Delicatessen (1991) Poster



Louison: This is a job for the Australian!

Clapet: You think this is a safari, bitch?

Louison: Nobody is entirely evil: it's that circumstances that make them evil, or they don't know they are doing evil.

Louison: One must always forgive.

Julie Clapet: Depends. It's not always possible.

Louison: Don't say that. No one is entirely evil. It's circumstance. Or they don't realize the wrong.

Louison: Dr Livingstone... He was my partner.

Julie Clapet: Where is he now?

Louison: He disappeared one night, after a show. We only found his remains... They ate him! Can you believe that? They ate him!

Aurore Interligator: They talk to me about you.

Robert Kube: Who?

Aurore Interligator: The voices in my head.

Robert Kube: Of course, the voices. What do they say?

Aurore Interligator: Let me think... They speak in such a way...

Robert Kube: [expectantly] Do they speak... About love?

Aurore Interligator: They tell me Robert is a pervert, an ass-wipe, a panty-eater.

Robert Kube: [flustered] No, but you know that's not true?

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