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Parasite: Demi Moore’s delightfully shlocky film debut

Ryan Lambie Sep 22, 2017

It’s Alien crossed with Mad Max, and Demi Moore plays a lemon farmer. We look back at the 1982 sci-fi horror, Parasite...

All Hollywood stars have to start somewhere, and there are plenty of A-listers with low-budget B-movies in their early histories. A teenage Leonardo DiCaprio made an appearance in Critters 3; Kevin Bacon was a memorable victim in the original Friday The 13th. Then there's Parasite: a bargain-basement sci-fi horror that cheerfully slams together two popular 70s staples: Cronenbergian body horror and George Miller-style post-apocalypse. Oh, and Demi Moore makes her feature film debut as Patricia, who grows lemons.

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In a dystopian near-future, a clammy, bug-eyed scientist, Dr Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini, who looks like a gaunt, desperately-ill relative of Jeff Goldblum) tinkers away in his lab. His
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It Came From The Tube: The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978)

I don’t like rituals, period. Whether straitlaced (Christian) or darkly purposed (Satanic), I just find them creepy…and off. So while I won’t stand on ceremony, I will watch, with fascination, films that trot out such pageantry. One of my favorites is a two part TV mini-series, The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978). Oh, and its horror, but I’m sure you already guessed that.

Originally airing on NBC Monday, January 23rd (in the NBC Monday Night at the Movies slot) and Tuesday the 24th, 1978, Dark Secret was up against the CBS juggernaut of M*A*S*H/One Day at a Time/Lou Grant. But while many were watching Hawkeye, Schneider, et al crack wise, something insidious was brewing over at The Peacock.

Pull out your yellowed copy of TV Guide and let’s have a look shall we?

The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (Monday-Tuesday, 9pm,
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5 Other Movie Franchises That Crashed Onto Television

  • Cinelinx
News this week came in that the final planned Divergent Series movie would be skipping the theaters and go direct to television/DVD. It’s a rare move for such a major studio franchise to make, and it got me to thinking about other movie series that fizzled and did the same. Come inside to check out a history of downward sliding franchises!

If I come off sounding a bit harsh about all this, it’s mostly due to the fact that it’s such a bizarre situation. It’s been awhile since a studio franchise had to dropped down to direct-to-television and it’s not a good thing. Sure, Lionsgate is trying to spin the information that it’s part of a planned way to jumpstart a spin-off TV series...but the reality is this isn’t how they wanted The Divergent Series to end.

It’s a failure,
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Round-Up: El Rey Network’s April Ghouls Marathon, Mezco’s Hellraiser III Figure, She Wolf #1, American Gothic Press at WonderCon

On April 1st on the El Rey Network, April Fool’s Day will be April Ghouls Day. El Rey’s “April Ghouls” marathon will feature Critters 1–4, Ghouls, and Ghoulies 1 & 2. Also in this round-up: a new Hellraiser III Pinhead figure from Mezco Toyz, cover art and preview pages for She Wolf #1, and highlights from American Gothic Press’ panel at WonderCon 2016.

April Ghouls Marathon: Press Release: “April will be creeping up on you with El Rey Network’s “April Ghouls” marathon!

This marathon is no joke – El Rey Network will be crawling under your skin this April Fool’s Day with the classic Critters and Ghoulies series, as well as the recent release Ghouls. The marathon of mini-monsters will begin on Friday, April 1st at 4:00 Pm Et/Pt, and will nibble at your soul throughout the weekend until it ends on April 3rd.

You know what they say… April growlers bring May blood showers.
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Oscars 2016: 20 Best, Worst and Wtf Moments

Oscars 2016: 20 Best, Worst and Wtf Moments
It was another night of self-congratulating stars, passionate speeches being interrupted by play-'em-off music ("Ride of the Valkyries"? Really???), and several genuine upsets (Rylance over Stallone; Spotlight over The Revenant) — as well as a scorching Oscars monologue that will go down as one for the ages. There were inspirational and uplifting moments, there were cue-the-sad-trombone gags gone wrong, and then there was Stacey Dash wishing everyone a "Happy Black History month." Here are the 20 best, worst and genuinely Wtf moments from last night's Oscars 2016 broadcast. Here's hoping we see Rock
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9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Should Have Won an Oscar

9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Should Have Won an Oscar
Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to the Academy Awards. In fact, the 41-year-old actor has received a total of five nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor by the Academy over the years. But he has yet to take an Oscar home. All might change this year: Up for grabs is the Best Actor award for his role in The Revenant. Will 2016 be this actor's lucky year?

Acting since the age of 5 (his first appearances include the TV shows Romper Room and Growing Pains), Leonardo DiCaprio has ranked up quite a career, acting in the second highest grossing film of all time (Titanic), which incidentally won a record-tying eleven awards that year, but none in the Actor categories.

Shortly after making his big screen debut in 1991 in the direct-to-film sci-fi horror Critters 3, Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated Best Supporting Actor for his role in 1993's What's Eating Gilbert Grape,
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Why Leonardo DiCaprio Has Never Starred in a Sequel

Why Leonardo DiCaprio Has Never Starred in a Sequel
Unless you count the straight-to-video release of “Critters 3” in 1991, which he made as an unknown teenager, Leonardo DiCaprio has never starred in a sequel. It’s a rare badge of honor for an A-list movie star, given that Hollywood thrives on action vehicles and comic book franchises with numbers in their titles.

In a lengthy interview with Variety for this week’s cover story on “The Revenant,” directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu, DiCaprio explained why he hasn’t yet headlined a big screen saga with multiple installments (although he was on studio wish lists to play Spider-Man, Robin and Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”).

“To me, every movie that I’ve done has been its own piece of individual art,” DiCaprio said. “That’s not to say I wouldn’t do something that has sequels. Some of the greatest movies in the world — ‘The Godfather’ — have had sequels. ‘The Godfather 2’ is fantastic.
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Motel Hell: Karmic Implications and Preservatives – a 35th Anniversary Retrospective

“Meat’s meat and a man’s gotta eat!” Heed the battle cry of Farmer Vincent Smith, maker of the finest smoked meats around. People would come from far and wide to purchase his delectable fritters, unaware that his special ‘ingredient’ was plain folk, like you and me. 35 years ago, Vincent and his Motel Hell cut off a slice of Americana and served it up in theaters, with a heaping help of humor for good measure. Cannibalism was never this down home friendly.

My initial memories of Motel Hell formulated around two images: The front cover of Issue #9 (November 1980) of Fangoria magazine, the new horror monthly that specialized in the kind of gruesome images that it’s gentler forefather, Famous Monsters of Filmland, wasn’t comfortable delving in to. Upon the cover was a picture of a man in bib overalls, wearing a pig’s head and brandishing a blood
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Every Movie Leonardo DiCaprio Has Died In

Leonardo DiCaprio has long earned a reputation for being extremely picky when it comes to starring in feature films. Since 1991 . when he made his big screen debut in Critters 3 - the acclaimed actor has actually only starred in 36 movies . averaging putting out three movies every two years. Of course, the variety of performances has been what has let DiCaprio stand out in Hollywood, but it turns out that there is one particular plot element that appears in a lot of his projects. To put it bluntly: he dies a lot. The folks over at Voactiv have performed a fun bit of statistical analysis regarding actors and frequency of on-screen deaths, and one of their most surprising findings is that Leonardo DiCaprio actually dies in a full quarter of the movies that he stars in (which is to say nine out of the aforementioned 36). Believe it or not, this is
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From Teen Heartthrob to A-List Actor -- Leonardo DiCaprio Turns 40!

  • TooFab
In an industry filled with failed child stars, Leonardo DiCaprio is a rare success story.The actor is one of the few who was able to transition from kid actor to teen heartthrob to respected A-lister unlike anyone before him -- and today, he turns 40!Hard to believe the kid who got his start in projects like "Critters 3" and "Growing Pains" has become one of Hollywood's most bankable stars and a five-time Oscar nominee.While he had critically acclaimed parts in "Romeo + Juliet" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", it was the role of Jack Dawson in "Titanic" that made him "King of the World" in 1997 -- launching him to a new level of fame he probably never expected.These days he balances films like "The Wolf of Wall Street" with his philanthropic work, recently speaking at the Un about climate change and doing what he can to support wildlife.
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MicroFear’s Miniature Horror Dioramas Portray Iconic Horror Movie Moments

  • DailyDead
If you were entranced by the rhythmic swinging of the scythe-like blade in The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) or couldn’t look away when Damien’s nanny interrupted his birthday party with a shocking announcement in The Omen (1976), then you might be happy to learn that these and other iconic horror movie moments can be displayed in your home in a new line of miniature dioramas.

From Special FX makeup artist Jason Bakutis comes MicroFear, a collection of six hand-crafted dioramas less than 2.5″ tall. A Kickstarter campagin was recently launched for MicroFear, and enough funds have already been raised to make these impressive miniatures a reality for horror fans.

Impeccably detailed, these miniatures are available in their completed form and as model kits for customers to conjure up on their own, and all dioramas come with their own trading card. To learn more about MicroFear and its successful Kickstarter campaign,
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Leonardo DiCaprio Unleashes a Fearless ‘Wolf’ Performance

Leonardo DiCaprio Unleashes a Fearless ‘Wolf’ Performance
Leonardo DiCaprio apologizes as he reaches for an e-cigarette; he’s spent a long day taking photos and doing interviews, and has been longing for a break. As he relaxes in a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, he stops to admire the setting Los Angeles sun and offers a simple tribute: “Wow, that’s gorgeous.”

There is something cinematic about the handsome actor against the backdrop of the sunset, and something egalitarian about one of the biggest stars in the world being moved by a simple act of nature. Though he has specialized in larger-than-life characters in recent films like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Great Gatsby,” DiCaprio comes off as remarkably down to earth.

“When I started acting, I didn’t think of it as a career,” DiCaprio, 39, says of his early start as a pre-teen appearing in commercials. “I always thought Hollywood was this magical
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Six of the Best Leonardo DiCaprio Performances

A Hollywood heartthrob who has been in some of the biggest, best and most successful American movies of the last two decades, Leonardo DiCaprio is a rare breed of talent. Currently Martin Scorsese’s muse, DiCaprio has been improving as an actor ever since we first saw him as a little boy in Critters 3 and we will soon see him back on our screens as Jordan Belfort with his fifth collaboration with Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street, which promises to play host to the bravest performance of his extraordinary career.

Scorsese has helped bring authenticity to the promising young actor and helped shackle off the stigma of Jack Dawson and Titanic, moulding him into the talented man he is today. DiCaprio has been the darling boy of some of Hollywood’s biggest directors as he has given performances for such greats as the aforementioned Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen,
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Leonardo DiCaprio: five best moments

Here's our pick of his finest performances – what would you add to the list?

Whether you think of him as the modern day Robert De Niro or an overpraised Norman Lamont-lookalike (as people used to say), you can't deny that Leonardo DiCaprio has been in some excellent films in the course of his 20 year career – and was the obvious choice to take the title role in Baz Lurhmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

We asked readers to nominate his greatest performances – and here's an attempt to narrow it down to five of the very best, with suggestions from @TomorrowsEnd, @esmehaycox, @bobbyblowdart, @BafflerMeal and @amyjkhan.

Sadly there's no room here for his film debut in Critters 3 – let us know what else you think should have made the list in the comment thread below. Warning: spoilers and adult content feature heavily in these clips.

1. The Basketball Diaries

Here's a notably
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Critters Retrospective Series From Dead Air: Critters 3 – Critters Take Manhattan

You waited to find out what might have possibly happened to Charlie and Brad and Ug and Grover’s Bend. In your mind the battle is larger than life. In your mind Charlie and Johnny Steele fight Crites using new fangled weaponry with spacecraft you haven’t seen yet. There’s more nudity and more jokes. The gore is intense and maybe it earns the franchise’s first R rating. You waited in vane, my friends. If retrospective series serve a purpose beyond a general respect and admiration for some of the horror series we loved as kids, it is to provide a warning or at least guidance. To watch Critters 3 you might need some help or you may need to talk it out afterward to make sure you’re okay with just how skewed this tangent is drawn.

The Dead Air crew of Jeff Konopka, Shawn Savage and
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18 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Featuring what could be one of Leonardo DiCaprio's most memorable roles to date, “The Great Gatsby” tells the tale of eccentric millionaire Jay Gatsby, whom everyone seems to know, but whom no one really knows much about. With that in mind, we've gathered up 18 lesser-known facts about the film's Oscar-nominated leading man. After a little digging, it turns out that DiCaprio may be as mysterious as the enigmatic Gatsby. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. 2. He was born November 11, 1974. He's a Scorpio and was born in the Year of the Tiger. 3. His mother, Irmelin, is German. His father, George DiCaprio, is Italian. 4. His father was a comic-book artist. 5. His is an only child. 6. His middle name is Wilhelm, which is awesome. 7. He was named for the other famous Leonardo: Leonardo DaVinci. Before he was born, the story goes, DiCaprio's mother felt her baby kick for
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How Leo Met Tobey

How Leo Met Tobey
New York — Tobey Maguire didn't have to go far when Leonardo DiCaprio called him about meeting to discuss an adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" with Baz Luhrmann.

"I happened to live next door to Leo at the time, so it wasn't a far journey," Maguire says. "I was like, `Oh, yeah. Sure. I can be over in 30 seconds if that's good for you.'"

"The Great Gatsby" is the first film of note co-starring the two longtime pals. It's fitting, too, because they play the classic tandem of the desperate romantic Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) and his lone friend, the narrator Nick Carraway (Maguire) – who, not unlike Maguire, lives adjacent to Gatsby.

Working together on a film is a long time coming for DiCaprio and Maguire. In a recent joint interview at the Plaza Hotel in New York, the two cheerfully reflected on their close friendship, flashing occasional glimpses of the
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Awfully Good: Critters 3

  • JoBlo
Everyone has to start somewhere and before The Great Gatsby and before Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio's first movie was. Critters 3 (1991) Director: Kristine Peterson Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Aimee Brooks, Frances Bay A family moves in to a new apartment complex that has a serious infestation of hungry space rodents. The only real reason to watch Critters 3 is to see a young Leonardo DiCaprio in his first movie role. (Although "young" is a relative term since...
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Would Leonardo DiCaprio Take A Role In J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars'?

Would Leonardo DiCaprio Take A Role In J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars'?
Of the major Hollywood stars working today, Leonardo DiCaprio may be the most averse to tentpoles with franchise potential. The actor has certainly had his share of hits, but aside from an appearance in "Critters 3," DiCaprio hasn't appearance in any sequels.

So what gives, Leo? MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked him whether it was a calculated decision during a press day for his new film, "The Great Gatsby."

"It's never really a conscious effort, and it's not something I'd be closed off to doing," DiCaprio said. "It's always a matter of how good the material is, and to tell you the truth, I've never really chosen projects just to switch up genres or try something that I've never tried before."

DiCaprio's criteria for picking new material doesn't exclude sequels and franchise material as a rule, so what properties would get him excited? Well, the first mention of "Star Wars
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