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Better Than The First 'Relentless'
ccthemovieman-124 May 2006
This was much better than I anticipated. I had watched the first "Relentless" movie and thought it was "fair" but this was much better, not as frightening perhaps as the original but better start-to-finish. This kept you guessing.

Once again (it's overdone in Hollywood), we see another dishonest cop or government agent (played very well, however, by Ray Sharkey). The film also has a bit too much sleazy atmosphere for what I'd like to see.

Still, it's definitely worth watching if you like these serial killer crime movies. I am shocked there is only one other review of this. I had to be somewhat popular to have the original and then two more sequels.
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Surprisingly good sequel.
Jan Strydom15 September 2009
Leo Rossi reprises his role of Sam Dietz and this time he's paired up with a shady FBI agent to find a another serial killer, only this killer has a hidden agenda that isn't just about killing people.

I was actually surprised by this film, normally with sequels you get a very weak second film but this one was anything but, this sequel is actually better than the first, the killer this time is played by Miles O'Keeffe whose intense looks really does his character justice, Ray Sharkey is an actor I've never seen before or since this film but he played the role of the shady FBI agent very convincingly.

The storyline obviously is very much the same formula as the first one only unlike the first one that concentrated more on the killer, this one chooses to focus more on the character of Sam Dietz and how the incident at the end of the first film effected him and his family, as well as how his relentless pursuit of serial killers take its toll on his life and his marriage.

Not many sequels surpass their predecessor but this one is one of the few exceptions, if you're a fan of the first, you won't be disappointed with this one
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What about the four dead cops???
charlytully30 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, I suppose the top Soviet spies in the early 1990's could have been strategically placed in random mechanic shops and real estate offices, when they were not hired out to sub-contractors as day laborers building subdivisions of new homes. Perhaps a coast-to-coast string of 23 murders featuring satanic wall graffiti drawn in the victims' blood would NOT be tied by the Los Angeles media to the first couple similar incidents on their beat (though I seem to remember Charles Manson making a pretty big splash in exactly this fashion). However, once four uniform cops are added to the death toll of 27 civilian victims, I would expect all of California would be under the sort of siege mentality seen back in the days when the Symbionese Liberation Army was running amuck. Implausibly, it's still bungling-as-usual in the precinct of snooze-meister detective Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi). Too bad actress Patty Hearst was not added to DEAD ON for old times' sake. Was John Waters the only director who had Patty on his pre-Blackberry rolodex?
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First killer was unpredictable. This one is unstoppable
face_of_terror2 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When i first saw the poster for this movie, i knew this movie simply "CAN NOT" be bad. Relentless 2 has a great tag line - "First killer was unpredictable. This one is unstoppable". Thats pretty much is true. Miles O'Keeffe looks like a new terminator model on that poster, so i decided give this crime thriller a try.

To make it short: If you liked the first Relentless (directed by William Lustig), you will like this one too. A huge improvement over the first is the villain. Basically, Miles O'Keeffe steals this movie with his murderous Russian Specnaz character Gregor. Killer from the first movie Bud would be ripped apart by Gregor. O'Keeffe's character doesn't talk, doest blink, doesn't move a muscle on his face, all he does is killing. Leo Rossi returns as a likable but mostly helpless detective Sam Dietz, assigned on the case of the murders.

What i liked is that Meg Foster was brought back as Rossi's wife (there's also a cameo of a photograph with Rossi and Robert Loggia from the first movie), and the music is a perfect fit for the film. So, if you like crime thrillers, give this a try. If you want to see one of the better cold-blooded killer performances, also watch this movie. And, if you are a Miles O'Keeffe fan - by all means go watch this movie!
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Dead on: do not apply directly to the forehead
movieman_kev27 January 2009
Detective Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi, reprising his role from the first film) is trying to juggle getting over the attacks on his family from the first film & trying to catch a new serial killer (Miles O'Keefe) while teamed up with an unhelpful FBI agent and dealing with a home life that's crumbling around him due to his relentless pursuits of his job. Meg Forster also returns but is relegated to bitching at her husband most of the film.

Instead of focusing mostly on the villain like the previous Relentless did, the sequel unwisely chooses to follow Detective Dietz who comes off as a slightly pompous self-loathing windbag. The first film was (moderately) entertaining strictly because of Judd Nelson's dead-eyed portrayal of that films killer (and William Lustigs direction to a lesser extent) Where as this film gives Miles O'Keeffe's Gregor, the stone cold killer (who could've been a great character, the back story was intriguing enough) the short shift, and while this sequel is still somewhat watchable, it is definitely the lesser because of it.

My Grade: C-

DVD Extras: Trailers for In The Cut, Secret Window & Panic Room
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I like the "Rentless" series a lot!
crystalart4 August 2011
For several years I've enjoyed the other two "Relentless" films, but for some reason I missed this one until tonight.

It's not easy to find these films on line, but it's worth the effort.

The villains in each film are well cast. They present a frightening collection of killers!

Leo Rossi does an excellent job playing a frustrated cop trying to solve a case. He doesn't get much help from superior officers, or the FBI agent with whom he's required to work.

If you're somewhat jaded you will enjoy the killing techniques used...including cable ties.

Finally, you'll see some artful shots of ice cube baths, etc.

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A Very Well Thought out Masterpiece!
The Creeper26 January 2002
A Very Well Thought out Masterpiece. Good Plot, Well Developed Characters, and Outstanding Acting is what Makes this Film even more Worth while. It's not jut that, Though. It's just the Simple feeling of Involvement I Get from this Movie. I Feel like I'm in the Movie, One of the Characters, etc. That is how Excellent this Script is.

I Also really Enjoyed the Action and Suspense Packed Tightly into Very Heart Racing Scenes. The ending is Very Good, also. It is Important For one to Know the Very Low and Tight Budget these Producers had to Go on. The Special Effects are nothing to Jump Up on, and the Video and Audio Quality is Terrible, but that Still can not Ruin the Movie. I also Enjoy the Fact that this Movie is not Widely Known. Why? I Don't know. It just seems to me that once I Movie is Widely Known, I Hate it. My Theory is that: When Expectations go Up, Quality goes Down! I Guess I Also like not Only this Movie, but the Whole Series.

On a Scale of 10 I'd give The Plot an 8, The Acting a 7, The Suspense a 10, The Setting a 6, and The Gore a Simple 5.

As Far as The Sequels Go: Part One was Very Good and Scary. Part 2 (This One!!!) is Good, But more Action Packed than Scary. Part Three is More of a Rambo Movie than It is of It's own Series. I Have not Yet Seen Part 4, but Hope to in The Near Future.

Good Movie, 10 out of 10

People Who Enjoyed This Might like: Tomb Raider and Puppet Master
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Best one in the series! 10/10.
RTheManF8929 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, after watching the first one, and surprisingly enough, declaring it as one of my favorite films, I decided to lookout for the whole series. Actually, I first came across the VHS of Relentless 2 at ABC Video and I decided to pick it up, since the tape was right in front of my eyes, and only 1 dollar. I didn't get around to watching it until the night after and as assumed, I would enjoy it. Not only did I enjoy it, but it ended up becoming my favorite one in the series. Now onto the movie.

Two years have gone by since the events of Relentless 1. Det. Sam Dietz (From the first movie, once again, played by Leo Rossi), still trying to cope with the events of the first Relentless, has been recruited by a mysterious FBI Agent, Kyle Valsone (Played by Ray Sharkey) to track down an occult serial killer by the name of Gregor (Brilliantly played by Miles O'Keefe from Waxwork and the MST3K favorite, Cave Dwellers), who has been going around the streets of Los Angeles avenging his family's death and killing those responsible. What Dietz does not know is that Valsone has a connection of his own to Gregor.

In my opinion, like someone over at IMDb said, Gregor could probably rip the first movie's killer, Buck, to shreds. The character of Gregor hardly speaks, which makes him even creepier than he seems. There is also a small sub-plot which involves Dietz's wife and son, Carol (Played by Meg Foster from the first film), now estranged from Sam, because of long working hours, and Corey (Played by Brendan Ryan, also from the first film), trying to deal with Sam's current situation and the Dietz Family's future.

Like I had said, Part 2 is my favorite in the Relentless series. I would definitely recommend this to fans of action films, thrillers, to some degree, horror films, fans of Miles O'Keefe and even fans of Sven-Ole Thorsen, who has a small role as the mechanic who is killed by Gregor in the beginning of the film.

EXTRAS: A decent full-frame presentation and trailers for "In The Cut", "Secret Window" & "Panic Room." Funny thing though, the original tagline was "The first killer was unpredictable. This one is unstoppable" but the people over at Sony goofed up the second line and instead wrote "This time, he's unstoppable." Oh well.
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This sequel is a disappointment
raisleygordon20 July 2012
The first movie was a "Maniac Cop" clone, sans the cop uniform. But all the excitement, and energy, and suspense of Part 1 is gone. This time around, it's basically just a police procedural, with the killer playing second fiddle to the plot. We don't see nearly enough of the killer, and what we do see of him is not particularly interesting. Instead, why not just resurrect the original character? I thought Judd Nelson was the ideal choice for the killer in the first movie. Hopefully, parts 3 & 4 will be a lot better.

Incidentally, doesn't Leo Rossi look a little like Robert De Niro?

** out of ****
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