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Author: Justin Stokes from Cleburne, TX
24 July 2010

An American bride's sister is visiting her and her sugar plantation owning husband in South Africa. While out one afternoon, the sister disrupts a native tribe's voodoo ceremony in an attempt to keep them from sacrificing a goat. As a result, a witch doctor puts a curse on them. It isn't long before a demon from the sea is stalking the family and anyone else they know.

Originally titled Panga, this is also known as Curse III: Blood Sacrifice, but none of the four films in that series have anything to do with each other. While this is far from a great movie, it is a fun watch. The African locations make for nice eye candy and we get Christopher Lee in a secondary role as a doctor who may be involved in the killings. Jenilee Harrison makes for an attractive leading lady, but her character can be rather annoying. No one else in the cast makes much of an impression, but they're mostly there to be machete fodder anyway. That's right, this demon uses a machete. It's funny to note that the director's last name is Barton, also the last name of the director behind Zaat, which I watched not long before viewing this one. The fish-like demon on display here reminded me of the creature from that film, only with much better effects work courtesy of Chris Walas.

The score for this film is rather odd, but you can't deny that it's catchy. It was stuck in my head for a good day afterward. Speaking of odd, there's a neat sequence where a character is burned alive after he's caught spying on the main characters from a sugar cane field. You would have to see the scene to realize how bizarre it really is.

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Curse III:Blood Sacrifice

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
30 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In Africa, an English Sugar Cane Plantation owner's pregnant American wife is cursed for her sister's stopping the tribal sacrifice of a goat. Christopher Lee, given obvious star treatment and always a welcome presence as far as this horror fan is concerned, is a raspy-voiced doctor with asthma, Dr. Pearson, who also has ties to the witchdoctor, and attends to the medical needs of his neighboring locals.

The ceremony interrupted, the blood sacrifice removed, a summoned monster from the sea might just wreak havoc on them all.

I think what works best for a film such as this is the knowledge of possible peril in store for those out of their own environment, with danger lying in wait throughout the African landscape where a killer could appear at any moment. Carefully presented is the culture clash between the outsiders and the Africans. Lee's supporting role is interesting in that he's a wedge between these very different worlds, having garnered relationships with both sides, understanding the customs and beliefs of the tribe with clarity. We actually see him drive into the tribal village to chat with the witchdoctor, developing a mystery as to his intentions. His ambiguous motives do call into question whose side he's on. I thought this film has some good suspense because the plot really builds on the fact that the innocents are outnumbered, in a place home to those that threaten them. The film also introduces English neighbors(..a widower and her granddaughter)who provide shelter to Liz when she needs it the most. Many might find this sort of film a bit racist, I guess, in today's politically correct world.

I think the most intense scenes occur when characters find themselves moving through the endless wave of sugar cane fields, the perfect place for a killer to lie in wait. My favorite has this great sense of upending doom as a more and more frightened Elizabeth(Jenilee Harrison) walks through her house delicately searching for her husband, Geoff(Andre Jacobs) who had arrived from a near-death experience, in a state of panic, who is not answering her calls. The crescendo to this really packs a wallop because Elizabeth finds herself in a very difficult scenario with limited options of survival. Poor Liz, did nothing wrong to deserve such rotten circumstances. While the machete makes it's grand appearance throughout(..accompanied by the "whoosh!" sound as it does damage off-screen), there isn't a lot of gore on display. The score really pounds away, effective I think at eating away at the viewer(..or perhaps annoying the hell out of you, which ever you prefer)as a suspense scene culminates. This film would probably be taken more seriously if it weren't part of what many consider a lackluster franchise of unrelated films. At any rate, Curse III:Blood Sacrifice wasn't as bad as I was expecting, in actuality, I kind of enjoyed it.

Lee fans, have no fear, even though he doesn't have a large part, he does provide that great monologue as to his history and relationship with the witchdoctor(..always giggling as he looks on from within the deep sugar cane fields).

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Interesting, different, and entertaining

Author: horror7777 from New York
30 December 2000

Curse III: Blood Sacrifice is quite an entertaining film. As of yet, I have only seen this one and Curse I in the series. I hated "The Curse", because I felt it was one of those "quick films" to try and make Wil Wheaton a star. I had read that none of the sequels had anything to do with the original, so I figured that I would enjoy this. I did. I figured the budget was low, and I always enjoy when filmmakers work well on a shoestring budget. A women interrupts the sacrifice of a goat. The leader of the tribe summons a curse from the sea to pay her, her friends, and her family back. The movie was well done, and the East African scenery was a nice addition to an already well done film. Christopher Lee was in fine form, and the film made some sense unlike the original. The "sea creature" was a little cheesy, but the mystery and suspense made up for the cheesy, low budget special effects. It's one of those films that leaves you guessing about what might happen next. "Curse III" is definitely one of the best purchases I made. See this film, I guarantee you that if you don't like it, you won't hate it!

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Odd little grade-B...

Author: corky-27 from United States
8 May 2001

Who knows why I went to the trouble of hunting down this 1990 B flick, but expecting nothing, I settled in for a less than ordinary "thriller" about African voodoo, gratuitous nudity, and electrical storms. Watching this movie is all about letting yourself go for 90 some-odd minutes and appreciating that someone took the time to construct an offbeat little thriller that takes itself way too seriously, and almost pulls it off. Completely devoid of the tongue-in-cheek humor that the Scream movies and Psycho Beach Party laid on us, Curse 3 painstakingly takes us through a couple of days of hell for the inhabitants of a 1950's African village. It's truly a horror relic of the pre-Dewey days. (I'm talking David Arquette, not the president!). Jenilee Harrison acquits herself nicely (I'm surprised she hasn't had more of a chance to stake her claim in Hollywood) and Christopher Lee chews the scenery like he's auditioning for Hamlet. All in all, odd enough to be a fairly interesting little diversion. 2-and-a-half (out of 5) on the Corkymeter.

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Curse III: Curse of the Curse

Author: Zeegrade from Doomed Theater of Despair
15 November 2009

The Curse movies are exactly alike the Beyond the Door series in that none of the films bear any relationship whatsoever from each other. In this third installment of the series a white woman stops the sacrifice of a goat by the local tribe not understanding the significance of the act is to appease the death of a young boy who was killed in the beginning of the film. This really gets the Witchdoctor's goat (see what I did there) and in turn he places a curse on her. Apparently this involves being dispatched by the local sea spirit who kills friends and family alike. One can almost imagine the sea monster going onto and looking up extended family members in an ensuing sequel. Lone survivor Elizabeth enlists the aid of an older British woman and a young annoying child along with a haggard looking Christopher Lee as Doctor Pearson. The monster looks like the one of the fishmen from Castlevania. Who knew that sugarcane fields were so flammable.

Blah, that's all I can think about this movie. There really isn't anything memorable about this film to differentiate it from the tons of other monster mash flicks like it. This is by no means a Christopher Lee movie as he's only in it for about twenty minutes and he appears rather lifeless in his few scenes. Sometimes you just need the paycheck. Jenilee Harrison doesn't do that bad of a job as the main actress though I have to admit this is the first film I've ever seen her in since Three's Company. What I don't understand is this creature that was summoned uses a Panga - an African machete - to kill his victims. What's the point? Why didn't the crazy as hell Witchdoctor just kill them instead especially since he did just that to the boy in the beginning. By the way, it's not too smart to give away your position in a sugarcane field by incessantly cackling like an Arsenio Hall audience member. Some of the murders are rather graphic and there are a couple of nude scenes but other than that this is mostly a forgettable affair. Hope that check didn't bounce Christopher.

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* *1/2 out of 4.

Author: Brandon L. Sites ( from USA
2 June 2002

Much better then you would expect and bearing no relation to the first two films. This film is about a woman interrupting the slaughter of a goat during a sacrifical ceremony. The African tribalsman decides to get even by sending a monster after the woman and anybody that is connected with her. Straight forward horror film with a good amount of atmosphere and scares is well made on a shoestring budget.

Rated R; Nudity, Violence, Sexual Situations, and Profanity.

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A unique idea that turns into a stupid, annoying and dull horror film

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
4 February 2005

A group of westerners disrupt a religious ceremony involving a goat that is about to be sacrifice. In doing so it makes the voodoo priest very angry, so he summons a demon to take revenge on those people.

This was one very peculiar b-grade film with voodoo/slasher/monster elements, but with those features it's still basically a poor run-of-a mill horror film, that takes itself far to seriously. I haven't watched the first two films, so I don't know if this film relates back to the others.

There's not much to recommend- but the saving grace of the film is Christopher Lee, in which he brings some added class. Also the beautifully lush and exquisite African setting / atmosphere makes it a bit bearable.

While whenever Lee graced the screen it added some interest- but I can't say the same about the rest of the cast. It was to bad that the main female lead was annoying and stupid, that you wished that the demon would just finish the job. And the bloody demon seems to takes it's sweet time to finish off its victims by dragging out the scenes (especially towards the end). While Christopher Lee and Jenilee Harrison characters had 'SOME' depth, the rest of the supporting cast were too one-dimensional and lack any detail of any sort, by being pretty much stereotypical and waiting for their turn on the chopping block.

The special effects were inferior. The demon looked like a stupid rubber lizard from a Godzilla film, while carrying a machete in it's hand just looked bizarre. The movie had some blood and a tad of gore, but still it's minor stuff.

The story was very odd one, but it didn't stop it from being quite tiresome in parts and cliché ridden. Really, the characters just got on my nerves… especially the heroine and the dumb little girl (you would know what I mean when you see it). Like I typed early there is a mixture of horror elements: the first half of the film feels like a slasher, as we are to think that somebody from the group is possibly the killer, with red herrings thrown in and we don't see nothing but machete doing the damage. While the second half (the part that lost my interest and boredom followed) plays the heroine being stalked by an unknown creature and she is frantically looking for help. In which case we actually see the menace and I found it incredibly bad and laughable. While, the voodoo element gels the other two together.


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Another unrelated sequel.

Author: Prolox from Canada
9 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this third film in the unconnected CURSE series, a doctor played by CHRISTOPHER LEE may or may not have something to do with series of vicious slaughterings on a series of people on an island. Set in the 1950's, the film kicks into action when a young woman stops some tribal leaders who are about to make an animal sacrifice & soon thereafter, the murders begin, the killer however is a demonic fish monster the wields a pretty mean weapon & the heroine must stop it's murdering spree. If you never saw CURSE 1 or heck even CURSE 2, don't worry, much like CURSE 2, this sequel has no connection with the original film or the second & in my opinion although it was better than the first film in the series, I found it to be nowhere near as good or as fun as CURSE 2, that's not to say CURSE 3 is a dull movie, it is entertaining, yet at the same time it's not to memorable either, the kills were good & there were a few chilling moments, but most of the film feels as though the film makers were just improvising the script as they were going along. The actors all performed well & the direction was okay I guess, but much like the first two in this series, it's for slasher fans only. Followed by yet another unrelated installment called CURSE 4: THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE

*** stars

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Time for the curse to be laid to rest

Author: sgtking from United States
10 January 2011

Greed and Hollywood seem to go together very well, something that hasn't changed to this day. Sure we all want to have money so we can have a roof over our heads and food on our tables, but some people let it go to their heads. There's a lot of money to be made in sequels, which is of course why there are so many. Not that all sequels made out of greed are bad, but a lot of times the opposite is the case. And when a film that was intended to stand on it's own is labeled a sequel you know someone is trying to make some extra bucks. The first 'Curse' sequel is an example of this, but if not taken too seriously it can be enjoyed in a so-bad-it's-good way. It must have done well on video because two years later we got this film, which also was a standalone that became a sequel. The difference is that no matter what frame of mind you're in while watching it, it still pretty much sucks.

Pros: Cast does it's best, especially Christopher Lee who deserves better. Lots of beautiful South African scenery. Moves a decent pace for such an uneventful movie. Pretty impressive monster suit. A few OK shocks.

Cons: Too talky and uneventful. Aside from Elizabeth and the doctor the rest of the characters are way underdeveloped. Bland and repetitive score. Forgettable. Flat direction. Not much of a plot.

Final thoughts: Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make this part of the 'Curse' series was out of their mind. Sure neither of those are good films by conventional standards, but at least they're entertaining and deliver decent thrills. This 'sequel' is just bland and lacking in what makes a successful Horror film. It's not the worst you'll ever find, but unless you're a completeist don't bother.

My rating: 2/5

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