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A wonderful touching film for those of us who remember good films from a few years back.
preston813 February 2005
As a veteran screen writing instructor at Richland College in Dallas and a former MGM screenwriter back in the days of decent films, I am thrilled to have accidentally clicked on Channel 33 in Dallas tonight and watched this enchanting film in which Betty White is GORGEOUS and makes one yearn for the good old days of truly good movies before Hollywood started banging out all this crap for the teenagers. If a producer is listening, I'd like to state that there are enough of us over 60's who will happily pay a buck to see a movie that has no guns, no killing, no special effects, no sex and violence and just a good touching tale of human relationships that leaves you with a good warm feeling, as this film did for me.
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The emotional healing power of love
Tom Long21 December 2002
This is one of my favorites. Betty White and Leslie Neilson sparkle in this romantic comedy. One is a business executive who re-evaluates life based on the expectation of her death within a year. The other is a playboy who has tired of gold-digging young women and seeks a relationship with a vital, mature woman. If you've got silver in your hair and/or romance in your heart, microwave the popcorn, curl up with your honey, and prepare yourself for a treat.
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Touching, Comical Romance Story
Linda-4525 August 2001
This is one of my favorite romance stories. Evelyn thinks she is going to die soon so she lets go of her inhibitions and starts enjoying life. When she finds out she is not dying after all, her inhibitions return....but what about the man who fell in love with the free spirited, fun loving Evelyn? Can he get through to her?
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Worth seeing more than once
patriciathompson14 October 2003
This is a beautiful, moving story that is funny and romantic and very well done. Betty White and Leslie Nielsen break out of their stereotypical roles and do a wonderful job. All of the acting in this movie is above average. The cinematography is top-notch as well. It's too bad that if you missed the original airing on t.v. you are (at least at this point in time) out of luck. But someone will wise up and put it on on dvd/video, and when they do, grab the chance to see it. BUY the dvd/video, because you'll want to see it again and again.
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No Country for Old Men (or Women)
172682 March 2008
Most of the comments so far have nailed this one right on the head. Viewers under "a certain age" and with IQ's of three digits should avoid "Chance of a Lifetime" like a George W.Bush appointee facing a Congressional grilling.

The cast is composed largely of veterans who know their way around a well-written script. Is the premise wildly original? No, but the movie stands out like a lighthouse at midnight in the current and non-ending glut of movies/TV geared to the most-desirable audience demographic of teenagers and "young adults"

In addition to Betty White and Leslie Neilsen in the leads, the cast also has ever-reliable veterans like Elaine Stritch and William Windom. The sharp dialog is effortlessly and effectively delivered by these pros.

"Chance of a Lifetime" is definitely not a movie for the Will Ferrell/Adam Sandler/"Saw" slasher gore-fests, "American Eye Dull," and ninety percent of the rest of the sludge ground out by Hollywood and TV.
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Wanted to express my views about the Betty White movie "Chance of a Lifetime".
rmaraist140717 August 2014
This is by far one of the best movies, if not the best, I have ever seen. Since my VCR copy was destroyed, I am hoping that I can access it on You Tube. I've been trying weeks to do so, but without success. You can tell by the reviews posted the age-range of those who pan it. I suppose they don't recognize the value of movies before producers began dishing out movies thriving on sex and violence. I hope someday we can bring back the past. Betty White and Leslie Nielson (now deceased) are two of the best and have been my favorites for a long time. The movie has everything anyone could ask for: Comedy, Romance, and most of all it stars two people of advanced age, which is so reminiscent of my own situation.
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