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Good motorcycle movie - vintage Harleys!

Author: Wayne Huffman ( from Honolulu, Hawaii
6 June 2001

For what it is, this is a pretty good movie. I like both Johns -Stamos ("Full House")& Stockwell ("Christine", "Top Gun"). They both give strong performances. The love interest is OK, but this is more of a guy's movie than a good date movie. I love Harleys, and I hated seeing them paint over the "14 coats of hand-rubbed lacquer" with good old Army Olive Drab. There is a small history lesson here in that Harley-Davidson motorcycles played a key role in WWII. I don't know if the training was quite like this bunches! The movie kept my interest all the way through without getting slow anywhere, with good riding action sequences. I love looking at the demographics of the vote history - one 18 year-old man gave the movie a 10 (true bike lover, I guess). I wouldn't give it a 10, but I did give it an 8. I do not weigh every movie with the same scale. There are movies that were big-budget, with great actors, that you expect to be good so when they fail they fail big. (Star Wars - Episode I is my best example) I loved the first three SW movies, but I thought Episode I was weak in comparison. So it gets a lower rating from me than this movie. I expect more from George Lucas.

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enjoyable enough

Author: JamieWJackson from United States
20 October 2013

I guess I'm the only American who never watched "Full House", and thus I have no impression of John Stamos from that show. Here, he's a little bit overly aloof/cocky, but really, is this supposed to be a hard-hitting war documentary? No, it's supposed to be a little bit historical with some war/action scenes but mostly just light fun. It manages to do all of that pretty well. As other reviewers here have pointed out, it never drags. It isn't always realistic, but the implausibilities aren't severe enough to ruin the fun, and there is a decent sense of real danger during the war part.

One thing I liked was the overall feeling of the 1940s; they did a good job with that for a casual comedic movie, IMO. Also there are some genuinely witty bits of dialog here and there.

I give it 5/10; it's nothing special but it's a pleasant way to kill 90 minutes.

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This is my favorite movie of all time

Author: rick_arnold from United States
26 September 2011

This is one of those cheesy biker, war, love stories that are great for sitting around the fire and drinking a few beers with your girlfriend/wife on a cold winters day without looking like too much of a wimp. It has great classic Harleys, a good sound track and it makes you want to get the bike out of the garage and go for a ride/save the world. The acting is way above average for a low budget biker movie and the cinematography is excellent. It will make you wish that winter was over so you could get the bike out of the garage and take your old-lady out for a ride and maybe a skinny-dip. My only disappointment is that it hasn't come out on DVD and I have worn out my VHS tape.

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great movie

Author: to_town from Belgium
14 May 2006

This is a great movie. In the same genre of the "Memphis Belle". Seen it about 10 years ago. And would like to see it again. There is a link with the history of the hells angels!! How the pilot crew fight the Germans in WO2. And most Changes form pilots to Harley motor cycle rs. The movie is in a way really happened. See the movie! And reed the history of the hells angels at hells at hells Regards Frederik.

Cast & Crew: John Stamos, John Stockwell, Teri Polo, Kris Kamm, directed by Graham Baker more » Synopsis: The story of a rowdy backwoods rebel biker who joins the Army to avoid a stiff prison sentence after a minor brush with the law. Though he chafes at Army discipline, he soon proves himself under fire as a daring and charismatic leader of men in a Motorcycle Scout Troop in pr-World War II Spain. more » MPAA Rating: PG Runtime: 88 minutes

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Author: Biggieman2k4 from United States
15 August 2004

OK let's be honest, all of us watched full house when we were kids. the shows was captivating in that Reagan era, family style. because of its popularity, john stamos and most of that cast will forever be remembered for those roles. now as trite as that show can be by todays standards, i don't see why one should bust john stamos' chops for the role in this movie. until i looked it up on this website, i had no idea that it made its way into a theatre somewhere. i saw it on t.v. and taped over 11 years ago and up until now had just figured it as a t.v. movie. so i had no standard as what it should have been otherwise. granted, the acting is a bit two-dimensional, the visuals aren't that great and the situation is unusual. but all in all, i would recommend this movie to people. not for its ability to break ground in cinema but anyone who is interested in watching an interesting movie that keeps you from start to finish and i can honestly say this ; DOES NOT DRAG! many movies should be as lucky to watch a flick and have your attention kept throughout the whole movie. so anyone who views this movie for the first time, i would recommend* this thought to try and keep while watching it. imagine it is a movie made for television and you should be OK. all in all 7 out of 10 stars.

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Uncle Jessie in a movie.

Author: Abel_II from Newport News, VA
7 May 2002

After watching this movie you will know the reason John Stamos never did a movie again. The only role he can play is as Uncle Jessie. Now I've got nothing against John Stamos, but he is just too 2D. I've never seen a movie on WWII in which it looks, feels and acts like a sitcom. This isn't a Delta Force movie, where the incidents are in most part fiction. This was just like a primetime show, but with out a laughtrack. Had it been based on something else other than war it might have worked. Now I belive that most film critics try to go on weather the film will win an oscar. I don't belive this. All films aren't ment to be oscar winners. You have to rate films on what they were set out to do and did they make it to their goal. I belive this film did not make the goal, unless the goal was to lure Full House viewers to the movies to see Uncle Jessie(not John Stamos) star in a film.


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"Full House" goes to war

Author: soranno from Las Vegas, Nevada
4 November 2002

John Stamos hasn't really shown any differences between his character on the TV series "Full House" and his equally loud and arrogant character in this film. The weak story has to do with unruly biker boy Stamos being busted by cops and choosing army service over a prison term. He's just as bad in the army but his arrogance may soon learn to pay off when he recruits for a motorcycle cavalry brigade squad. Stamos' character here is a bit of a smart aleck but the film itself is like an episode of "Full House" without the laughs.

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