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Music Review: 2017 Chicago Open Air Festival With Anthrax, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Kiss

Chicago – Watching a heavy metal band perform during daylight can be a little like watching a horror film with the lights on. The overall performance can sometimes lose a bit of its edge and intensity.

Fortunately that was not the case when the main acts took the stage for the “Chicago Open Air” concert at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill. First up in that daylight, on the cool and breezy Friday afternoon of July 14th, 2017 – the first night of the three-day event – was the legendary thrash metal performers Anthrax, followed by the Megadeth, and then in the evening by Rob Zombie and the iconic rockers Kiss.

Anthrax, led by Joey Belladonna’s passion and high velocity vocals, matched the fury from the zealous crowd. The band opened with “Caught in a Mosh,” and bookended their performance with “Indians.” In between, Scott Ian’s shredding guitar, and the band’s fevered
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Ten Best: “Pop Culture” Documentaries

In recent years there has been a real boom in documentaries surrounding popular culture. Films such as Electric Boogaloo, Video Nasties, The Search for Weng Weng and Adjust Your Tracking have captured the zeitgeist of fans across the globe, and in turn inspired more people to create their own documentaries about pop culture subjects that matter to them…

But not all these documentaries see the same success. Having been on something of a documentary kick lately, I thought I’d break down the ten of the best little-known, or better yet little-discussed, pop-culture documentaries from the many, many examples I have been watching. So here they are and, for once, they’re in order:

1) Slaughter Nick For President

There’s a good reason this film is at the top of my list. This is the documentary that kicked off my exploration of pop culture documentaries (eventually ending up at compliling this list) and,
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Now Casting ‘Sweating Bullets’ and Other Upcoming Auditions

Talent is currently being sought for the play “Sweating Bullets.” “Sweating Bullets” follows a decision made 25 years ago that’s surfaced again when several people are killed within a criminal organization. Seven roles are being cast for this production, and auditions will be held March 17 in NYC. For more details, check out the casting notice for “Sweating Bullets” here, and be sure to check out the rest of our audition listings!
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A Short Film About Bruce Wayne’s Favorite Superhero Channels ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Why Watch? Batman has probably inspired more fan films than any other character, but I appreciate this short film from J.L. Topkis and Matt Landsman because it moves beyond the typical cosplay action sequence by channeling a Batman television show that channeled the Batman serials. They take their inspiration from a 1992 episode of Batman: The Animated Series (aka the best Batman TV show ever) where young Bruce Wayne is shown watching a show called The Gray Ghost and, in the present-day as Batman, has to find a copy of the show in order to solve a copycat crime. As a bonus, Adam West voices the actor who plays the Gray Ghost in the Animated Series episode. Here, Topkis and Landsman have imagined the show within a show as a real adventure series, crafting a live-action hero who leaps into young Bruce Wayne’s life at exactly the right moment (with some Sin City-style CGI to help
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The 10 Hottest Talk Show Hosts Ever

It’s always during the summer that I find myself catching up on the shenanigans of talk show hosts. There’s something about balmy summer nights that screams for the comfort and panache of a late night emcee. It’s depressing when I can fry an egg on the sidewalk by myself, but when David Letterman does it on TV? Suddenly it’s a hilarious and life-affirming exercise.

Thus, we’re counting down the 10 hottest talk show hosts ever. It’s an especially happy occasion since four of the listed dudes are gay. Cue up Paul Shaffer, because this is a Top 10 list we can all applaud.

10. David Letterman

David Letterman is the elder statesman of the late night circuit, but his grimly dry delivery remains his untouchable hallmark. To this day, nothing is stranger or funnier than the idea of Stupid Human Tricks. If bastardly putdowns are your turn-on (hear,
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Your Sunday Long Reads: Babysitting a Child Actor, Kenneth Lonergan’s Unseen Movie, and a Canadian TV Show's Serbian Appeal

  • Vulture
Your Sunday Long Reads: Babysitting a Child Actor, Kenneth Lonergan’s Unseen Movie, and a Canadian TV Show's Serbian Appeal
It's Sunday afternoon, or: your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations: "I Babysat the Moonrise Kingdom Kid," by Margaret Barra (TheAtlantic.com): Jared Gilman's onetime baby-sitter writes about "The Moms" on set, the danger of filming near poison ivy, and her former charge's budding movie career. "Kenneth Lonergan’s Thwarted Masterpiece," by Joel Lovell (The New York Times Magazine): The long, pretty sad story of why practically no one saw Margaret, Kenneth Lonergan's apparently excellent followup to You Can Count on Me. "Nick Slaughter for President," by Soraya Roberts (Slate): How Rob Stewart's character in Canadian detective series Sweating Bullets — all ponytail, Hawaiian shirts, and chest hair — became a Serbian phenomenon and brought down Slobodan Milosevic."The Difference Between Me and Ann Beattie,
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Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer And Anthrax Make Big 4 History

The four thrash founders shared the stage together for the first time in the U.S. on Saturday.

By Ryan J. Downey

Metallica's James Hetfield performs at the Big 4 concert on Saturday

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Indio, California — One week after indie hipsters and pop enthusiasts stood on the same desert ground for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an estimated 55,000 metal fans watched "The Big 4" of thrash share a U.S. stage together for the first time.

"This is history tonight and you're part of it," Metallica frontman James Hetfield told the crowd Saturday at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. "Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica as one — with you!"

As members of all four bands gathered together toward the end of Metallica's set to perform the Diamond Head classic "Am I Evil?," fans roared. The group of friends, sometime rivals and ex-bandmates embraced one another affectionately and shared wide smiles.
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'Guitar Hero 5' Full Song List

After being hinted at several times over the past few months, the full song list of "Guitar Hero 5" has been revealed, and features 85 tracks ranging from pop to rock to indie. So it probably makes sense to stick all that rock-laden bulk in one place, which is right here, in this blog post. Here you go, the 85 tracks that'll appear in the final version of "Guitar Hero 5."

· 3 Doors Down - “Kryptonite”

· A Perfect Circle - “Judith”

· AFI - “Medicate”

· Arctic Monkeys - “Brianstorm”

· Attack! Attack! UK - “You And Me”

· Band Of Horses - “Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”

· Beastie Boys - “Gratitude”

· Beck - “Gamma Ray”

· Billy Idol - “Dancing With Myself

· Billy Squier - “Lonely Is The Night”

· Blink-182 - “The Rock Show”

· Blur - “Song 2”

· Bob Dylan - “All Along The Watchtower”

· Bon Jovi - “You Give Love A Bad Name”

· Brand New - “Sowing Season (Yeah)”

· The Bronx
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Complete 'Guitar Hero 5' set list revealed

Guitar Hero today unveiled the final 15 tracks to be showcased in the 85 song set list in Guitar Hero 5. Among the current and classic hits are Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," TV On The Radio's "Wolf Like Me," Muse's "Plug In Baby," Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Also joining the set listin Guitar Hero 5 and making their music video game debut are Arctic Monkeys and Dire Straits. The final 15 tracks are: 3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite"Arctic Monkeys - "Brianstorm"Blink-182 - "The Rock Show"Dire Straits - "Sultans Of Swing"Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American"Johnny Cash - "Ring Of Fire"Megadeth - "Sweating Bullets"Mötley Crüe - "Looks That Kill"Muse - "Plug In Baby"Nirvana -
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