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13 British comedy stars lured to Hollywood in the 1990s

Hollywood went hunting for lots of British comedy talent in the 1990s - and lured the likes of Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson...

For some reason, Hollywood fell in love with British actors again in the 1990s. Sparked by Alan Rickman's turn as Hans Gruber in Die Hard at the back end of the 1980s, many movie villains were either Brits, or in the case of Cliffhanger, John Lithgow taking on the mannerisms of a British antagonist.

Yet in particular, Hollywood went recruiting British comedy talent, with faces then mainly - but not exclusively - known for their small screen work getting roles of various sizes in Hollywood productions. Here are some who racked up the air miles - starting with the man who arguably became one of the most successful...

Hugh Laurie - 101 Dalmatians

Laurie is a man of many talents, who ultimately cracked America with
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Looking back at Josie And The Pussycats

Carley salutes a comic book movie that might not have set the box office alight, but still deserves lots of love. It's Josie And The Pussycats...

It's fair to say we're in a renaissance of comic book heroes making it onto the big screen, with Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and many more taking centre stage at a cinema near you.

However, many moons ago, another comic book favourite made the leap to cinemas, Josie And The Pussycats, and although it flopped at the box office, it's come to be a bit of a cult favourite over the years and is proof that you don't have to have superpowers to entertain the pants off your audience.

The basic outline of the film is this. MegaRecords, headed up by the hip but evil Fiona (Parker Posey), is riding high on the wave of success of boy band Du Jour (made up of Seth Green,
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Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Ask Rhod Gilbert, Alan Davies in Whites, Harry & Paul return, the end of This Is England '86 and a lot more besides in our UK TV round-up!

Comedy veterans return, the new guard challenges, and a freshly peeled sitcom is brewing on the burners. Plus, a brilliant little bit of geek film lovers' animation wraps up the next seven days of telly goodies.

Ask Rhod Gilbert is new to BBC1 and airs Monday at 10:35pm. The first of an eight episode run sees the stand-up comedian answer questions, from the considered to the ridiculous, with the help of guest comedians and other personalities joining regulars Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford.

Another new series, this time on BBC2, is Whites, starring Alan Davies as a country house hotel chef. A similar role was this TV fan's favourite performance by Lenny Henry in Chef! (apart from the wonderful Christmas fantasy flick,
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Exclusive: Love, Actually's Richard Curtis Remaking His Own TV Movie, Bernard and the Genie, into a Big-Screen Feature

  • Pajiba
I've never heard of Bernard and the Genie before today. It was a 1990 television movie in Britain written by Richard Curtis (Love, Actually, Notting Hill). The description of the movie is every bit as dumb as the title would suggest: It's about an art dealer who loses his job and his girlfriend only to stumble upon a lamp which unleashes a genie that'd been trapped inside for 2,000 years. Given a wish he can use on anything in the world, the art dealer wishes for a famous painting. Complications ensue when the police believe that he'd stolen the painting. It starred Alan Cumming and Rowan Atkinson.

It sounds moronic.

So, Dimension Films is going to remake it into a feature film. Of course. Because who can resist the allure of a magic genie film? What is it about magic genies and that one wish that we're so fascinated by, anyway? If
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Dimension Remaking Richard Curtis' Bernard and the Genie

I just re-watched Pirate Radio (or rather, The Boat That Rocked) on Blu-Ray a few days ago and enjoyed it as much as when I first saw it. I love Richard Curtis, he's one of my favorite British directors. He started his entertainment industry career as a screenwriter and one of his scripts was a 1991 television movie called Bernard and the Genie. You probably know why I'm telling you about this - because they're remaking it. Pajiba is reporting that Dimension Films is going to turn Bernard and the Genie into a feature film. Richard Curtis is at least producing and has written the feature script, but won't be directing it (as far as we know). The film, which just barely pre-dates Aladdin (1992), is a comedy about an art dealer who loses his job and his girlfriend only to stumble upon a magic lamp that unleashes a genie that's ...
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