Curly Sue (1991) Poster


Plot Keywords

homeless man young girl
girl orphan
affectionate hug bathing a child
ends with freeze frame group hug
accident church
playing piano city
national anthem con artist
montage watching a movie
pretending to cry street life
jail cell fancy restaurant
tights hit with a door
girl hits a man little girl
melodrama punched in the face
bathing girl homelessness
sneaking into a movie homeless child
class differences hit on the head
lump on the head new clothes
itchy tights giving a toast
kitchen bathtub
belching male in a shower
cigar smoking girl taking bath
1990s woman punches a man
watching tv hit by a car
scene during opening credits towel on head
forbidden love hit with a telephone
wishing someone good luck con trick
reference to the three stooges movie theater
makeover love
hugging piano
restaurant card playing
poverty woman lawyer
curly hair spelling a word out loud
popcorn male female hug
singing bath
rags to riches illiteracy
eating popcorn maid
star spangled banner woman attorney
screaming girl card game
written by director punched in the nose
first day of school cereal
beret lawyer
american national anthem pizza
shower coat
hit with a plank thrown out of restaurant
yuppie 3d glasses
female female hug child's point of view
argument between couple produced by director
adult child friendship precocious child
asking to be hit two word title
scene during end credits red coat
written by producer school
family relationships note read aloud
bubble bath washing hair
kicked in the shin child in a bath
child and family services child services
con blonde woman
housekeeper poor man rich woman
wedding reception coca cola
character name in title title spoken by character

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