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When Cody Puckett's [Jason London] parents are murdered in their sleep by having stakes driven through their hearts, dirt poured in their mouths, and their bed set on fire, Cody runs to the only relatives he knows in Long Beach, California. What Cody does not know is that both he and his relatives are really Carpathian vampires who have migrated to the U.S. and become assimilated into American society. Cody soon learns about his ancestry as well as his special powers. When the hunters kidnap vampire Celia Scholarin [Michelle Johnson], her brother Eli [Patrick Bauchau] and reporter Harry Martin (nee Harlivan Martinescu [Harley Venton], also a vampire but in love with a very human district attorney Amy Lawrence [Kim Johnson Ulrich], dispute over whether to handle Celia's captors by the old ways or through the American legal system. In the end, the old ways win out, and the vampire hunters become dinner for Carpathians. Harry and Cody walk away hungry.


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