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Canadian late-night TV @ its best
Annie20 August 2004
I used to love to watch this show laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate-night back when I lived in the US (1992) ---- it was my routine twice a week to see "Forever Knight" and this around 2 am. Not the best-acted show by any stretch of the imagination, but I was always looking forward to the next episode, even if it was a repeat. Justin Louis played an ex-con, reformed former juvenile delinquent who goes to work for a fictional Montreal newspaper. During the course of his work day, he would be fighting society's dysfunctions and various crime situations. The cast of characters are all your usual suspects - grumpy boss, nosy office busybody, flirty buxom co-worker, on-the-down-low law enforcement confidante, etc... but still worth a few great TV memories from the 90's

Fans of this show are probably fans of Wiseguy (1987 - Ken Wahl), The Pretender (1996 - Michael T Weiss) and Forever Knight (1992 Geraint Wyn Davies) so I hope respectable, accessible boxed-set DVDs come out soon for us!

Keep it real!
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Not bad crime show
hfhfdfse9 June 2005
URBAN ANGEL Not bad crime show I remember watching Urban Angel back at the beginning of 1990s. It is not a masterpiece but not a garbage either. Lorne Brass plays a crime reporter Luke nicknamed Urban Angel who has a unique talent of getting into trouble while trying to investigate the crimes he routinely reports on. Well, the police are not at their best again, so who will care if not our brave guy, Luke. Another person joins the parade of a thousand and one amateur detectives. The results are not bad. Sure, there are lots of clichés without which the show would not be so old fashioned, so typical. Luke does not want to be a detective but sometimes he simply has to because time and again not he looks for trouble but trouble looks for him. So, it is not the case "I am tired of what I do, I want to go beyond it". This show is good enough, I would compare it (to some extent) to The Midnight Caller –If you saw it you will understand. As far as I know Urban Angel was on only for 1 season, and there were not any major reruns of it.
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