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Fatal attraction gone supernatural

Author: triple8 from Conn
17 April 2004

This movie defines the term "camp value". Not much to it, your typical wronged woman wants to wreak havek story. Only in this movie, we get it supernatural style. Great special effects and alot of pure camp-but that does not a good movie make.

It looked like the makers and the cast had a good time with this one. But there really isn't much here to make the movie a really good one. The story is as old as they come, the only difference is it's got the added bonus of the "alex character" possessing powers. It maybe worth checking out for the campiness but there isn't anything else to it to make it good.

The problem is the campiness of the special effects and unoriginality of the story drain you after awhile and there's no added bonueses worth setting this movie apart from a million other movies in the "stalker genre". I'd rate this 4 of 10.Great title though!

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Warning: This is not a skinflick! More like a lesser Tales from the Crypt episode

Author: Alfabeta
21 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're expecting this to be an erotic triller, then the movie poster did it's job - it mislead you.

This is unfortunately a cheap sub-par horror (with slight slasher elements) that looks like a TV film or, at best, a Tale from the Crypt episode.

There are three (laughable) sex scenes in the movie, and all within the first 20 or so minutes. Two of them feature Apollonia, but she is nude as much as Lindsay Lohan in Machete - hardly for a second and even then you can't see anything. The focus of the movie is on Hamill's attempt to stop the deadly spell, not on sex. Lethal Weapon 2 was more softcore than this. Apollonia's casting was a marketing stunt. Even if you just want to see her acting, she's in this for about 15 minutes and most of that time she isn't doing very much.

The plot twist at the end is hinted at throughout the whole film, characters are awful, and acting is good for a few laughs (and this is not a comedy).

All in all, unless you want to see Mark hamming it up, or what a reject screenplay for Tales from the Crypt probably looks like, you can peacefully skip this.

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Boy! Does this bring back memories!!

Author: Carycomic from Torrington, CT, USA
3 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first remember seeing this on an HBO free weekend. And, I was delightfully surprised how much I liked it! The ending TOTALLY took me by surprise. *Possible spoiler, here.* Fans of HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES (who only know her from there) will probably barely recognize Amanda Wyss. And, sure; there were obvious similarities to "Fatal Attraction." But, there were also similarities to that Martin Sheen thriller, "the Believers." This had half the budget of either one. As far as I'm concerned, however, it was better than both of them put together!

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* out of 4.

Author: Brandon L. Sites ( from Click on my name for over 500 reviews!
9 September 2002

Very low budgeted Fatal Attraction rip off given a black magic twist finds Mark "Star Wars" Hamill sharing a one night stand with Apollonia while very happily involved and engaged to Amanda Wyss. After he breaks it off with Apollonia he finds himself falling victim to voodoo curses and snakes and other assorted nonsense. The three talented leads look extremely bored with the material. You will be bored. The so called surprise ending you can see coming from afar. Only for people who want to see Hamill engaged in sex scenes or in his underwear or those who want to see Apollonia nude.

Rated R; Violence, Nudity, and Sexual Situations.

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Evil has never been less erotic...

Author: MissSimonetta from United States
10 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Black Magic Woman (1991) is a low-budget, sleep-inducing waste of time. For a film that claims to be an erotic thriller, there sure is little sex on display or even anything remotely sexy at all. About the best you'll get are a few shots of Apollolina in the nude and Mark Hamill in tight, revealing underwear.

The "thriller" elements are even more laughable. The story utilizes every tired cliché in an attempt to horrify. It's almost embarrassing how hard it all fails. Even the cheesy Robot Monster film from the 1950s had more genuine chills than this.

The direction, acting, and editing are all sub-par. And the twist ending is just eye-roll worthy. This film is a total waste of time and will only ruin the "Black Magic Woman" song for you forever. Especially with that stupid remix version of it which plays over the credits.

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a fair outing for largely unknown cast and crew

Author: labj2005 from United States
28 June 2007

I agree with most of the above comments, I thought the brief scenes with Bonnie Ebsen were the hottest of the movie, It seemed like the had some chemistry together. I was well paced and the ending did surprise me, I must wonder what became of the director, if she moved on to do other things for the production company? I don't know. I liked that the film seemed to be colorized a bit dark. All in all a fair outing for a largely unknown cast and crew, with Hamill as the exception of course. I think the lead actress was part of Princes band, or back ground singers, that included Vanity, I have not seen either of them in anything since, that I am aware of. Bonnie Ebsen was in an NBC sit com, a few years before this movie.

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Great Story and Well Acted

Author: Ray Michaels Quiroga from Los Angeles, Ca.
25 March 2000

The film itself and the acting in the film were very good. The whole story idea behind it was very interesting and intriguing. The problem with the film was that the editing was not very good. By the editing not being good it affected the over all look of the film. The acting, directing, writing, and complete film were good. The editing killed the whole thing for me because it was too choppy and made it difficult to follow becase of all the weird splicing everywere. But besides that I'd give this film an 8, 10 being best.

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