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Very Entertaining Low Budget Film

Author: CMRKeyboadist from Sleesburg, VA.
26 March 2006

It was many years ago that I saw this movie and I haven't seen it recently so I am working off of old memories here but I seem to remember that this was a fairly gory, low budget, short story movie with Gunnar Henson (Leatherface) telling the stories. The first story is an old classic about a guy and a girl in a car going out to a lovers lane type place. They get attacked by a man with a hook and you can probably guess the rest. The second story is about two guys who smoke too much weed and end up falling apart because of it (litterally). The second story is about a killer Santa Claus (always hilarious) and the last story is about a pirate looking for lost gold on an island filled with zombies. This was a rather entertaining film even if it is blatantly obvious that it was on almost no budget. I enjoyed it and I am sure if you took the time to look the movie up you will enjoy it also.

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Scary tales around the campfire.

Author: Michael O'Keefe from Muskogee OK
28 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

William Cooke and Paul Talbot share director/writer credit for this entertaining low budget film about three boys camping out in the woods with their horror magazines. Feet propped up by the fire and schoolboy banter back and forth...and a scroungy town tramp named Ralph(Gunnar Hansen...of Leatherface fame)wanders over and trades four tales of gore in return for food and the warmth of the fire.

One tale is the old retread of "The Hook", two teens on lover's lane attacked by a demented killer with a hook for a hand. Another story has a couple of tokers needing to score some weed. They stumble upon a guy that knows a guy that has some great s#@t. As they smoke a couple of bags full their skin begins to turn gray and green before it bubbles up and falls off. One of the better stories is about an unhappy man returning home for Christmas, who can't wait for his mother to drop dead and enjoys telling his nephew and niece about Satan Claus. The fourth campfire tale is of a greedy sailor that washes ashore upset about an empty treasure chest and ends up being chased out to sea by zombies.

Without a big budget for special effects, CAMPFIRE TALES gets the point across and really could have been a lot worse. A bit corny, but fun to watch except for maybe the sailor tale. The acting is understandably not award worthy. Cast members include: Tres Holton, Courtney Ballard, H. Ray York, Johnny Tamblyn, Walter Kaufmann, Kevin Draine, David Avin and Paul Kaufmann.

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Very cheap, but entertaining

Author: Hellraiser-1 from Cartagena, Spain
25 October 2002

When I watched this movie three years ago at TV I thought it was going to be a turkey. that´s was perhaps the reason why I enjoyed it. This extremely cheap but effective movie is divided in several stories and I can remark specially two of them: "Satan Claus" a terrific Christmas story and one chapter in which a guy arrives to an island searching for a treasure and becomes the victim of a group of pirate zombies, but the other two stories are also funny and you can watch some gore here(not very much), so, what more can you expect? If you are a fan, rent it and you will have a lot of fun.

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Definitely worth a watch!

Author: K. Emerton from United States
14 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is NOT well made, let's make that clear right from the beginning. But it is obvious (to me) were horror fans that were trying to make a horror movie. It is EXTREMELY fun to watch. It's ridiculous, but it's SO ridiculous, that it makes it worth watching. Unlike most B-Horror flicks made by fans, it seems to have a budget. The writing and acting are awful, and yet it somehow comes off as a horror fan's fantasy film. Rock music throughout make it look like an 80's music video. For the lack of a better word, I continued saying "Awesome" throughout because I had never seen anything quite like it. The killer in the first segment actually TRIPS ON A PIE! It's just insanity, but worth a watch.

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Cheesy Low Budget Fun

Author: bayardhiler from United States
10 December 2012

"Campfire Tales" (1991) is no where near being a great horror flick: the acting is- for the most part- not the best and one can clearly see right off the bat that it is a low budget picture. And yet, the movie manages to somehow be entertaining. The movie centers around three teenagers who are camping out in the woods when town drunk Ralph (Gunnar Hansen who manages to play the role of storyteller pretty good) tells them four tales: one about a murderer with a hook for a hand, one that is an obvious tribute to "Reefer Madness" (with a more graphic image, mind you), another about Satan Claus (my personal favorite of the bunch), and one about a marooned pirate who learns the price of treachery. Even with the shoe string budget, the film crew manages to do a decent production job with each individual story in the areas of tone, lighting, bizarre music, and (again, considering that this is a low budget movie) very well done makeup. I'll admit, I'm a sucker when it comes to anthologies (especially now that nobody seems to make them anymore) but if you're like me and you like to see the filmmakers put some effort into their work (especially if they're working on a low budget) then check out "Campfire Tales". PS: Not to be confused with the 1997 version. Also, this movie is available on you tube but just to give fair warning, you will have to put up with a software water mark on the screen. However, with the movie's charm, you might not notice it after a while.

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Entertaining anthology

Author: Master Cultist ( from United Kingdom
29 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Extremely low budget horror anthology that is surprisingly entertaining. I have to admit, I am a bit of a sucker for a horror anthology. Let's face it, most horror films only have enough plot for 20 minutes anyway, so this format really seems to work well.

Okay, the plot - three young lads set off into the woods for a sleepover and chance upon a 'bum', who proceeds to tell them four tales to chill the blood:

1 - The Hook: serial killer with a hook.

2 - Overtoke: two guys become addicted and then infected by cannabis. Eventually they start melting and are rendered into dribbling skeleton's due to the power of the 'sh1t' they were smoking. Plenty of bubbling, liquefied flesh kept me happy.

3 - The Fright Before Christmas: a morality tale about Xmas. An Evil Santa, complete with black Santa outfit and mutant reindeer(!), murders a yuppie for lack of spirit of Christmas. He is the Anti-Santa.

4 - Skull & Crossbones: A pirate abandons ship and leaves his crew mates to die, whilst scarpering with the loot. Needless to say, they are not amused, and return as Angry Pirates. Angry Zombie Pirates. Angry Swordfighting Zombie Pirates. By far the weakest of the bunch, and the reason this didn't get top marks.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this a lot.

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No budget, but fun.

Author: Prolox from Canada
14 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Three boys camping in the woods encounter the town derelict named RALPH (The always fun GUNNAR HANSEN who played the very first Leatherface in Tobe Hooper's 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre) who asks if the boys wouldn't mind if he sits with them by the campfire to get a little warm, before he moves on. While there, Ralph spins four ghoulish tales, mostly based on places the boys plan on heading, something they want to do, or have on them, or something given to them on Christmas. The first is a take on the old urban legend "The Hook" about a couple on lovers lane terrorized by an escaped lunatic, with a hook for a hand, who slaughters the girls boyfriend & parents after he follows the lovers home. Story #2 tells the tale of two pot smoking, jobless losers, who buy weed from a guy who found the marijuana plant growing out the backyard of his house, despite the fact that they see both him & his pot smoking buddies start to deteriorate, they buy some & smoke it anyhow & they get real high like never before. Unfortunately the weed also causes them to deteriorate into shambling zombies, that quickly rot into goo with all their body parts falling off. Story three sees a murderous, ungrateful son killing his mother by pushing her down the stairs on Christmas eve, in order to obtain his parent wealthy inheritance, only to get a visit from "Satan Claus" who has a Christmas present for him, a nasty, bloody, violent death. Meanwhile story 4 details the exploits of a gold hungry pirate, who is shipwrecked on an island with another one of his men, where they meet an island dweller who tells them of gold on the island, but that zombie pirates guard it from being taken & will kill & trap anyone on the island that attempts to leave. Killing the dweller, The pirates attempts to satisfy their greed by taking the gold with them, only to find that the dwellers story is true & their about to meet a far more violent death than that which he dealt to the dweller. CAMPFIRE TALES (Not to be confused with CAMPFIRE TALES 1997) is a no budget, cheap (not to mention cheap looking) horror anthology, which despite the really bad acting, poor sound quality & lighting is actually not to bad. You can see by watching it that the film-makers had their heart in the right place & that they were true horror fans & not someone doing this for a few dollars with no love for the genre. The films gore effects were pretty gruesome & I liked the twist ending to the wrap around story. It's a pretty tough film to track down (I managed to find an old VHS version) but if you do happen to find a copy it's worth a look. I think the best story of the bunch was the greedy son getting his comeuppance by an evil Santa, while the second tale is definitely the grossest. the hook segment was okay, but definitely could have been done better, it was "meh" while story 4 was okay, but definitely the weakest of the bunch, which probably explains why it was kept till last. Worth noting is how the 1997 film of the same name also featured a story (Only three minutes long though) about a hook handed killer on the loose. Did the film-makers of that movie see this one before writing theirs?. All in all, while it's a far cry from being the best horror anthology available, CAMPFIRE TALES is worth a look, minus the acting & production values which resemble a sixth grade film project shot on one of those murky looking RCA camcorders. It manages to be a passive time killer.

*** stars


When one of the kids is searching through his collection of horror magazines, he happens to set one aside that has a picture of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on it (Yet another nod to Hansen being in the film).

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Worth watching

Author: atinder from United Kingdom
16 April 2013

Campfire Stories (1991)

This is very low budget movie, the movie did look cheap, I don't let that get in the way, As this turn out to be really decent after all,

3 boys about 12-14 years old go camping and then Bum or Home less man Join in and then he tell them 3 Stories

The first story is about Young couple who making out, in the woods hear on the radio that a murderer with a hook on his right hand, as escaped from the local insane asylum , So boy takes to her Home.

This story wasn't to bad but It didn't feel creepy at all but there decent a mount of blood in this story, Which made it more watch able. 4/10

Next story was about two stoner's who are looking for some drug and run into this strange guy who's selling these drugs.

They take but next day, they notice them are rotting away, slowly before try to get more before they rot away.

The effect was not bad, very decent for low budget movie, 5/10

3rd story is about Man who come home for Christmas soon, he want is mother money, so he kills her by pushing her down the stairs so he leaves and goes to brother house to watch his kids

One kids tell story evil Santa Claus known as "Satan Claus look who comes and punishes those who do evil things.

When kids go to bed and then he stalked by someone, until come face to face with Satan Claus

This story sound really good, they could I have done a lot more then that, Satan Claus was not that scary at all

The acting was not that good in that story and it wasn't really that bloody at all. 3/10

The Fourth and Finally story was pirate, who been shipwrecked and another Man warn the pirate about Zombie pirate if find the buried treasure but I as didn't care for what man said , he digs anyone and finds it.

Soon Zombie pirate are out to get him and they don't look bad at all, they some make up effect looked really decent and some looks a bit odd but I don't think there scary at all.

Then boys goes sleep and there is a little small twist, which anyone could see coming.

None of the stories were that scary or creepy at all they just watch able

I give this movie 4 out of 10

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Another uninspired horror anthology.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
25 October 2011

In this very low-budget horror anthology, Gunnar Hansen plays Ralph, a booze swigging homeless guy who joins three young horror fans around their campfire in the woods and recounts a series of scary stories, which, as one might expect from a guy who has rotted most of his brain cells with cheap alcohol, aren't very good. In fact, all four stories are so elementary that they can easily be summed up in a single sentence: 1) An escaped maniac with a hook kills people. 2) Two guys smoke bad weed and melt. 3) On Christmas Eve, a heartless yuppie receives a visit from Satan Claus. 4) A mutinous pirate is attacked by his zombie shipmates.

Although writer/directors William Cooke and Paul Talbot's obvious energy and enthusiasm for the genre does result in some cheap and cheerful, unsophisticated entertainment along the way, particularly whenever the blood is being thrown around, it is the film's weak script that prevents it from being a success, with each uninspired story notably lacking any satisfactory resolution (whereas most anthologies strive to deliver a neat pay-off or cool twist ending, these tales are happy to just peter off at the end). By the fourth and final story, the least enjoyable of the bunch, I found myself seriously struggling to stay awake.

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