the spoiled daughter of a single mother (Concetta Tomei) who takes off on much needed three-month vacation for the summer. The siblings are unruly, the eldest is lazy, irresponsible freeloading "rocker" type, and when the mother takes off on her vacation, they are confident they will enjoy freedom. But the mother hires a babysitter, an elderly woman, who is tough on them. It's not long before she has a heart attack and dies. It's up to Sue Ellen to support her siblings by taking a job in clothing/fashion production. Lying in her resume, she accidentally lands a job as the personal assistant to the editor Rose Lindsey (Joanna Cassidy), striking up jealousies and rivalries with co-workers Carolyn and Bruce (Jayne Brook and David Duchovny). It's nice to see David Duchovny before his X-files fame but the part is no big thing. The real star here is Christina Applegate who matures from irresponsible teen to working adult. The plot may be far-fetched but it works owing to a good script and fine acting. Plenty of funny lines, a little romance, and a coming-of-age story makes this a winning comedy.
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AWESOME--A pure comedy and VERY fun to watch.
Dudester713 January 2004
This movie is different. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge movie critic and have all sorts of favorite top-notch movie that this may not compare to (Lord of the Rings for instance)--but when I watched "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" I absolutely loved it! I still watch it whenever it's on cable. This movie is HILARIOUS, and I'm dead serious! I laughed so many times throughout the film.

I really like it though because of the HUGE family concept it had in it. When I was watching, I dreamed of being in that family with the Crandells (Sue Ellen "Swell", Kenny, Melissa, Zach and Walter) spending my "summer vacation" with them 'cuz they looked like they were having a BLAST! That would have been awesome if they were all a family in real life today, yes, even in 2004, 'cuz they were a perfect 5!

Let's get to the notable lines....check this out, out of all the movies I've seen in life, this one really stood out with the character lines....some were funny and very memorable..

"where's Caryolyn, always late, nerver answering calls, ---- Sue ellen "talks like she's chewing her face..."

"that's her..."

Kenny on the phone w/mom on the dead old babysitter: "uhh...she's not here, she......she went to the yarn store..."

Walter yellin kenny for help with the new tv that came in: "kenny! kenny I need you!... help! somethin's wrong with the TV antenna!"

kenny: "I...(coughing eating too many waffles and syrups w/his frenz upstairs) I....agh..cough.cough....ackkhh.....have bob barker help ya!" -- lol

Rose NEVER getting mad at sue ellen: "you let cathy do the q.e.d. report?! "uh..huh.." i was wondering, how you were gonna get that and the other files done at the same time! bravo!"

zach usin swell's $$ to buy cynthia a diamond: "you bought her a diamond?! how much was it zach? "it was a chip!.."

Melissa's turn to take out the trash: "melissa it's your turn to take out the trash" " i couldn't fit in my schedule..."

kenny mad @ swell for the party she was having: "i'm stuck here, cooking and cleaning, helping melissa with her homework, being a role model for zack, spending quality time with walter!, doing your Party shit!! You know I'm sick and tired of not bein appreciated anymore!!" swell: "i appreciate you!..." kenny: "EAT S H I T ! !"-- LOL dude that was THE funniest moment of the entire movie!! look at kenny's face when he says that!

so you see, it was hilarious! man I can go on and on about how much the crandells looked like they were havin fun. In 1991, it seriously did look fun. this is prob. the only movie where it is very teen flicky and manages to keep itself as a high-class movie (as opposed to those other stupid teen flicks about girls and guys dating all the time), since this had a bit of maturity knocked into it with sue ellen workin at that gaw company.

All in all, one of my favs. I just thought it was AWESOME. Two words to describe if I can, "fun" and "interesting".

Loved it!
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Quick Reviews!!
malkane3167 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A brilliant look at early nineties family, and more importantly teen life. Firstly, teen movies of today all seem to be set in school, and involve getting a date or a shag. Usually every character is hollow except the main one who we are supposed to cheer for, but more often than not they are hollow too. The actors are chosen for their looks and although they mostly give competent performances, they give nothing special, the film offers no insight, and nothing much happens. This is why Buffy (series) shone so greatly-brilliant stories, brilliant acting, extremely well developed characters. But it probably isn't fair to compare a long running TV show to a crappy film. However, DTMTBD proves that teen comedies do not have to be hollow, and lack humour, but can have a good story, good performances, many funny moments, and offer a message about life other than the rubbish spouted nowadays.

DTMTBD is set in the summer holidays, far from school, just the way we like it. The Crandalls are a large, fatherless family, and their mom needs a break, going to Europe for the whole summer. The 5 children believe they are going to be left alone to party etc for 3 months, but of course that does not happen, and they each learn a lesson about life. It may sound cheesy, but the dark humour ensures that there is a balance. Sue Ellen is the oldest, but is only 17, and therefore mum hires a babysitter. At first it seems that the kids will still be able to do as they please, but it turns out that the babysitter has been sent from the deepest darkest depths of Hell. (met. speak) She sets down rules, chores and is going to prevent them from having any fun.

However, when she sees Kenny's (oldest son) room she has a heart-attack and dies. They decide to get rid of the body, in a good, respectful way, and continue with their lives-taking her car too of course. All goes well until the car, along with their money is stolen. Their summer allowance is gone 1 week in, but rather than give in to their mum they decide to struggle on. Sue Ellen gets a job, the rest mess about, and soon tensions arise. Melissa (danielle Harris) is annoyed because no-one came to her baseball match, while the others struggle with girls and personal injuries. Sue Ellen has no clue about her job, lying on her CV, but the money is rolling in, and she has her own boy troubles. Sue-Ellen comes to the rescue of her boss, deciding to hold a fashion show at her house, where the rest of the family finally help out. Of course, nothing goes smoothly.

It is a light-hearted look at teen life, fear of the future, wanting responsibility but not knowing how to cope with it, trying to balance a job, friends, family, work, boyfriend etc, but the often dark humour is very funny. Kenny gives many funny moments, getting the dog stoned and shooting the dishes rather than cleaning them, while Danielle Harris gives another brilliant performance in a small role. Applegate is perfect, delivering her lines with smooth wit and sarcasm, and showing the pressure she is under with skill. Other funny moments involve Sue-Ellen' antics with her boss's lover, and there are plenty of one-liners. The one about the cucumber and the one about Santa Barbara are good. Kenny learns that he can still be cool if he goes to school, and that life is not for sitting around, while Sue-Ellen learns that trying to grow up too quick can be dangerous. The movie says that None of us really grow up, we just get older and while this happens we should never forget who we are. As silly as it sounds it is true none the less, and few films show this better. 10 out of 10
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Five children take over their house after their mom goes on vacation. Great
Sk8rGuy514119 December 2004
This movie is the best! Thanks HBO for putting it on today! I had a lot of fun watching it with my family. I think everyone should take a chance to see this movie. It's funny and it teaches you to be responsible (like when they get their act together and clean their house). Christina Appelgate played a great character in this movie. She was perfect for it. It also shows how easy someone can get away with something for a least a while like Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate). I'm an 80's early 90's fan so this movie great from my perspective. It's weird because just the other day, I looked this movie up online after not remembering about since i was about six. I found it and I was like o cool that's what it's called. Then, two days later (today) it comes on HBO? Now isn't that a little ironic? After not seeing it since I was six, i see it today and two days after remembering it. What are the odds of that? Well, that's cool that it happened that way because I like this movie a lot. So, thanks HBO for putting this movie on today and I think everyone should get a chance to see this movie. Bye.
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A confused little movie
Nick Zbu26 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While not a really bad movie, 'Babysitter' has a few issues that make me wonder if anybody making it knew what a depressing film they were making. The idea of a woman having to work to support her overpriviliged brat siblings is an interesting one, but really doesn't mesh with the way this film is promoted. And the promoted version seems a lot more fun than what turns out to be a very stupid Afterschool Special mixed with an abandoned whodunit combined with a coming-of-age story that really falls flat.

What was the original point of this film? Did anybody really think that making a film aimed at teenagers in 1991 wanted to see someone from Married with Children slowly turn into Al Bundy live on the screen? Or that changing your stoner brother was the way to live life? I can understand what the movie wants to say--that you change into adulthood in ways you never thought possible--but it does so badly. The movie works when it's about the family dealing with their own issues. It fails when it tries to be Kelly Bundy's Smarter Twin Being All Career Woman.

A quick look at the Trivia section of this fine website shows that this movie once had the loaded title 'The Real World.' Was this even supposed to be a comedy? Regardless, everybody in it does a good job. But I wonder what kind of movie they would have made if they tossed the preachy blue-collar indoctrination out the window and just had fun with it. The movie, as it stands, really seems like it's talking down to you right before it goes on about the four touchdowns it made in a single game. And it's quite sad to see what could have been.
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A Modest Classic
westegg30 August 2005
I've watched this film over the years on cable, and it continues to be a very watchable, charming film even with inevitably dated elements. Those who think it the worst thing ever must not see many movies, particularly comedies. This one has an actual brain behind it, a dose of wit and effort to delineate actual characters. In that sense it towers above 97% of most teen-oriented comedies from the last twenty years. I'm pleased that it gets a sizable enough positive response here from viewers, because a film like this can easily be dismissed as a typical formula comedy from a certain era, but unlike many films of its time it retains a very nice appeal, thanks in large part to Christina Applegate. The whole cast is excellent, and overall it's a film that stands up to repeated viewings. How many films from 1991 can still do that?
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A perfect light comedy
Tord S Eriksson3 October 2002
Anyone who loved "Married with Children" and the acting by Christina Applegate in that series will surely like this film, which revolves around her persona.

The plot is simple: Single mother goes on a month's vacation leaving all the kids in care of an elderly babysitter, who promptly dies from natural causes. The kids don't want mum back at once, so they dispose of the old lady in a fitting manner - accidentally taking all the housekeeping money with her to the mortuary.

So the kids ends up with no money and no one to turn to, but they somehow manage till mom comes back.

The acting by all the kids is superb, Christina Applegate not least,and the rest of the cast is beyond reproach, too! Joanna Cassidy as Applegate's boss (long story :-)!) is just perfect, as is John Getz as Joanna's sometime lover (although he seem to run after anything in a skirt).

There are many moral lessons from this lighthearted story, not least that circumstance can force you to do things you never dreamed of doing, and that the sad fact is that money makes the world go around!

I liked it the first time I saw it and I even liked it more the second time round!
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Fairly mediocre comedy
bek-1213 December 1998
The best part of this picture is seeing Christina Applegate as the beautiful women she is, in different scenarios, hairstyles, dresses, etc. There's not a lot of fine acting, but there is a little crude comedy. Okay for a Saturday afternoon, but I wouldn't rent it for a Saturday night movie.
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a time when movies were entertainment
John Benson18 April 2015
today movies are violent more than ever before. they are evil and this is the norm of action flicks of today.

Now let me welcome you to a time when movies were entertainment. Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead is absolutely from a better day and a better time of life. It reflects not just what the movie style is but it actually was a sign of the times reflected in the movie. No longer will you find movies like this.

if you see this review without seeing the movie then find the movie watch the movie the acting directing scripts are all innocently and well directed making this one of the most delightful movies ever made.

comparing it to movies of today this movie gets an easy 10 out of 10 for just pure fun. After watching this movie I swear you will feel good at the end not like movies of today. I guarantee you will be smiling and glad that you watched this movie. So what are you waiting for entertain yourself with some quality from the past
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