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Tough PI solves a lot of teenage angst in war-torn country

Author: svebor-2 from Serbia and Montenegro
12 December 2005

In my country this TV show was a big hit. Since it was aired during nineties when Yugoslavia was wrecked with economic problems and ethnic strife you can imagine that tropical scenery and well-endowed women meant a lot to a teenage fan. There were also graffiti all over the city proclaiming 'Sloter Nice, Zarkovo ti kl ice!!' (Nick Slaughter, Suburbia of Zarkovo is cheering for you). Although this TV show had only two seasons we had a dubious privilege to see it almost twice a day for almost four years. There were people who knew script by heart and could tell you everything about Nick's reluctant partner ex-tennis champ Spider. In a word, I love this show!!!!

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Best of the "Crime Time After Prime Time" CBS shows.

Author: gt2002 from Los Angeles
20 January 1999

"Sweating Bullets" is the best of the five "Crime Time After Prime Time" CBS-TV shows which rotated nightly at 11:30 P.M. A pleasing combination of action, beautiful women and sarcastic wit with Rob Stewart the ruggedly handsome--like a Steven Seagal/ Alec Baldwin--cool dude who can really deliver a line; with his clothes blazing in flames, he crashes through a 2nd floor window and lands in a swimming pool, face to face with a gorgeous young woman and says to her, "and I thought I was HOT!"

"Silk Stalkings" and the other 'Crime Time' shows were also good but not as charming.

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Not bad at all - brings a smile to my face

Author: Rob King ( from Nova Scotia, Canada
2 March 1999

As a male Canadian, I have to be blunt and say the best thing about this show was the combination of tropical scenery and very good looking female actresses. To me, it has a kind of B grade feel to it, but never goes into complete and utter mediocrity. The acting is okay, for its genre. The main actor, Rob Stewart (aka "Nick Slaughter") plays a hard-core detective with a chip on his shoulder and always has his eye open for a cute female customer (although distrustful of women). Dunn (aka Sylvie) plays the stereotypical smart secretary who attempts to keep Nick Slaughter from going over the line and losing the business. You'd think there would be a type of sexual tension, but only in a few episodes I've seen were there hints of innuendo between Nick and Sylvie. Overall, I really did enjoy this TV show when it ran. I was very disappointed when they cancelled it (although not surprised, because of its sheer amount of unoriginal detective-show bunk). As I said before, the photography of the tropical and beach scenes are quite good, and almost make you feel like 'you're there'. Just on this aspect alone, you should at least try to see this show once for yourself - it cheers you up if you 'got the winter blues'. If you get a chance, see the first episode for the humourous entrance of Sylvie into Nick's life as a secretary. I remember lizards being quite a focus. :) I really liked it when they showed it in Canada back from 1990-1993 (on CITV, Edmonton), when I was a teen-ager.

On a final note, I also thought it was interesting that Dunn was born in Cape Breton island, Nova Scotia, Canada, which is only 15 minutes away from where I was born. There was a write-up on her in a local TV guide some years ago (which I have saved somewhere).

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PALMS, BEACH, JEEP and the two charming detectives ever!

Author: Alexander Hölzl ( from Linz, Austria
12 June 1999

I really love the TV show "Tropical Heat" (aka Sweating Bullets). The combination of two very different mainactors (reminds me of "Moonlighting") Rob Stewart (Nick Slaughter) and Carolyn Dunn (Sylvie) with the tropical setting, the only possible car for the P.I., an old blue Jeep CJ7, the most interesting and actionstyled cases and the beautiful women in Nick's life (clients, quickies, ...) is unique and fantastic. The show is so entertaining, it has all I want to see on late evenings. The sad thing is, that they canceled the show after only 3 seasons (Does anyone know WHY?) ... soo many more interesting parts would have been possible ... and there wasn't even a real and understandable ending ... a final episode? Maybe someday we'll see more about the tropical island Key Mariah, the most charming P.I. on TV, Nick Slaughter and his sexy but not-stupid partner Sylvie ... I really hope that the show will be back!

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Author: nyjj99 from United States
16 February 2007

This show was extremely entertaining. I would highly recommend it. I remember in the early 90's watching this show on CBS crime time after prime time at 11:35pm. Right after the CBS news. The scenery and the music puts you in the mood and makes you feel like you're there. I never understood why they stopped filming this show. I wanted to visit Key Mariah myself and have a drink at the Tropical Heat bar. I bought season 1 on DVD. I only hope Tango entertainment puts the rest of the episodes on DVD. Even better.. wouldn't it be great if they brought back the show today? I hope you read this Sam Egan(creator),Rob Stewart(Nick Slaughter)!! Thumbs up!!

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Sweating Bullets aka Topical Heat on DVD

Author: marsnook2007 from United States
5 March 2008

I watched the show when it was on after prime time and thought it was a great show.

I was disappointed when it was canceled it still had a long way to go for more seasons.

Rob Stewart is a great actor and this was really his true calling.

The characters of Nick and Sylvie had a chemistry and if the show went longer we might have seen it.

Recently a journalist had a interview with Rob and asked about a movie or maybe a comeback of the series today.

It could be possible hopefully it would be great to see it again.

I have all three seasons on DVD and love to watch them.

Rob is now doing a mini series The Summit being released 3/12/2008.

It says only Canada now but I emailed a few people to see if it would also be released in the USA.

I have see a number of TV shows and movies Rob has done and he was great in all of them.

Some were against his normal character like Nick but he still did great.

His character on Sweating Bullets he said was made for him.

Thr producers wife saw his audition and told her husband to hire him.

It was a good thing he fit the part great.

Hopefully we will see more of Rob Stewart in a lead role again on a TV series.

Or he can actually replace a lead character on a show looking for a new lead that is already popular.

He should have been offered the part on Criminal Minds he would have got more people to watch.

He is a great looking actor that needs more lead roles.

He now lives in Toronto Ontario Canada for the acting roles that his agent gets for him.

It is up to him if he wants the part or not.

Some of his choices are not the main lead in which he should accept.

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may divorce be with you.

Author: steve-4248 from United Kingdom
19 July 2008

i used to watch tropical heat when i lived in south Africa. loved it! i was actually looking to buy the 3 series because i was lucky enough to be in an episode. its the episode mentioned by another user with the main man jumping ablaze from a roof into a swimming pool where a woman was swimming, (me, Tina). that was filmed in Johannesburg s.a. around Sept/Oct 92.i don't know if they filmed the whole series there, but i know they were in S.A. for a while.seems like a lifetime ago for me. Rob was really nice. very professional & helpful as i was extremely nervous, but i loved every minute of it. it was the episode "may divorce be with you"

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Author: algomeysa2 from United States
6 October 2006

I remember watching this late night in college, along with that vampire-cop show, FOREVER KNIGHT.

But there was something odd about SWEATING BULLETS that I could never quite put my finger on. The show was set in Florida, but it didn't look like Florida. It was much... sandier. There seemed to be a whole lot of beach, but not much ocean. And the foliage also seemed strange for Florida.

Later I found out that apparently the show started out being filmed in Mexico, but later seasons were filmed in Israel!

Mystery solved!

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Still a great TV series after 24 years !

Author: arno_54 from France
4 July 2014

"Tropical Heat" aired in France on July 11, 1992 for the first time on national channel Antenne 2 (now France-2). Saddly it aired Saturdays nights at 23h30 to 0h30 when nobody was watching ! (But was rebroadcasted short after on Saturdays afternoons around 4:30 PM). It was a huge success then (and aired on 6 different channels until now). I simply love the show : it's entertaining, full of fun & action, with a good cast (Rob Stewart/Carolyn Dunn & Ian Tracey) that really could act. All episodes are not constructed with the same aspect and some are really poor to watch. But there are only a few of them : the rest of the TV-series is really great. I bought the 3 seasons on DVD (TANGO Editions) and I love to watch them from time to time. Me too, I deplore the fact that there never was a Final episode which got produced. I hoped that a TV-movie would be aired short after the end of the series, but it never came on screen... Too bad ! Thanx to the DVD(s) to make this show live again ! And if one day it'd start again, I'd be in front of my TV-screen...

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Sweating bullets...good memories

Author: Princessoftales from United States
15 May 2005

I remember this show, it was around the time that 'Silk Stalkings' was hot. I remember thinking it was a knock-off 'Silk Stalkings', but it was still a good show from what I remember; but it disappeared quickly. I think they were cops. I was so young I can't remember everything about it. I think this show came on late at night on Fox, at least where I live that's the channel it came on.

I actually wish a lot of old shows like this would come back on so I can now enjoy them. For some reason I thought the actor Jack Scalia played the lead in this show, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe he had another show like this named 'Point Blank' or something like that.

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